Dear friends, welcome to my next whumpventure! Brandt is just too cute when hurt to be left alone for too long! The following is...well...hard to explain, but i can confirm that it's all Beta Branch's fault. But as they also checked it over i forgive them.

Mainly it's Alex Kade's fault . She is evil. But in a good way.

Disclaimer: Part of this is mine, the rest...not so much

So, on with...oh you'll find out soon enough

"Who gets to go out? I'll tell you who, Brandt! That's who. And who's fault is it that the satellite comes falling out of the sky to crash land in the middle of friggin nowhere? Benji, that's who. And who gets to escort the satellite killing idiot? Yeah, you guessed it, Brandt! How is this fair? I've earned my place in the team, I've worked damn hard and yet, once again, here I am, helping to retrieve a CPU from a satellite that should have STAYED IN THE SKY! But noooooooooooo, we have to knock it down because why keep a satellite up high when you can hit one little, tiny, inconsequential button, say oopsie and then watch as the tiny speck on the radar comes hurtling out of the sky to land in the middle of nowhere . Unbelievable. He's an idiot. Total mis-keying little idiot."

"I can hear you, you know."

"And would he crash said satellite near a road? Would he decide to crash it somewhere easily accessible? Of course he doesn't!"

"Technically I had no control over where it landed."

"So what do we have to do? Drive for four hours then trek for two just to find one little satellite that the so called master of technology knocks out of the sky."

"I never said master, I believe I said guru."

"And here I am, escorting the moron because its too scary to let him off alone, god knows what else he'd push out of the sky. I wouldn't put it past him to drop the moon on our heads. Who gets to go? Brandt. That's who. Short straw the whole way."

"You know you're repeating yourself now, right?"

"And not only does it NOT crash near a road, oh no, it crashes in the middle of Utah. But don't worry, as its summer it'll only hit the mid nineties, which happened just as we had to start our walk."

"To be fair it is pretty warm."

"No Ethan, please don't worry yourself. Brandt will go. He wants to go. He likes going. Seriously Carter, I insist. You stay by the pool in your bikini while the moron and the helper go out to find the satellite."

"It's a little worrying you keep referring to yourself in the third person."

"I swear to god Benji, if we don't find that satellite soon I'm going to end you and bury your body out here in the middle of nowhere."

"Well at least you're now offering to bury me, before it was 'leave my rotting carcass for the vultures'."

"Unbelievable! Unbelievable!"

"You're not suffering from heat stroke are you? Because I don't think I could carry you back to the car. You're all muscle which makes you pretty heavy and, well, I'm just me, you know?"


"Right! Enough! Stop. Sit your bottom down and drink this."

Brandt spun round, the action flicking up dust from his feet that drifted lazily around his boots. He glared at the bottle being held toward him. He glared at the hand holding said bottle. He glared at the face attached to the body that had the arm with the bottle thrust toward him. He seethed. He sweated. He grunted and drank down the water in one gulp.

"Better?" asked Benji as he sat down on a rocky outcrop.

"Did you tell me to sit my bottom down?"


"Don't do that again."


Brandt sat down next to his friend on the outcropping. Their walk had been primarily up hill from the dirt track that was laughably called a road. The path they'd taken had lead them through the edge of a beautiful, dense, green forest and as the path steadily climbed the going had become slightly rocky. They were now sat on the edge of a small drop off. Below them a river flowed lazily by. Beyond the river the forest curved back into view. Benji breathed the landscape in as the enormity and beauty of Utah shone in all its glory. Brandt felt his shoulders relax as the scenery helped to soothe his irritation.

"Gotta admit," said Benji as he bumped his shoulder into Brandt. "I picked a pretty good place to drop a satellite."

"So you admit you dropped it?" asked Brandt around a smirk.

"I said I was sorry," defended Benji.

"Ok, I admit, this is a pretty decent view."

"That it is."

"Please tell me we're near the signal?"

Benji pulled out his tracker, held it high in the shadow of the distant mountain and smiled as a green dot appeared close to their location. He turned to Brandt, held the tracker to him and smiled further as his friend seemed to relax even more thanks to the brightly coloured dot.

They sat in companionable silence for a few more minutes. Both enjoying the fresh air, bird calls and swish of the distant river. It wasn't often they could afford downtime, especially in a setting such as this. Benji could feel Will letting go of the weight he forever seemed to carry. No matter how many missions they completed, or how many people they saved, Will always seemed to carry the weight of the world on his shoulders. It may have been a mistake on Benji's part to hit the booster on the satellite and send it on a collision course with the earth, but he was glad he had. Even if it was only a day of respite he could offer, it was worth it. Would have been nice to not have been the one forced to go and recover said CPU from aforementioned satellite. Yes it had been his fault, but why HQ thought his team should have to recover it just wasn't fair. Then for Ethan to decide he and Brandt should have to go was just plain mean. He didn't have to smile while dishing out the order. And Jane didn't have to do the 'I get to sit by the pool' happy dance. Just plain mean.

"Ok," said Brandt as he slapped Benji on the knee.


"Ready to go?"

"Yes, should be half a mile up this stretch and waiting for us."

"Sounds good," said Will as he added his now empty water bottle to the others in his back pack. He shouldered the bag, stood tall and stretched his neck and back muscles. As much as he grouched, he was enjoying himself. Just a little.

Benji lead the way, the going not as steep as it was before. Slowly the natural path levelled out, more outcroppings appeared as they reached a small plateau beneath the shadow of the mountain. The Englishman squinted into the distance, a movement catching his eye. He stopped, raised his hand to block the sunshine and focused on the movement.

Brandt slowed as Benji came to a stop, he took one look at the other agent and felt his hand go to his gun that always sat behind his back.


"There's something up there. Do you see it?"

Brandt moved closer to the other man and took up the same stance. Squinting, hand blocking the sun, and trying to find the zoom button on his vision.

"What is that?" asked Brandt as he took a step forward. "Its coming up quick."

"Looks like more than one whatever-it-is."

"Deer maybe?"

"Looks too small."

"What else lives in these forests?"

Benji opened his mouth to answer, but shut it quick as he realised he had no idea. Dust kicked up behind the source of the movement, which had now become a dark brown blob. Will focused and concentrated. The big brown blob separated and became two huge blobs with a smaller one in the middle. He lowered his hand from his eyes. The figures now coming into full view thanks to the impressive speed. Like a tornado that appeared stationary, they were upon them in no time.

"Oh shit."

"What?" asked Benji, slight panic in his voice thanks to the way Will had straightened. He stared in disbelief as the reality of what was coming toward them hit him square in the head. "Shit."

"Yep, we need to move."

"What? Where?"

"Benji just move!" exclaimed Will as he pushed the other man toward a small outcropping to the left. Will swallowed as his heart stopped, he had barely anytime left to move before the stampeding animals ran into him. He looked to his right, saw no option and jumped. His feet leaving the ground as he fell further than he'd anticipated, coming to land in an ungainly heap against an unforgiving, rocky surface that was determined to cause as much damage as it could. His vision blackened, his lips tingled and went numb, just as he decided enough was enough and gave into the darkness.


Any guesses as to what it could have been ? (you'll never friggin guess!)