Title: Stupid Birds

Pairing: Birds/Birds

Rating: PG

Warnings: Insinuated aviary sex

Fandom: Angry Birds

Summary: Why did the bad piggies steal the birds' eggs in the first place?

Notes: Written for 'ANONYMOUS', who requested "HORNY BIRDS" on my request tumblr




Those infernal birds were at it again.

King Bad Piggie grunted in disdain, and then grunted once more, getting the attention of some of the other pigs, who also seemed to be kept up by the birds various…noises. Those birds were certainly rubbing them up the wrong way.

But not each other, judging by those noises.

Year after year after year they endured the same thing. Countless sleepless nights caused by those stupid birds and their STUPID noises. Sure, it was only for a few weeks a year but that was a few weeks too many.

How could they end it?

King Bad Piggie put his mind to it, and suddenly the answer was clear.

They could steal the eggs! If they stole the eggs, there wouldn't be a next generation of birds to keep them awake and make noises that were, King Bird Piggie thought, not very suitable for the younger piggies. Couldn't the birds think of the piglets?

It was perfect. And tomorrow he would put it into plan, but for now he would just grunt to try to put the birds off.