A/N: This idea appeared to me after I finished reading the book "Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightening Thief" and I just HAVE to write this. The character looks will be based off God of War 3 except Hades because he looks fat but cool and badass, but still fat. Considering this is of Greek Mythology, this may be a harem. It isn't confirmed, but it may be. And before you guys who are opposed to Harems say anything, remember, this is Greek Mythology based. They did that stuff all the time. I will be using monsters of other legends along with the monsters related to Greek mythology like vampires, werewolves/lycans, etc.

Summary: Hades could not resist the temptations of the redhead named Kushina Uzumaki. She bared him a son she named Naruto Uzumaki. When he died, his soul was sent to the Underworld to judged on his worth of being the Prince of the Underworld. With the hardships he faced in his life and his refusal to give in, he deemed worthy of being the son of Hades and the new prince. Upon the suggestion of Kushina, Hades allowed Naruto to attend Camp Half-Blood in order to enjoy the remainder of his childhood before maturing and becoming the Prince of the Underworld.

Ahhh…the fine flesh of mortals. How I love it. If only there was a Goddess that could peak my interest. Sadly, that is not the case. All of them are arrogant, but I can't say anything. I know I myself let loose an aura of arrogance. All of the gods have fallen to arrogance. It appears, however, that I am the only one aware of this. This arrogance would not be a problem if it had not been for one thing.

Even us gods can die.

That is right. The almighty gods of Olympus can be killed. We try our best to keep this from the mortals, have them live in fear of us. Have them think we have absolute control of their lives. There is one thing they have that our other creations do not. They have free will over their lives for as long as they live, but once dead they release control to us, to me. We may influence their actions, we may meddle in their lives for our benefit, but they are still strong in their own right. Even so we still rule over them, though not as much as we did eons ago. Not ever since they stopped believing. We tried, but they just stopped all of a sudden, accepting this thing called science. We let them have their fun for a few centuries, but then the day a reckoning came. We decided to start over from scratch. Over course their were some objections, from those like Athena and Demeter, but it was decided. The mortals should have heeded the prophecy they deemed 2012, they would have stood a better chance. Of course the underworld filled up substantially, but I am Hades, I can handle anything.

Immediately after, since we needed mortals to reign over because they were our power, we restored life again, but this time without any interference. We would not rule over them, we would not demand sacrifices, we will see how the mortals do without us. And did they do well. All we needed to do was give a man some of the Flame of Olympus to see how they would respond and it exceeded expectations. He mastered it and they started calling it chakra. The humans now call him the Sage of the Six Paths. Humans are interesting indeed. They went through three great wars, at least to them they were great, for us it was just entertainment. However I found myself smitten with a certain mortal. She has the beauty worthy of a Goddess, the attitude worthy of a Warrior of Sparta, and the soul worthy of my interest. It has been quite some time since I lay with a mortal. If she were to bear my child I am sure he would become great. However, I must be cautious of Zeus and Poseidon. Even though it is not forbidden to lay with a mortal, it is... shall I say...unfair for the three brothers to have children. We can if we wanted to, but nothings stops the other two from sending obstacles to kill the child. It is not uncommon for a God or Goddess to have mortal children, as a matter of fact it is a common thing. It is my brothers and I that have sworn an oath to never impregnate a mortal. Of course we still do it, and we all know it. Mortals may be weak, but they are interesting. Of course claiming that child is another thing. If that were to happen, we had the right to remove it from existence or if the child spikes the interest of it's father, to prove himself to the other gods. If I were to produce a child, it would have to be strong until I deem it time for me to introduce myself. Otherwise if it proves weak, I care not if Zeus or Poseidon handles it.

But I knew just from the look of this woman she would bear me a strong child, a child worthy enough to be the prince of the underworld. Damn that Persephone. Her refusal to bear another child is irritating. I dearly hope this mortal bears me a son to call my own, a prince. Melinoe has no interest in anyone, be it man or God. It is hard enough I must do without her for 6 months. Damn that Demeter, why I should… *growl* there is no need to be angry over such a trivial matter. After all, I am immortal; I need not worry over such things. I have a mortal worthy of the title goddess to meet. She is called Kushina Uzumaki, if I am correct. Such weird names in this era.

-13 years later-



Two voices screamed as their attacks collided. One went by the name Naruto Uzumaki, the other went by Sasuke Uchiha. Naruto intentionally diverted his attack from hitting any fatal organs to Sasuke. Unfortunately, Sasuke didn't feel the same way and aim towards Naruto's heart. It stuck dead center, to Naruto's shock. He fell to the ground with a 'thud' and was struggling to stay alive. "W-why? Sasuke?"

"I'm sorry Naruto, but I needed to kill you to gain power. With the Mangekyou Sharingan, I am closer to killing Itachi. I'm sorry, but it had to be this way, Naruto. Goodbye." Sasuke removed his hand from Naruto's chest and began to walk away. Naruto's eyes grew lifeless as his life began to wither away.

-Inside Naruto's mindscape-

"Dammit boy! Was saving that lost cause worth your own life? There is no way I could save you, hopefully Hades accepts you as his son seeing how your life turned out. I wonder if Kushina is doing alright. I'm sure she's doing fine, I dearly miss her. I hope they can turn this boy's attitude around or he won't stand a chance against Zeus's obstacles, whatever he may send. I cant wait to get back to lord Hades. It is terribly boring in the human world." Kyuubi said with a grunt. Life was going to get interesting, for both her and her container.

-The Underworld-

Life was good for Kushina. She was beautiful, had a great body, and was Queen of the Underworld, well, for 6 months at least. If only Hades would get rid of that bitch Persephone. Hell, she doesn't even want to be here, he might as well get rid of her. It just irritated her she had to play second to her. Hades told her she wasn't second, she was first actually. He said he wished Persephone was more like her, but he couldn't turn her away. He was fond of his daughter, Melinoe. She figured that was his way of saying he loved her. Melinoe loved her mother, so if he got rid of Persephone he was sure Melinoe would leave with her .But she guessed she shouldn't be angry, after all out of the entire world, she was chosen as the next bride of Hades. Of course she did wish to see her son, but Hades forbid it. He said if he lived up to his expectations then he would be allowed shelter in the palace. If not, he'd be thrown with the rest of the souls. She claimed he was being heartless and unfair, he replied he was the God of the Underworld, he had that right. Kushina left it at that, not wanting to anger her husband, and enjoyed her life as Queen. Of course she couldn't stand Persephone. They despised each other. They were 2 sides of the same coin. Kushina was grateful for Hades for giving her the life she had. Persephone wished she was with her mother Demeter and could just leave behind this life. She didn't, however, want to leave her daughter Melinoe here with her father. They didn't hate each other enough to harm or kill the other, but they disliked each other greatly.

Kushina tried to like Persephone's daughter, Melinoe. But she found she couldn't. She was sadistic and enjoyed causing pain to the tortured souls. She even disliked her father somewhat for not allowing her to venture into the living world to torture and haunt living souls. They didn't hate each other, Kushina and Melinoe, they just tolerated each other. The feeling was neutral between them.

But now she didn't have to worry about anything anymore. Her son just died and she was happy. 'Boy did that sound wrong.' She knew Hades would accept Naruto after the life he had. Beatings, hard living conditions, having everyone hate him and he still didn't break. He held on all his life, she didn't see how he couldn't be worthy of being the new prince. Of course he would have to marry Melinoe, but she'd worry about that later. Right now she was walking towards the chambers she shared with Hades and Persephone. She pushed the doors open and saw Hades sleeping. She gently shook him to wake him up. Once she saw he him waking she said, "It is time, Hades. It is time for Naruto to face Judgment." Spoke Kushina seriously. Hades nodded to her and waved at her to begone. It was time to possibly introduce another family member.

-With Naruto-

Naruto found himself on a boat. It was being rowed by a figure in a dark hooded robe. In the river they were in, he saw what appeared to be people swimming aimlessly in the river. The water was red but transparent. He was curious and was starting to reach down into the water when he was smacked in the face with a paddle. "OW! What the hell was that for?" He said, nursing his nose.

"It was a warning. Never try that again. If you do put your hand in there just a centimeter, they'll drag you down with them. Not even lord Hades would be able to tell you apart from the souls. This river we are sailing on is known as the River of Styx. I smacked you because even after I calmly warned others, they were foolish and went ahead anyway. Now they are a part of this river, though not all of them. Most of these souls were placed here, some, like I said, reached into the water."

Naruto nodded to the man, who didn't see it. Where was he? Is he dead? Most likely he is. If so, was he in heaven or hell? It sure didn't look like hell, not as it was described, but not like heaven either. The only thing this place looked was just depressing. But what did he know, he didn't really believe in Kami and all that. Not after the life he had. There was one thing he noticed just now though. His hair and eyes were different. The reflection showed him having green eyes and red hair. His skin was also slightly pale. "So you're his kid, huh? Feel sorry for ya, actually." He was brought out of his musings by the robed figure.

"Who's kid? What are you talking about?"

"You'll find out when you get there. I just hope you're ready."

Naruto wanted to say more, but he left it at that. He was dead so what did it matter. The rest of the ride was peaceful, at least for the guider of souls. Naruto couldn't block out the screams of terror.

The boat stopped at what appeared to be a palace for a king(1). The robed figure pointed toward the palace "Go there. He'll be waiting." Naruto gulped, quite scared of what he'll find. He began to walk, but then he turned around toward the robed figure.

"Um…mister? What is your name?" the said figure chuckled with amusement.

"Well, it's the first time I was asked by a newcomer. Call me Grim, the Grim Reaper. You guys call me and my buddy death, although we have 2 different roles that play in that. I guide the souls in the underworld, he guides the souls to the underworld for judgment. You can call him the Shinigami. See you kid." Naruto knew he should have been shocked, but for some reason he wasn't. He looked at the palace and that's when he noticed the background made it more terrifying. There were people falling from above from the sky, if you could call it that. All there was at the top was earth , literally. And off in the distance, he could hear the melodies of a woman. It didn't have any lyrics, but it didn't need any to tell of her sorrow. It was beautiful, yet depressing. He looked towards the palace and with heavy feet, he began to walk towards his unknown judgment.

-With the royal family-

(2) Hades sat near Kushina, who was to his right. He had an empty seat to his left which was Persephone's seat. He decided it was only necessary for Kushina and he to be there since it was going to be quick. His hair, if you could call it that, was blue fire (no this is not the Disney version). He wore a crown which protruded five spikes going in every direction. His eyes were glowing blue and he had pale skin. He had a full grown beard as well. He wore a black gauntlet on his left arm that looked like an angry demonic skull. He wore a black short sleeved robe that was cut so that it showed the lower-right half of his upper body. He could see he was perfectly fit from seeing the right side of his abs. On top of the robe was what appeared to be a wave layer design that covered the top half of his body. His left shoulder carried the same design as his gauntlet, an angry demonic skull. His entire lower body was covered by a circumference of black fabric.

Kushina had her red hair down, as always. She wore a black robe made for a queen, but it showed some of her cleavage as well. On her hands were black leather gloves that stopped near her elbow. She wore black high heels that didn't make her look like a slut and/or whore and sat with her right leg crossed over her left leg. She wore skull earrings with blue gems for eyes.

Soon the main doors opened and the servants walked in with Naruto. He looked uneasy at first, but then when he saw Hades he looked outright terrified. Who wouldn't be when there taken to the king of the underworlds palace and he looked like that?

"Ahhhh…..Naruto…it is good to see you again. Do you know of me?" asked Hades. Naruto shook his head, to scared to speak. This annoyed the ruler.

"There is a saying that I quite love. It is 'speak when spoken to.' Now I ask again, do you know of me?" he demanded with a tone that commanded respect.

"N-no sir." Naruto prided himself on having guts. He prided himself of have no fear and showing none in front of an enemy. He was brave and had an immense amount of courage. He vowed to never show fear again when he was a child because fear was weakness. However now, his resolve melted in front of this man.

"My lord, you do not have to frighten him so." Said Kushina.

"I have seen his life and while I commend his resolve, I know his has little respect for others. Now, Naruto, you do not know of me, but I certainly know of you. I have had my eye on you ever since you were conceived. I have watched you struggle while you aimed for the top. You struggled all of your life until you died, never achieving your dream. But do no fret, Naruto, for you have a second chance. You will start anew here in this very place. There was a scheduled judgment for your arrival, but I have already passed you. You have lived a life where most mortal men would choose the easy path of suicide. But you didn't, you drove on, knowing deep down in your heart that you would never find acceptance amongst those ignorant fools. That, Naruto, is where I must commend you. Now I must ask you will you choose to live again amongst the mortal fools, or shall you take your place as Prince of the Underworld? Choose wisely, my son. I shall give you time to think with your mother. Should you agree, Melinoe is to be your bride, but only when you and your body have matured enough. Even we Gods find the acts some of you humans perform with children disgusting. Kushina, take him to our chambers where you can talk with him. I know you are dying to meet your son." Naruto stood there, still trying to process what was just said to him. Even when Kushina gently took his hand and led him to her chambers he did not snap out of his stupor. When they made it, she lashed on to his chest, hugging him tightly and crying while doing so. She explained to him everything, and needless to say he went through lots of emotions; sadness, surprise, shock, anger, betrayal, and finally happiness. He had a family now, he didn't care about all the riches that came along with being the son of Hades. He didn't care about the fact that he would have to prove himself to Zeus and Poseidon once Hades claims him as his son. He would do anything to make his new father proud even though he just met him. He was just grateful his father didn't disown him and abandon him to the souls of the underworld. Once this was said, Kushina was content and spent the rest of the day talking and spending much needed time with Naruto.

-The next day-

"So Naruto, what is your choice? I can grate you life again upon Earth and grate you power to destroy anything that can stand in your way, or you can choose to stay here. What will it be?" questioned Hades.

"If I may, father, mother offered me a third choice." Hades raised an eyebrow at this, but allowed Naruto to continue. "She told me of a place where other demi-gods, known as half-bloods, gather for training and acknowledgement called Camp Half-Blood. I do wish to stay here, but I also wish to meet other kids like me." Hades looked on in thought.

"Hmmm…so you choose a camp over riches and power? Ha, you are Kushina's son, after all. Very well, I will allow this, but you will return in due time. I do need a prince, after all. As a parting gift, I give you these. I was going to give them to you when you were crowned prince, but I figure you will get good training while you are there." He snapped his fingers and something appeared on the ground in a flash of purple. It was a spiked chain with two glowing purple hooks at the end. "These, my son, are the Claws of Hades. You can change the name if you wish. I first used them in the War of the Titans. Now, I have no need for them. They allow you to rip the souls out of your opponents and to summon souls for battle temporarily. I have no use for them, as I have full control over the souls. Take them with you, and you will be recognized instantly as the son of Hades. Be wary of the children of Demeter, for any linking to me will cause their hatred." Naruto put aside his amazement of the weapons and asked,


"That shall be explained in time. You might even find out while you are there. Now go with your mother to make preparations. Remember, be wary of air and water travel. Those are the domains of Zeus and Poseidon. When you have proved yourself, you will be granted passage. Until then, try to avoid them. Now go."


Naruto didn't change his clothing yet, since Hades only harbored clothing for the royal. He decided he'd change when he got to Half-Blood Camp. "I'm sorry, mom. Maybe I should stay here with you."

"Oh as much as I would want you to, I think you should experience fun while you are still a child. I believe you are not ready for the title of Prince, though I do not see why Hades doesn't see that. You must mature first, but also have fun as a child. We will keep in touch, we can always contact each other."

"But how? This is the underworld."

"That is where the learning begins. For advice, while Zeus's and Poseidon's domains are on Earth, you do have an advantage near the dead like grave yards. The dead makes you more alert and stronger to an extent. Now come on, I'll open a portal to the camp." Kushina began to chant in Ancient Greek language and a red portal flared to life a few yards in front of them. She hugged Naruto and said "Remember, I love you son. Be good now and have fun."

"I love you too, mom." She kissed him on the cheek and let him go. Naruto looked back one last time before smiling to his mother, who smiled back, and walked into the portal. His new life is beginning. He wondered what adventures awaited him. He wanted to think nothing interesting would happen, but he couldn't. He was the son of Hades and Kushina, and labeled the most unpredictable…no…that was his old life. He was nothing now, just another demi-god. He vowed to make a name for himself, in honor of his father. He would make him proud.

A/N: Done. Took some time, but I'm satisfied. I know Kushina may seem a little different from the Manga, but hey, whatever. Like I said, this may be a harem, most likely but not confirmed. I'm thinking on it. I haven't showed Persephone or Melinoe yet because he isn't suppose to meet them yet. He will when he returns. Any questions, suggestion, or criticism will be accepted in a review. The Juubi was a monster made by all 3 of the brothers in order to keep the mortals in check. When the Sage of the Six paths divided it into 9 separate beings, the Brothers lost their control over them. Rather then destroying them, the Gods of Olympus allowed them to roam free, seeing if the mortals would still be kept in check. It worked, but then the mortals started sealing them into other mortals. At first the Gods were outraged, but then they reasoned the mortals would keep themselves in check since with power like that the villages would be hesitant to attack one another. Kyuubi is dead, but like all monsters she will return in time. Have a nice day.

(1) It looked like the beginning of God of War 3, except all the bridges and walkways are fixed.

(2) I put a link to what Hades looks like on my profile.

I know you guys are probably thinking "This author is a lazy ass!" But that isn't the case. I can't describe places, clothing, or appearences for shit. I try, but I wanted Hades to look cool and badass, but still have the look of an old life and wisdom.