Caroline wasn't sure how or even when it happened, but somehow, Klaus managed to get under her skin. It was just a momentarily lapse of judgment she told herself. She didn't like Klaus, didn't care for him one bit. Sure, she tolerated him – she had to – since they'd been working with the originals lately, as opposed to against them. Esther was too big of a threat, and they were no match for her as long as they were divided, as Elijah so eloquently pointed out. For the time being, they were all working together, presenting a united front. That must be the reason she suddenly wasn't so adverse to Klaus, she couldn't be. What kind of team would they be if she kept treating him like dirt, add the fact that he had forgiven her involvement in the Salvatore's stupid plan the night Elena was kidnapped. She was sure there were going to be some big repercussions. However, when he showed up at her house, it wasn't to maim or kill her. All he wanted to know was why, and when she told him, he seemed relieved. Things were a little tense after that; he stopped sending her things or magically running into her. Caroline tried to feel relief, but all she felt was disappointment and loneliness. She tried throwing herself into school and events. It was her senior year after all, but it had the opposite effect. The longer she was around her peers as they planned their futures and discussed what colleges they were going to, the more alone she felt. She decided against college for the moment. Instead she wanted to go away and travel, experience life while she still had most of her humanity. She may be a vampire, but she was still Caroline, she still cared about life and humans. She didn't know how she would be once everyone she loved aged and died. They would be gone and she would be left with nothing but memories. She wondered if she would be alone on the day that she loses her last connection to her human life. It wasn't as if she could call Stefan or Damon family, sure she and Stefan were close, and Damon at times was somewhat pleasant to her, but when you don't die there's no need to stay together. She knew they wouldn't be a happy trio that traveled together; she wasn't that girly Caroline anymore. However, just because she has grown didn't mean she was good at being alone. The future scared her – more than when she was human, more than ever. Funny, but as much as she tried to ignore him and push him away, she saw him there sometimes. In her future. That scared her most of all.

He wasn't pursuing her anymore, but there were moments where she could feel his gaze. She always pretended not to notice, she knew if she gave him even a glimmer of hope it'd be all over for her. It was hard enough to stand her ground when they were enemies, now that they're partners, she wouldn't last a day. He was doing the same thing, whenever they needed to split up Klaus would always assign her to Elijah and Damon, while he'd be with Stefan and Bonnie. Rebekah and Kol consistently had the duty of staying with Elena and Alaric. No amount of whining on Rebekah's part would change Elijah or Klaus' mind. Damon's annoying nickname pulled her away from her thoughts.

"I'm sorry, what did you say?" she asked Damon, hoping he didn't notice how long she had been zoned out.

"Did you hear anything that was said?" He asked incredulously. "Seriously, Blondie, what the hell is more important than this? Wait, let me guess you were planning prom in your head." Caroline just rolled her eyes. She learned long ago not to let him get to her.

"Damon, your incessant complaining is just wasting our time. Now if you'd kindly shut up I'll fill Caroline in." Elijah scolded, giving Caroline a smile. Damon rolled his eyes at the original. He didn't know why but lately Elijah has been very protective of Caroline, as if she were his progeny instead of his.

"Caroline, what Damon was saying before he lost track was that we've located Esther and Finn. But even better than that, we've located their witches. Tonight, we're going to collect them. Klaus is already following them. Bonnie was able to put a spell on him that erases his essence, so the witches won't be able to sense that he's there." Caroline was confused, when did Bonnie have time to do a spell on Klaus? They'd been meeting every day, trying to locate Esther.

"I know I zoned out for a moment but when did this happen? I mean, as of yesterday, we still had no idea as to their location." She asked trying to hide her annoyance at being left out but failed.

Elijah gave her a knowing look, "it was Klaus. He's been working overtime. Whenever he wasn't with us, he was searching and using his connections. Trust me. I had no idea until this morning when he filled me in."

Caroline was instantly worried about Klaus going after witches alone. "Why didn't he wait for us to help him? It doesn't seem too smart, going off alone to collect witches which I can only imagine are quite powerful." She said, adding a light shrug to her shoulders. She didn't want anyone to think she actually cared if something happened to Klaus, she just thought he was stupid. No one seemed to notice anything out of the ordinary about her statement, but she could see Elijah fighting a small grin.

"Well Blondie, that's the good part. Of course, you weren't listening earlier so you missed it." Damon said smugly.

Letting out a sigh, ignoring Damon, and looking at Elijah again,"lay it on me." She requested.

"Let's see if he can get it out in a hundred words or less" Damon said slightly pouting at being ignored. "He has a tendency at being wordy. Dude I know your older than dust but get with the times."

Everyday Damon became more antagonistic towards him. He refused to give the younger vampire the fight he was hoping for, he had more important issues at hand. Once he felt his family was safe, only then would he allow himself to rough up the eldest Salvatore.

"Even though we're all bonded, like my mother intended, Klaus won't die. He'll be weaker and the rest of my siblings, including myself will die. Klaus, however, will survive. His werewolf side will die, and he'd just be an original vampire once again, but he won't meet his end." He said, directing his words to Caroline. Noting that she seemed a bit relieved to find out Klaus wouldn't die.

"How did you find this out?" She asked, more confused than ever.

"Klaus knows a witch. She's very powerful, and though she refuses to help Klaus – she did offer the information as payment for a debt she owed him."

That just sounded too good to be true, "and you both trust her? For all you know she's working with Esther, and it's a trap. In which case, it's not just all of you who die, but us as well."

"You know, vampire Barbie here has a point." Damon said looking impressed.

"Your friend was kind enough to visit the witch's house, and they verified this." He said to them both.

"Is that where Bonnie's at now?" she asked.

"Yes. She's there trying to find out what else the witches are keeping from her."

She felt a little outnumbered. So far, only she and Damon were the ones participating in the discussion. Elena, Stefan, Kol and Rebekah didn't seem to have any questions or interest. "Okay, so what's the plan?" She asked everyone in the room.

"There is no plan, Caroline. Klaus will bring the witches tonight, and then he, Rebekah, and Bonnie will find out what my mother is up to."

"Wait a second," Stefan said breaking his silence. "You expect us to trust you with the witches and Bonnie after all the times you've betrayed us?"

"If I remember correctly, you were the one who had me daggered in the beginning. Had you been more trustworthy perhaps I would have ended Klaus. But like all things in life, everything happens for a reason, and I got my family back because I let him live. Add to that the fact that we wouldn't be in this predicament if you hadn't opened the last coffin or if Elena wouldn't have offered up her blood so willingly. So don't talk to me about betrayal, if Esther's plan is successful, then we will die. What do you suppose will happen to the vampires we made? Do you truly think you'll continue to live after we die? We are your makers. You wouldn't be here were it not for us. That's the problem with you and your brother, you think small, you fail to see the bigger picture. Esther hates vampires. She regrets creating us. Killing her children won't be enough to restore the balance. So in your quest to kill Klaus, you've killed our species. The only one that will remain is Niklaus."

"Stop! This isn't helping. United front remember, we need to keep working together if we're gonna stop Esther from killing us all. Now I know he's your brother but Bonnie is my best friend, and it's only fair that we have someone there with her. "

Elijah refrained from rolling his eyes, he was too old for such a gesture. "Very well, dear, if it makes you feel better than Stefan can join the others tonight." Stefan nodded his head in acceptance. "Not Stefan," Caroline interrupted.

"What? Why not me? I won't let anything happen to her." He said defensively.

"Yeah, Caroline, Stefan is the best choice." Elena said adding her two cents.

"Well then it's decided," Elijah started.

"No. Stefan can't go. Bonnie still hasn't forgiven him, or any of you, for what happened to Abbey." She said looking around the room. "I'll go. I've seen her through this rough patch, and I'll continue to."

"Care, I know you think you're helping, but you're not as strong as Stefan. He can protect her better." Elena said trying to knock some sense into her blonde friend.

"He was one-half of the decision to kill Bonnie's mom. He's not going." Stefan looked down at his feet at Caroline's words. No matter, how much he tried to act like he wasn't responsible because he wasn't the one to turn her, he was. He and Damon, they made a choice, knew the consequences and still went ahead.

Elena thought it best to keep quiet. She still felt immensely guilty about what happened to Abbey. Her friendship with Bonnie was fractured, and it was her fault.

Elijah was amused at the current tension running through what he once considered the opposition. He didn't understand the obsession over Elena. She was human. She had no interest in turning that alone should have sent the brothers running. All of this fighting and anguish over nothing. Caroline, on the other hand, was a vampire, how was she being overlooked? She may be a very young vamp, but she had the spirit and courage equal to one much older. He could see why his brother was so taken with her, why what he saw as her betrayal hurt him. What he didn't know is why he decided to give up. Klaus was never one to turn down a challenge, especially one as lovely as Caroline. He saw his brother stare at her when he thought no one was looking. He knew that even after he burned his sketches that he'd already filled up a book with more. This silent obsession concerned him. He saw a flicker of the old Klaus, the human Klaus; he didn't want to lose that. He knew if something happened to Caroline all hope of his brother returning would be gone.

"Well if Caroline is going tonight, then I will come instead of Rebekah." Elijah said coolly. Damon was the only person who thought that was odd. He didn't know why, but there was something about the way Elijah kept Caroline close that didn't sit right with him.

Klaus walked into the witch's house with both witches slung over his shoulders. Grabbing them was easier than he had anticipated. This whole situation had him on edge, as much as they annoyed him, he didn't want to lose his family. If Esther had her way, he'd be truly alone. Alone and just a vampire, his hybrid side would die along with his siblings. He wouldn't let it happen. Klaus stopped in his tracks when he saw Elijah standing with Bonnie and Caroline. He had no idea what was going on, but he was not happy.

"Where the hell are Kol and Rebekah?" He directed his question to Elijah. He and Caroline were still somewhat at odds, and he decided it was best to let her be and interact a little as possible with her.

Raising an eyebrow at his brother's tone, "They're home I imagine, waiting for my call, in case we need them."

Elijah's tendency to give vague answers annoyed him to no end. "Let me rephrase, but I warn you, don't make me ask again. Why are you and Caroline here instead of them?"

"Well, the group of misfits we've been working with didn't like the idea of their friend Bonnie being alone with only us, originals. I sense they don't completely trust us," he said sarcastically. "So Stefan wanted to come with, but Caroline here nixed that idea. She wouldn't allow any of the others to come in fear they'd make Bonnie uncomfortable." Bonnie looked over to Caroline and gave her a grateful smile.

"Are you mad?" Klaus yelled at Caroline, speaking directly to her in the first time in weeks.

Crossing her arms, "excuse me?" she huffed.

"I asked you, are you mad? There are two very strong witches that I presume will not take kindly to being knocked out and kidnapped. The reason I decided to have Kol and Rebekah, here is because we're strong. If something goes wrong, we can protect your friend. What the hell are you going to do? You're a fresh new vampire. You're easily killed." He yelled.

"Calm down Niklaus, that's why I came with her. I'm stronger than Kol and Rebekah. We are still evenly matched, there's no need to yell at Caroline."

"Thank you, Elijah, but I don't need you to defend my choices. I'm here for Bonnie. That's all that matters. I don't care how strong you think you are or how weak you assume I am. I'm here as support for my friend." Caroline said wanting halt the needless arguing.

Bonnie stepped forward when she saw Klaus was ready to go on another tirade.

"Look, if I'm gonna get any answers from them, then we need to move this along. I need them to stay unconscious. It's the only way I'll be able to get into their heads. Also, the spirits will not allow me to hurt them, so that means you can't either."

"Did you say we can't hurt them?" He asked incredulously. "How are we supposed to get out of here once they wake up? I don't know if you've noticed, but they're both older witches than you are."

"Thank you for pointing out the obvious, Klaus. The spirits have promised to protect us, all of us as long as we follow their conditions."

"Bloody witches," he murmured, " the only ones I trust are the ones I've compelled."

"Enough," Bonnie shouted. "I need you all to be quiet for this to work." Looking down at the two witches sprawled out on the floor, Bonnie felt a moment of guilt. She quickly pushed the feeling aside. Her mother was a vampire now, and she agreed with Elijah's thinking. Once the originals were dead it was possible that everything connected to them would die as well. That meant losing her mother and her best friend. Closing her eyes she concentrated on the witches before her, the spirits would guide her.

Caroline watched as her friend's face tensed and her body swayed. She had no idea how much power she was using for this, but she knew whenever it involved the dead witches it was always dangerous. She moved closer to Bonnie and reached out to grab her hand, hoping it wouldn't distract her or break her connection. She felt relief wash over her when Bonnie squeezed her hand.

Bonnie was lost inside one of the witches mind. She wasn't sure which witches mind she was currently invading, but the memories were fresh. She caught snippets of conversations, and flashes of Esther and Finn. She zeroed in on a particular conversation. All she could see was Esther, she was outdoors somewhere. She concentrated a little harder trying to make out her words.

"He loves nothing more than he loves himself, but if I had to choose I'd say either Rebekah or his first hybrid as his weakness. The only way to kill him, is for him to be willing to die. If we kill all his siblings and his hybrids, he'd be truly alone in the world." She kept talking, but Bonnie wasn't able to hold onto the memory. She took a deep breath and tried again. This time it was a different memory. Esther was with Finn. She was handing over a talisman. Bonnie looked down at the hand that held it; she pushed herself harder so she could hear what was being said. "All we need to do is have him touch it somehow, and we'll be able to get into his head." Bonnie pushed a little harder. She was finally getting somewhere. She just needed a little more information; she pushed herself again, when suddenly Esther looked right at her. She knew. Bonnie's eyes shot open, and her knees gave out. Caroline caught her before she hit the ground.

Caroline helped her sit down, "What happened Bon?" Klaus and Elijah approach the two women. The crazed looked on Bonnie's face worried them both.

Bonnie looked up to the people surrounding her, "she knows what we did."

Caroline wrapped an arm around her friend hoping to comfort her. "Who knows?"

"Esther. She saw me Care. She looked right at me, and she knew. Somehow, she's connected to these witches, and she knows I saw their memories."

Klaus was not a patient man and while he tried to let the women have their moment her couldn't wait. "What did you see? Were you able to get any information?" He asked noting the slight desperation in his voice.

"Calm down, brother, allow her to catch her breath." Elijah chastised.

Bonnie shook her head and snapped out of her panic. "It's okay. I'm fine. It was just a shock." She said, making herself stand. She hated what she was about to do, but she had no choice. "Klaus, your mother knows you can't be killed, but you can die."

"Well, if that isn't vague than I don't know what is. Did you by any chance get anything more useful? I find myself too tired for riddles, dear."

Caroline didn't appreciate his tone and was about to say so, but Bonnie out up her hand to stop her from talking.

"You can't be killed, but you can die if you choose to. Esther plans on killing your family and hybrids, leaving you so alone that you'll willingly die. She mentioned that your weaknesses would most likely be Rebekah and Tyler." She said, never breaking her eye contact with him. "But we both know that's not quite true. While they both do matter to you, they're not your biggest weakness. If your mother has her way, then she will be able to see what's inside your mind." Elijah and Caroline just watched the interaction between Bonnie and Klaus, only one of them knowing what they were truly talking about.

"How is the crazy bat going to get into my head?" He asked Bonnie. To the people in the room, he seemed unaffected, but inside, he was churning. If she really could get into his mind, then Caroline would not be safe.

"She has a talisman, it's cursed. All you have to do is touch it, and it will steal your essence, once Esther has it in her possession, she'll be able to see your memories, thoughts, dreams, and desires. Nothing would be secret from her." He glanced quickly to Caroline, who seemed a little lost, funny, she was the only one. Elijah, on the other hand, was giving him meaningful glances. He knew what his brother was thinking. Esther had to die and soon.

"What do we do with the witches?" Elijah asked, wishing they could just kill them.

Bonnie thought about it for a moment. A part of her wanted to kill them, but she knew she couldn't. Not only couldn't she kill her kind, but she made a promise to the spirits.

"Is your compulsion stronger than Esthers?" She asked Elijah.

"His isn't but mine is." Klaus said, "however, dear mommy is a vampire witch. I'm sure she could reverse it."

"She could, if she could find them. Compel them to leave the state and to stop practicing magic. I image your family is rich enough to finance their move. I need you to put a time limit on the compulsion, six months, in six months, they'll remember they're witches, but they won't remember Esther. Can you do that? I don't have enough time to find a spell that erases memories. Once they're compelled I'll put a protection spell on them so Esther can't easily find them."

"Consider it done," he said, giving her a quick wink. Caroline rolled her eyes at his nonchalant attitude. Nothing ever fazed him. She watched as Klaus lifted one of the witches, Elijah went to grab the other but Klaus stopped him. "Escort the ladies' home, I'll take care of this."

"Very well," he wasn't surprised at his brothers request. He knew Klaus wanted nothing more than to make sure Caroline was safe.

"Klaus, you should take them out one by one. The spirits are keeping them passed out, but once you leave the house they'll wake up. You may be un-killable, but they'll be easier to manage separately." Bonnie told him, not sure why she felt the need to warn him.

"Noted and thank you."

Caroline couldn't help but look back at him as Elijah led them out. She knew he'd be fine, that nothing could get him, but she still worried. She gave him a small smile as she walked through the door. He didn't return it.

I'm fairly new to TVD, started watching this season after catching the first two seasons on Netflix. I assumed that it was going to be awful and a lot like twilight (which I am not a fan of), but my friend convinced me to give it a chance since I love vampires. While I am not a lover of the main characters, except Damon when he was bad, I love Caroline, and feel like Bonnie has such potential but is extremely under used. I hope you enjoy this.