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A pristine white envelope sat in front of Kurt inches in front of his twitching fingers. In small scratchy writing it read:

Teenage Resident

1805 Haxley Street

45801 Lima, OH

I'm a teenager Kurt thought and that's my address… swiftly he picked up the envelope, flipped it over and opened it. Inside a letter written on baby blue paper begged to be read. With shaky hands Kurt complied.

Dear fellow Teen,

Thanks for reading my letter; this is the third one I have sent because the other two were sent back. Before we continue I should tell you that I am gay.

Kurt's eyes widened.

If that makes you feel uncomfortable please place this letter back in the envelope and send it back to me but if not then read on.

Kurt took a breath and read on.

You're probably wondering why I am writing this letter to you. Well I am going through some stuff at the moment that I don't want to burden my friends with. You see my father isn't too excepting of the fact that this youngest child is gay. He's just so distant, like he has checked out of my life completely. I need him; I mean a boy needs his Dad right?

Kurt nodded; he understood that all too well. His Dad was his world.

I have friends, great ones. I go to a great school and am the lead soloist for our glee club.

Kurt's breathing stopped "he can sing."

They've helped me through so much when I transferred here after being bullied.

Kurt's eyes watered, he knew how being bullied felt. A pang of jealousy shot through him, he wished he could transfer.

I hope that you read this, that you won't judge me, or hate me for being gay.

Kurt inhaled sharply no, no, no I don't hate you!

I hope that we can be friends. I have this persona with my friends, that I have it all together. They come to me with their problems and I am so honored to have that role. I don't want to shatter their perception of me by telling them what's going on. Does that make me a bad person? I kind of need someone I can be 100% with right now and what better person then you?

Please write back soon.


Grabbing a pen and paper Kurt began his reply. After a tough day at Dalton Blaine headed towards his dorm room very thankful that there was no Warblers practice today.

"Mr Anderson!" Blaine turned to see Penny the office assistant "letter for you." Penny handed over the small letter in a lime green envelope. Thanking Penny he made his way to his room. Pouncing on his bed he rolled onto his back and studied the neat cursive writing which read:

Master B.A

Box 1982

Level 3

274 East Kent Avenue

43081, Westerville, OH

Dear B.A


First of all your address is intense. Makes mine look like I live in a cave, I don't by the way but if I did it would the best cave you'd ever seen.

Secondly I am gay too. My name is Kurt and I get hassled a lot at my school. People simply don't notice or they don't care, even my fellow glee clubbers who are supposed to be my friends. Seems like we already have a lot in common; Glee, Gay and Giant assholes hassling us.

Blaine chuckled.

I am sorry B; that you feel like you can't talk to anyone about what's happening with you. It doesn't make you a bad person that you can't tell your friends! I get, I do. My Dad had a heart attack a little while ago, it's just him and me, he's all I have left and I can't lose him. So to protect him I don't tell him how I get locker checked on a DAILY basis,

Blaine hissed.

Or about the freezing cold slushy's or the names. That's what hurts the most the name calling. You signed your last letter B.A – I assume that they are your initials, but what pray tell do they stand for? Bartholomew, Barnaby.

Blaine snorted at Barnaby automatically thinking of Hello Dolly.

Ha! How Hello Dolly of me. Bret, Brad, Basil (please don't tell me your name is Basil.)

"Oh god no." Blaine stuck out his tongue is disgust.

Hmm I will find out B. Mainly because you'll tell me right? Right? You're right about needing your Dad. I'm sorry if that makes you sad. Maybe he'll come around?

Blaine shook his head; he already gave up that hope.

If not you and I will become best friends and we can share my Dad.

"I like that idea" he smiled.

Please right soon B.

Maybe you'll tell me your name?


Carefully folding the letter Blaine placed it in a small metal box. Sighing he sat back on his bed, he wouldn't get a chance to write to Kurt for a few days. He found himself wondering what Kurt looked like.

Chapter two up shortly, am on a role with this one.