Author's Note: Back again! Like I mentioned in the AN for chapter 1 of What Lies Beside, this is another multi-fic I'm working on at the moment, along with WLB and Little Do They Know. Don't worry, I will spend equal time writing all three and if I can, I will upload the next chapter for all of them at the same time. This chapter is kinda short, but I thought I left it at a reasonable place, so I hope it is okay! Enjoy, my dears

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The school bell rang out, signalling the end of the day and the end of the school year. Kurt and Blaine strolled happily down the corridor hand-in-hand to the last Warbler meeting before the summer holidays. The rest of the Warblers were chatting loudly when they entered the choir room, but were quickly silenced by David

"Alright guys, settle down!" he shouted above the noise "Now as you know, we haven't exactly had the best year, what with not getting through to Nationals. But, we've learnt from our mistakes, and I am sure that next year we will reach Nationals and-"

"And kick some New Direction ass!" Sebastian hollered, and was met by cheers and laughs from the others. Kurt rolled his eyes at his rival's notorious competitiveness and crossed his arms, frustrated.

"Yes Sebastian, to put it rather bluntly, we shall be 'kicking ass' next year, but we can only do that if each and every one of you is 100% committed to the group. So over the summer, we want all of you to devise a list of 3 songs that you think would be perfect for us to sing. And Blaine, try to stay away from Katy Perry and Pink, okay?" David laughed, turning towards Blaine, who responded with sarcastic smile.

"And...I think that's about it! Have a great summer, Warblers!" David dismissed them, and they all exchanged their goodbyes whilst filing out of the choir room, leaving Kurt, Blaine and Sebastian alone. Sebastian started collecting his things, whilst Kurt and Blaine continued to talk

"I hate that I'm not gonna see you for four whole weeks!" Kurt whined, resting his head on Blaine's shoulder

"I know Kurt, I do too. But when you come back from camp, we'll have loads of time to spend together. You'll probably be sick of me by the time school starts again!" Blaine joked, making Kurt giggle. They heard Sebastian scoff from across the room, but continued to ignore him anyway. Blaine checked his watch, and realised he was supposed to be meeting his brother in 5 minutes

"Crap. Sorry Kurt I've gotta go, but I promise I'll call you before you leave for camp" Blaine said, pulling Kurt into an embrace. He held onto Kurt's waist and kissed him gently before jogging out the room and waving a last goodbye. Kurt sighed, exasperated, and proceeded to walk out the choir room, but was halted by the sound of a rich, seductive voice coming from behind him

"Oh it's gonna be real tough for you not being able to see your boyfriend for four whole weeks!" Sebastian said mockingly, gradually making his way over to Kurt whose face started to flare red with hatred

Don't respond, Kurt heard his conscience say, just walk out now Kurt it continued to order him.

"I doubt he feels the same, what with you being a complete prude and all" Sebastian continued to tease. Kurt refused to turn around and meet the other boy's stare

"I find it pathetic really, you've been in a relationship for a year now and you haven't even had sex yet!" he laughed darkly, leaning right in close to Kurt's ear

"I bet you're not even worth it" he whispered harshly, lightly grazing a finger down Kurt's neck in intimidation and chuckling. Ignoring his logical conscience, Kurt turned around swiftly and grabbed Sebastian's wrist tightly

"You need to leave me and Blaine alone, okay? Neither he nor I would ever date you, not even if you were the last person on Earth, let alone last guy!" Kurt yelled back, eyes wide in pure anger. Sebastian sniggered, knowing his words had hit Kurt hard "Wow, if you get this wound up here, think what you're gonna be like when we're at camp!" he said, slowly breaking his wrist free from the restraint of Kurt's hand

"Wait, what?" Kurt replied in disbelief, suddenly tightening his grip so as not to let Sebastian go "We're? What do you mean, we're?" Kurt demanded, his eyes glazing over in anxiety. Sebastian smirked at Kurt's blatant dismay "That camp you're going to? Yeah, my parents are forcing me to go too."

"Oh my God this cannot be happening!" Kurt let go of Sebastian's wrist and buried his face in his hands, sighing deeply. Suddenly, realisation crept upon him

"Wait a did this, didn't you? You're purposefully trying to make my life a living hell both in and out of school!" Kurt accused

"Are you crazy? Why the hell would I choose to spend time with you? Like I said, my parents are forcing me to go! If I could get out of it, trust me I would." Sebastian explained, before adding cheekily "But on the other hand, it is gonna be fun getting on your nerves 24/7 for the next four weeks"

"If you leave me alone, I'll leave you alone, okay?" Kurt responded through gritted teeth, arms crossed. Sebastian laughed mysteriously

"Oh but Kurt, that would be ruining my fun, wouldn't it?" he leaned closely towards Kurt and whispered "I'll see you at camp...buddy". He chuckled darkly as he walked out of the choir room, leaving Kurt alone muttering expletives under his breath.