This is the first post I've made in a while! I thought I'd write a Changeling fanfic – I emailed fanfiction and requested a category for Changeling, so now it's here I'm going to make use of it!

This story is set about 16 years prior to the first Changeling book, when Daniel and Elisabeth – Trey's parents – visit Frank in Canada.

I don't own Changeling in any way, it's all down to Steve Feasey for making such an awesome book series! Enjoy!

The Canada Incident

The plane touched down after what felt like days. Daniel jerked awake as the plane hit the runway, and looked out of the window to see the Canadian airport whizzing past outside. Elisabeth stirred next to him. "Have we arrived?" she asked, stifling a yawn with one hand and sitting upright.

"Yes, we're here."

A voice came over the speakers in the plane, instructing all passengers to keep their seatbelts fastened until the aircraft had stopped moving. Elisabeth leaned forward, craning her neck to look out of the window Daniel was sat next to. "At least it's sunny." She commented.

Things were beginning to tense up: Daniel had not seen his brother in a while, a few years, and Frank hadn't met Elisabeth before. Daniel and Frank never really saw eye to eye; Frank had always been a little bitter, ever since their father had given away his beloved wolfsbane amulet to his youngest son, claiming Frank wasn't "responsible" enough to have the privilege of owning the rare pendant. Throughout his younger years Daniel would always be saddened to see his elder brother - by ten years – appear to resent him for a matter in which he felt he had had no say.

When he was old enough, Frank had left home and settled down in Canada, buying a huge plot of land in the middle of nowhere with tall trees and a little cabin nested right in the centre. This is where Daniel and Elisabeth were now headed, and as they dismounted the plane and made their way through the airport, lugging their suitcases behind them, Daniel muttered to himself, "Welcome to Canada."

I know this is a short chapter, but the ones to come will hopefully be a great deal longer. If you read the books, then I hope you realise that Trey says the exact same thing under his breath ("Welcome to Canada.") in Blood Wolf. If you haven't read the books yet, get yourself down to a bookshop!

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