A/N: Ok, I was only planning for this to be a one-shot, but I was overwhelmed how well the initial story was received, so I decided to do another little chapter :)

The Doctor sighed as Jack abandoned his teddy bear in favour of his father's sonic screwdriver yet again.

"No, Jack. Daddy's got to fix the TARDIS up." The Doctor told his young son gently as he tugged the tool from his son's hand.

Jack merely gazed up at his father, his brown eyes wide with confusion. The Doctor turned back to the wires he had been fixing, trying to ignore his growing guilt. However, as the Doctor had anticipated, Jack soon lost interest in the sonic screwdriver and returned his attention to his bear. This was one thing the Doctor was relieved at- Jack had a rather short attention span, although whether this was due to his Down syndrome or the fact he was just at that age was as of yet unknown to his parents. Glancing round at his son, the Doctor smiled as he saw Jack sprawled on his belly. Although he hated having the toddler in the control room with him while he was conducting maintenance, Rose really deserved- and needed- the rest; caring for Jack was both mentally and physically exhausting, and it was beginning to take its toll on Rose. This was because, in the last few weeks, Jack had begun walking and so needed even more supervision than before. Jack had been a sickly baby, often coming down with chest colds and flu and Rose had spent numerous nights sat beside his cot, watching him breathe. The Doctor regretted ever letting her near those Down Syndrome books; he knew Rose needed to know about any respiratory problems Jack may suffer, but the Doctor felt that the books had been quite blunt with the information rather than breaking it gently. The Doctor, however, was snapped out of his thoughts as Rose stumbled into the control room.

"Hey, you sleep alright?" The Doctor asked, pulling himself out from under the grating to pull Rose into a hug and kiss her gently.

"Yeah," Rose replied quietly "how was Jack?"

"Still after my sonic screwdriver." The Doctor replied in mock-annoyance, grinning.

Rose grinned back and pulled away from the Doctor to lift her son into her arms.

"Have you been a good boy for daddy?" Rose asked her son, grinning.

Jack giggled in response, and reached out to tug on Rose's hair. It wasn't for a few moments that the Doctor finally noticed the tears that were silently making their way down Rose's cheeks.

"Hey, come on, Rose. He's fine, Jack'll be fine. We can get through this, yeah?" The Doctor told her gently.

Rose nodded, leaning into him.

"Together?" she asked quietly, looking up at him.

Gulping, the Doctor nodded. It was times like these that he remembered just how young, just how human Rose was.

"Together." He agreed softly, before kissing her and Jack on their foreheads and pulling them in for a hug.