AN: The product of late nights, no sleep, video games and caffeine. Here's my one-shot silly. I wish I owned all the properties, but I'm only a fan. Enjoy.

Couldn't resist the Joke...

"You son of a bitch!" Shane yelled as Daryl tried to lead Carol away.

Shane was being his usual obnoxious and abusive self and Daryl was having none of it. Especially when it came to Carol's well-being. Daryl wasn't sure how it had started but he'd heard Shane yelling and assumed the worst. Armed with his trusty crossbow, Daryl had arrived to see Shane tearing into Carol.

"Did he hurt you?" Daryl asked quietly, leading Carol firmly but gently by the arm.

"No." Carol replied, trying not to cry.

Daryl nodded. He'd have killed Shane if he had.

"Daryl! You get back here!" Shane yelled through the rapid swelling of his jaw where Daryl had decked him. "Get back here!"

Daryl kept walking, ignoring Shane.

"Do NOT make me pull rank on you!" Shane threatened. "I'm a cop!"

Daryl stopped in his tracks. A look of sheer disdain crossed his face and he let go of Carol. "Don't look." He warned her.

Without any further hesitation, Daryl aimed his crossbow and let a bolt fly. Shane screamed in agony and dropped to the ground, cursing and yelling bloody murder.

"You used to be a cop." Daryl shouted back. "Then you took an arrow to the knee."

Daryl wrapped his arm protectively around Carol and led her away, leaving Shane to scream and bleed on the ground behind them.