Chapter three

AN: This is the date scene I wasn't sure how to write this as I have only ever been on one date in my whole life so I winged it, after this I will be skipping to Alison's funeral but it will be explained don't worry I'm not making Jenna blind but the story will be about the girls (including Jenna) trying to find out who killed Alison any suggestions on who it might be please PM me and happy reading!

Emily was nervous. That was a fact she and Jenna had set a date for their date and tonight was the night and she couldn't wait though they still had school to go through first Emily couldn't pay attention to any of the lessons she was in.

Another strange thing was that Alison hadn't bothered her she expected after the text and the picture for her to just assume she had control over her again but if she was honest she rarely saw Alison in the halls.

Jenna looked like she was walking on cloud nine, not that many in school could tell, she managed to keep up her cold distant fa├žade as she walked down the halls in school but it slipped a little when she saw Emily. They were best friends so people assumed that that's why it happened but no one knew the real reason well unless you count Alison but Jenna doubted that she would do anything about it but Emily was worried, she often told her that Alison had a nasty streak that sometimes she scared Emily and that was not cool with her.

This school day couldn't come to an end any quicker she really wanted it to be the end so she could go and see Emily. The classes were fairly boring if she was honest she knew most of what the teachers were talking about already. Jenna wasn't dumb though a lot of people assumed that mostly likely because of something Alison had said to them in passing but she wasn't, at her old school she was the top of her class got 'A*' in all her work and often got homework ahead of the rest.

The one thing that stopped her being bullied was the fact she could end someone's social standing in school, she had become really good at that so much so that people tended to avoid her which she was fine with social interactions didn't amuse her all it was in school was girls gossiping about other girls behind their backs and guys talking about which girls they had banged that weekend or at a party they had been to.

Jenna had higher standards than that she wanted someone she could talk to for hours about philosophy or just anything really that didn't involve boys, or who had the best dress or which celebrity was 'fuck' worthy it just didn't seem to interest her at all in fact she found a lot of it really rude and degrading for the person they are talking about.

Then she moved to Rosewood at first she wasn't sure about it her father wanted to be closer to his girlfriend who lived here, she hated it she was the new girl all over again and the first person she meets is Alison Dilaurentis and what a bitch she was though it was fun to come dressed in the same costume as her at the party her face made Jenna laugh.

In reality Jenna was happy she went to the party there she met Emily the girl she was going on a date with tonight and god was she nervous and nerves were not normally a problem for her she dated plenty of people granted none of them meant much to her so she wasn't bothered if the date didn't go well but with Emily it was different sure she was beautiful she knew that but there was something else it wasn't physical just a connection they had.

Jenna looked at herself in the mirror debating whether a little black dress would look good.

"You're making a lot of effort for this Emily girl" Toby said from her doorway, leaning against it with his arms folded smiling Jenna blushed.

"She is different Toby" Jenna sighed she sat down on her bed he moved from the door and sat down next to her.

"You really like her don't you?" he asked Jenna nodded her hair bouncing "why?"

"I don't know apart from the fact she is gorgeous she is sweet, kind and funny" Jenna smiled Toby chuckled.

"She is gorgeous" he admitted "just don't worry so much she obviously likes you or she wouldn't agree to a date" he added Jenna nodded.

"Yeah you're right I should just be myself" Jenna said with a smile Toby gave her a hug then left the room for her to change.

Emily sighed as she sat down with defeat on her bed she wasn't sure what to wear she already felt like she needed another shower she was really nervous Jenna was so well confident and perfect she wasn't sure if Jenna would like her after their date, it wasn't like she had much experience with dating she wanted to call one of the girls but wasn't sure if Alison had said anything to them and didn't want to chance if she had.

Standing up she tried again to find the perfect dress for tonight, she settled on a blue dress that stopped at her thigh once she was dressed and ready she heard someone at the door, going downstairs.

Emily opened the door to see a stunning Jenna on the other side, her hair was put up in a high ponytail it was curled; she looked at Jenna's dress it was short and black with heels that made her look the same height as Emily.

"Wow" was all Jenna said as she looked at Emily who was wearing her hair straight and down she had a short blue dress and blue heels which weren't too big.

"You look amazing" Emily breathed out blushing slightly Jenna smiled she then held out her arm.

"Are you ready to go?" Jenna asked Emily nodded grabbing her keys from the bowel and locking the door and taking Jenna's arm and following her to Jenna's car.

Once they were in the car Jenna began driving, the car was silent as Emily was trying to start a conversation.

"You don't have to be nervous you know" Jenna said breaking the silence Emily grinned as she turned to look at her.

"Sorry I guess I'm not really sure what to do on a date" Emily admitted Jenna came to a stop at the lights and looked at her.

"Have you never been on a date before?" She asked Emily nodded shyly.

"Only one and it didn't end well" she said Jenna started the car again "so where are we going?" Emily asked gaining more confidence.

"It's a little place I know just outside Rosewood it does great Italian stuff" Jenna replied.

The car ride was filled with the pair talking about their day until they reached a small restaurant; Jenna got out the car and helped Emily out locking the car and walking towards the restaurant.

The place was nice it was quiet and very intimate Emily was looking round in wonder as Jenna watched her with a smile. Emily then looked at her.

"This place is amazing" Emily whispered Jenna grinned.

"I'm glad you like it, it's my favourite place to eat" Jenna replied being bold she took Emily's hand Emily blushed but didn't move her hand away which Jenna took as a good sign.

"I'm glad you brought me" they were silent "have you been out long?" Emily then asked randomly Jenna looked up at her.

"A year or two" Jenna replied.

Emily looked at their hands and sighed "why me?" She asked in a whisper.

"Why not? You're a sweet funny girl and" Jenna paused trying to find the right words she didn't want to scare Emily "I really like you" she finished.

Emily felt her heart melt she didn't think as she leant forward and kissed her, it surprised Jenna but her head cleared and she kissed Emily back it wasn't passionate but it sent sparks through their bodies. Emily sat back and sighed happily, Jenna grinned.

"That was unexpected" Jenna said in a husk filled voice.

"I'm sorry I don't know what came over me" Emily said sadly.

"Don't be it was nice it just took me by surprise is all" Jenna fixed her mistake quickly as their food arrived.

After their dinner Jenna had taken Emily to the park they were walking quietly their dinner had been amazing and the conversation had been stimulating, as they walked their shoulders occasionally brushed and although neither said anything about it they both still felt the spark between them.

"This night reminds me of the night we first met" Jenna whispered as she looked at the stars "that night was perfect" Emily wasn't sure if Jenna was still talking to her more to herself.

They carried on walking in silence until they arrived at a beach Jenna took Emily's hand and brought her to a bench that looked out into the ocean.

"Sometimes watching the ocean can be so calming" Jenna began sitting forward slightly Emily stayed with her back pressed against the bench.

"Yeah I've always thought so" Emily whispered moving her leg and accidentally brushing it against Jenna's she then felt her stiffen Emily frowned "I'm sorry" she said confused by Jenna's reaction, she saw Jenna relax she then turned and kissed Emily.

That surprised her but she kissed Jenna back, the kiss grew more passionate with Jenna lightly biting on Emily's bottom lip using her tongue to sooth it whilst asking for permission which Emily granted and soon their tongues were battling for dominance.

Jenna's hand moved to Emily's lip as she moved closer to Emily, Emily's hand found its way to the back of Jenna's neck to keep her close, Jenna pulled back so they could breath when Emily opened hers she saw how close Jenna actually was to her and just how dark her eyes looked it was only a minute before Jenna covered her lips with hers again.

This time however Emily pushed forward causing them to both sit up their lips still locked together, again Jenna pulled back "be my girlfriend" Jenna panted.

"Of course" Emily replied.