Finding Finn was surprisingly easy. Apparently being trapped in a box for almost a century didn't stop you from joining the tech train. All Rebekah had to do was call him on his mobile to set up a meeting. Caroline wondered if her brothers knew that she had such easy access to the eldest Mikaelson though she highly doubted it. She didn't care either way, she just wanted to get this meeting over with hoping that Finn would help them.

They approached a small hole in the wall restaurant that seemed to be deserted. As they got closer she noticed that there was a waitress walking around tending to a single table, where Finn was seated. Before she could reach out to open the door Rebekah turned to her, "don't mess this up. Let me do most of the talking." She said with finality.

Caroline wasn't going to argue with her, this was her brother after all – she knew him best.

Rebekah's demeanor change as they reached Finn. Gone was the sourpuss face, replaced by a very genuine smile. Finn smiled back at his sister, standing to embrace her. He noticed Caroline standing behind her and gave her a confused looked. "Bekah, who's your friend?"

Separating herself from her brother, "this is Caroline. She is a friend of mine from Mystic Falls."

Finn gave her a tight smile, "pleasure to meet you Caroline." His tone indicating it was anything but.

"Likewise," she said, unsure how to act around him. She thought Elijah was the formal and serious sibling, but Finn was much more imposing.

"Please ladies, have a seat," he offered. Waiting until they were both seated to take his own. "So, tell me what you want because I doubt you're here because you missed your big brother."

His implication while true hurt Rebekah, this was not a time for her to get emotional but she couldn't help it. "How can you say that? I missed you everyday that Nik kept you in that coffin, I begged him to release you."

"You may have begged him to release me, but you never tried to release me yourself. It was simple to just pull the dagger from my heart." He said, emotionlessly. Caroline wondered if being trapped for so many years, ceased his ability to show any type of emotion.

"It wasn't that easy Finn. Most of the time Nik kept the coffins hidden from me. The only time I ever saw them was when we were moving around, running away from Mikael."

"Well, that's it isn't. You didn't want to go against Niklaus, whether out of misplaced loyalty or fear. Either way, it does not matter the past can not be undone. However, know this, if it were you in that box – I would have freed you; even if it meant going against Niklaus." He said his voice never wavering.

Caroline couldn't help but feel bad for Rebekah, who currently had tears swimming in her eyes. On one hand she felt Finn was right, she should have tried harder. On the other she understood being afraid of angering Klaus, and being left behind or daggered herself.

"Maybe you should cut her a break. You guys are finally reunited instead of holding onto things, that as you said, you can't change. Take this opportunity to get to know your family again." She said, no longer able to be quiet.

Turning a critical eye to the blonde that he managed to ignore until now. "I don't see how any of this concerns you. In fact, why are you even here?"

"If it doesn't concern me than you shouldn't have this conversation in front of me. Oh, and excuse me for not wanting to watch you bully your sister, who from what I've seen gets enough of that from the rest of your brothers. I am so glad I'm an only child." Caroline said, crossing her arms defensively.

"You're an insolent woman, you know." He said, with the slightest bit of amusement. It was in that moment that she could see the family resemblance. The cheeky smirk that Klaus seemed to wear on a regular basis.

"Layoff, Nik is already trying to sniff up that tree." Rebekah said, not wanting to watch another one of her brothers flirt with Caroline.

Finn studied Rebekah, he wondered if his absence had any baring on her choices in this life she led, controlled by their brother. The jealousy he saw was unnerving, Rebekah was always a sweet girl, picking up strays, helping those around her. "Darling, I have no interest in your blonde friend here." He noticed her posture relax after he made his intentions clear. It seemed his little sister had some security issues with herself.

"Ditto," Caroline muttered from her seat.

"Now back to business, why are you lovely ladies here?" He knew they wanted something that much was obvious.

"We need your help finding mother," His sister, told him.

That wasn't what Finn expected to hear, "Why would I help you with that?"

Rebekah knew it wouldn't be that simple, but she was sure he'd help once she explained to him what their mother was planning. "Because she's not trying to kill just Nik, she wants to end all of us."

Finn contemplated her words, he wasn't really surprised nor could he hold it against his mother. Creating vampires was a grave mistake, one that should be fixed. "Is that really a bad thing? We should allow humans to live without vampires. Haven't we lived long enough, I think it's time for us to perish. I can't help you, I'm sorry." He said getting up from the table.

"Wait," Caroline yelled out before he could walk away. "What about the woman you were in love with? Rebekah mentioned that you turned a woman before you were daggered so you could be together. If your mother succeeds that means she'll die too."

Finn scoffed at Carolines naivete. "I am sure Niklaus killed Sage ages ago. My family hated her, tore us apart. I guarantee you she is dead." He looked to his sister, "Consider this my vengeance on her behalf."

"She's not dead," Rebekah muttered. Looking down at her hands, Sage was always a point of contention for them. She never felt that red headed heathen deserved Finn.

Lower himself to sit down, he asked."How do you expect me to believe you?"

Rebekah wanted to lie to him, tell him that they'd never hurt him in that way but Finn would see through her. "Nik was tempted to kill her, so was I. She turned you against us, she tore our family apart. After Nik daggered you we were going to hunt her down, but Elijah stopped us. He knew that if we harmed her, you'd never forgive us. We'd never be a family again. She's alive, I saw her in the twenties, and I know that Salvatores saw her in the seventies."

Finn was overwhelmed with emotion, everyday he spent in that box he dreamt of her. When he was finally undaggered he didn't bother looking for her, he was sure she was dead."That's a long time ago, how can you be sure that she is still alive?"

Caroline couldn't believe her ears, the more she learned about the Mikaelsons the less they made sense to her.

"Elijah, he's kept watch over her through out the years. He knew that one day you would want to reunite."

Though he felt relief he was hesitant to be happy. Until she was in his presence he'd consider her dead, it was the only way he could survive. "Find her, bring her to me and I will help you. I know where mother is hiding."

"That might take time, time we don't have," Caroline protested.

"That is unfortunate because that is the only way I'll help you."

"What if we can prove it another way?" Rebekah asked.

Finn wouldn't accept anything less than proof of life, for that he'd have to see her for himself,"like?"

"We can call her so you can talk to her," Caroline added, when he shook his head no she came up with another idea. "We can video chat. That way you can talk to her and see her. She can come to you and you can help us."

If this was the only way to see Sage again, then Finn would go along with it. "I suppose we better go see Elijah, but if this is some sort of game, you will regret it.

Klaus and Damon were unsuccessful in finding Esther. They went to the area his hybrid last detected her but all trace of her was gone now. Klaus was frustrated with this fools errand and the company he was forced to keep.

"This is pointless," Klaus began, "lets head back. Perhaps Elijah and Bonnie have found something."

Damon was glad to be going back home, he never wanted to spend this much time with Klaus ever again. Still, he couldn't help but stir the shit a bit. "So... Elijah has been all up in Blondie's business lately, you think he's got the hots for her?"

Klaus didn't bother to look back at him, "Elijah is a complex man, as he likes to put it. Caroline has many qualities he enjoys, but in case you haven't noticed..." He stopped so he could turn and face Damon, "he has a soft spot for witches."

Damon felt like the wool was lifted from his eyes. How did he not see it before, sure, Elijah spent a lot of time with Blondie but Bonnie was always around. In fact he couldn't remember the last time he saw them both separately. Luckily Bonnie hated vampires, dating an Original would be sacrilegious. "Well witchy doesn't like the vamps, so I'm gonna say that Elijah is outta luck."

"Is that what you think?" Klaus asked walking away from him. "Because the way I see it, she isn't too opposed to his proximity. In fact they seem to spend quite a bit of time together, more than necessary."

"Yeah, well, Bonnie is as rigid as they come. I say she will turn your brother down flat," he spat, while trying to keep up with Klaus.

Klaus didn't care what Damon thought or predicted. Damon was an idiot that much was proven to him on various occasions. "Don't underestimate Elijah, all women no matter how virtuous, tend to have a soft spot for him. How could they not? Elijah prides himself on being a gentleman, he still believes in the old ways."

"Yeah, I guess we'll see won't we?"

"Yes," he said, his voice full of mockery, "you will."

Elijah and Bonnie were going over the spell, it was risky. Not only would she need blood from each of them, she also needed blood from Esther. They needed to find a way to subdue her long enough to extract it from her. Once Bonnie had all the blood, she'd drink it in order to consume their essence, after that she'd remove Esther's power making her vulnerable to death. The problem was that her power would transfer to Bonnie. It would be unnatural and she'd die within minutes. One witch would not be able to sustain that much power, her body wouldn't be able to handle it. They had to find a way to transfer the power from Bonnie to something else before she combusted. One option would be to feed her blood after stealing Esther's power and killing her before the magic could, resulting in her being a vampire but he knew she'd never agree to it. He was pulled from his thoughts when his phone began to ring, "please tell me good news, Rebekah."

"I have both good and bad," she said. "Finn is with us, he said he'll help us as long as we provide him with Sage. He wants to see her, preferable in person, but he says he would accept a video chat so long as she is in his presence within a day."

"Tell Finn I will make it happen, in fact I will contact her now." He said hanging up.

"Everything okay?" Bonnie asked looking up at him from where she sat on the floor.

"Fantastic actually, it seems like things may work out after all." He really hoped they would. He excused himself so he could contact Sage, but he also needed to call a friend.

So sorry about the long ass wait. It has been an insanely crazy year for me, one that just started to calm down a bit. I know this is short but I wanted to get something out for this fic. I promise not to make you wait so long again.