Matt was recklessly pressing the buttons of the remote seeking for something interesting to look at, with no DS in his hands and no Mello to entertain himself with there was not much left to enjoy.

He sighed as he passed the one lame show after the other; Somehow he didnt see the appeal in watching woman fussing over wedding dresser, nor did he feel like watching Dora and her little friends highly insult a yellow hairy...thing.

Why the hell did he feel the urge to throw my DS in the godamn sink? does he even KNOW how much it costs? and all just because I was listening to his little speech...that bastard.

He was on the edge of loosing all hope in finding something decent to watch, but "accidently" pressed "five" twice, fifty five.

-Matt talking in third person-

The woman on the screen was rather intriguing, for a moment Matt tought it was Mello who was stripping off her tights and shoving her way-big-yet-amazing breasts in the screen.

Atleast, that`s what it looked like she was doing, stripping her tights, I mean.

Although it was quite a mystery how the hell she was going to take them off if she was sitting on the chair as if it was a horse, also, Matt didn`t see his friend as a type who neccesarily wears tights.

However, Matt was pleased by the woman on the screen, her blue eyes and blonde hair were just perfect, just like Me...

No, no, no shut up, how can he even THINK about his friend stripping off infront of him on a chair?

He broke his DS damnit! And besides, he knows the guy for what? 15, 16 years? he`s like a BROTHER to him, although that would surely be one hot incest...

No, enough nonsense shit, concentrate on the woman...oh look she`s taking her bra would Mello look if he had a stuffed bra?

stuffed bra? the hell...

That`s it Matt, you`ve gone berserk, the smoking has reached its limits, honestly CONCENTRATE ON BLONDE WOMAN WHO LOOKS LIKE MELLO!

And with this in mind, he deepend himself on the screen, with Mello on his mind, it wasn`t weird or anything.

About a half hour passed and Matt was commonly bored, which was weird, seeing that he would never fuck the same girl twice, and had a quite a sexual desire, the desire of a damn thirteen year old boy with his hormones on the edge, that was Matt.

And Matt being Matt, easily conquered every woman he wanted, he would oftenly tease his blonde friend and there were a few ocasions Mello randomly pecked his lips, or he would even more randomly sit on his lap.

Soo instead of watching the woman who, quite frankly, was now sitting on another girl`s lap with her damn naked body, he yawned and walked to the bathroom in a attempt to fullfill his needs but however failed.

Nevermind that, he just had a half hour of freedom before the bitchy blonde would come back from God knows where.

-Meanwhile, in the living room-

Mello walked in the room with a tyresome gesture, he threw his leather jacket on the couch and was surprised to see that Matt wasn`t there sulking about his DS.

He was on his way to the bedroom when the reflection of the mirror allowed him to see what was going on the TV screen.

You dont need to be a genius to find out what Matt does when he doesnt have his DS.

Let`s put it bluntly, either watching porn, sulking,smoking,screwing some girl or bashing Mello about his chocolate addiction.

As if he has room to talk, aren`t gamenerds like him supposed to be a turn-off to girls? what`s soo badass on him that makes everyone swoon over him? God...

He yawned at the screen showing zero interest in the woman who was sitting on a table sticking her tongue down another girl`s troath.

Slightly pouting he wondered what he was going to do to Matt...damn he loved tempting the man... Suddenly he spot the chair where the blonde woman was recently sitting in,

and then he got an idea...

A/N Well, this is obviously going to be a two-shot, its quite weird, to be honest.