Plot: Just a one shot with Jenna and Emily, I'm just going to imagine that Emily was left alone and Jenna went to find her before the girls went into that house after Alison it just sort of popped into my head

AN: I have another one as well which I'm not sure if I should publish which was inspired by a friend of mine princyjessie when she mentioned that nobody does Aria and Emily ones so if you want to read it just let me know.

Emily leant against the wall at the side of the house where she couldn't be seen her drink long forgotten on the floor as she tried to get her thoughts together, 'what on earth happened when I was dancing with Ben?' she thought to herself she didn't remember much of the dance or what he whispered in her ear he focus had been on Jenna the new girl, dressed up in a Lady Gaga costume the same as Alison but for some reason Jenna pulled it off better.

There was a connection there when Jenna looked back at her and Emily could feel it, Ben became a distant memory and then Alison had to ruin it she ran then she had to get away from Ben, Alison and Jenna unfortunately at a party you can never find a place to just be on your own luckily this was a good hide away and Emily had told herself she would just stay here until the party was over then go home and try not to think about Jenna.

The people who were drunk could be heard from where Emily was stood she had to laugh at some of the things they were coming out with but couldn't laugh too loud as someone would surely find her.

"Is this a private party or can anyone join?" Emily jumped when she heard someone behind her, she turned quickly her braid hitting her in the face as she did so, she saw Jenna leaning against the wall a small smile of her face and two cups in her hand.

"Oh yeah sure you can join if you want" Emily quickly replied cursing herself for being so shy. Jenna chuckled a little as she handed Emily a cup their fingers brushed and they both felt the shock as they quickly parted.

"So why are you not out there enjoying the party?" Jenna asked moving a little closer and taking a sip from her cup her eyes trained on Emily the whole time.

Emily took the other girl in, up close she was really pretty her brown eyes sparkled like she was up to something and her smile was kind.

"I…I needed a time out parties aren't really my thing" Emily sighed turning so she was facing Jenna as they talked Jenna breathed a sigh which made Emily shiver.

"They aren't mine either I don't see what's so appealing about being drunk and acting stupid" Jenna said casually Emily looked at the cup then back at her "it's just soda" Jenna smirked as she saw Emily's unasked question.

Emily took a sip of hers and noticed it too was soda Jenna watched her, she wasn't sure what it was about this girl but she wanted to get to know her, she had heard she was the most wanted girl at school even beating Alison the queen bee and looking at her right now Jenna knew why there was a tenderness about her a sort of innocence that can't be touched it made her all the more attractive.

"How did you know?" Emily asked pulling Jenna out of her inner conversation.

"You don't seem the type who drink's much" Jenna shrugged in truth she had watched Emily go to the non spiked bowl a few times and guessed the girl didn't drink.

"I…Well…Thank you" Emily stuttered giving her a small smile. For the first time in her life Jenna blushed looking at her shoes she willed her body to stop being so stupid.

"It's not a problem" Jenna mumbled.

The party seemed to be getting louder which caused both girls to groan in displeasure.

"Do you want to get out of here?" Jenna asked.

Emily took a moment to nod Jenna had a grin on her face that seemed to brighten the small hide away as she held out her hand for Emily to take, without a second thought she did and followed Jenna out the back gate without being seen.

The pair found themselves in town after changing clothes in Jenna's car and dropping it off at her house before walking together in silence.

"There is something magical about a clear night" Jenna sighed as she looked up to the sky, Emily looked over at her and for a second was mesmerised by Jenna's beauty she looked so care free as she looked at the stars.

"Yeah there is" Emily whispered as she focused on walking and not on the girl next to her.

"So tell me a bit about you then?" Jenna asked Emily blushed she hated talking about herself to people it made her sound so shallow and very like Alison.

"Well my name is Emily Fields I am on the school's swim team, my dad is in the army and my mum annoys me" Jenna giggled at the last part Emily looked to her side at her and grinned.

"That sounds like an interesting life" Jenna commented "so are you any good at swimming?" She asked curiously.

"I guess" Emily said with a shrug "it used to be fun you know? And then my parents found out I was really good at it and they kept pushing me and now it's not so fun anymore" Jenna let her hand trail down Emily's arm coming to a stop at her hand she paused for a moment before taking it firmly.

"Maybe you should just forget about what people want you to do" Jenna suggested "and just swim for yourself" she added Emily looked at her and gave her hand a quick squeeze and a warm smile.

"I should but I've had things on my mind and it hasn't helped me focus" Emily whispered, she wasn't sure why she shared that but she was glad because maybe Jenna would ask her and she could finally get it off her chest.

"Like the fact you might be gay?" Jenna asked Emily froze Jenna stopped and turned to look at her "I saw you watching me it doesn't take a genius to figure it out" Jenna replied.

"I'm sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable" Emily whispered letting go of Jenna's hand.

"Emily why do you think I was talking to you before?" Jenna asked moving closer so she was stood mere inches away from Emily, Emily just shrugged "your such a sweet person and well I had heard things about you when I first arrived here" Jenna began Emily nodded "and well I guess when I first saw you I thought you were cute and then you began watching me and I thought maybe there's a chance and so I bit the bullet and went looking for you" Jenna finished.

Emily was silent as she watched Jenna she just wanted to lean in and kiss her to see how she tastes, what her lips would feel like against hers she mentally smacked herself Jenna is not gay.

Jenna was watching Emily she could see the waves of emotions through Emily's eyes and the hesitance as she looked to her lips and back up she inwardly grinned taking the lead Jenna moved forward moving more into Emily's personal space she was shorter than the other girl so she tilted her head to let Emily know it was alright to continue if she wanted to.

Emily gulped but she closed the distance and pressed her lips to Jenna's it wasn't passionate but more hesitant it was just lips being pressed together it felt different to kissing Ben it felt nicer softer.

Emily pulled back a bit to see Jenna's reaction "Was it ok?" She asked nervously biting her bottom lip Jenna didn't say anything just pulled Emily back their lips smashing together this time it was more passionate Jenna nipped at Emily's bottom lip gasping in pleasure it allowed Jenna to let her tongue duel with Emily's.

Emily found her hands tangling in Jenna's hair bringing her closer Jenna smiled into the kiss and placed her hands on Emily's hips. The pair pulled back for air but still staying close.

"Now that was some kiss" Jenna whispered Emily grinned then blushed "and for the record I am gay"

"Good because so am I" Emily replied Jenna laughed and kissed her again.

"So you want to grab something to eat?" Jenna asked Emily took a step back and held out her hand.

"That would be nice" Jenna took her hand as the pair walked off not noticing the figure watching them from a distance.

AN: So this is a one shot but I could turn it into more what do you think? And what will Alison have to say about this or will the girls find out in the present time? So should I continue or just leave it as it is?