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Naruto stepped out of the portal and found himself…exactly where he died, in the valley of the end. At first he was confused, but then a blue transparent image of Kushina appeared before him. "Naruto, I bare some upsetting news. Hades decided you must prove your worth to him. You must find your way to Camp Half-Blood yourself. Be warned, my son, it will be harder since your death released the seal that held Kyuubi. Hades and I are confident in your abilities to survive long enough to reach Camp Half-Blood since you have ninja training and the Claws of Hades. Remember, around the dead you have an advantage, use it." With that she fazed out of existence. Naruto was surprised at the news, although not as much as he should be. Naruto just grinned and looked with determination. This will give him a chance to prove himself to his father and make him proud to call him his son. The one question that picked at his mind, however, was simple. 'Where the hell do I start?' He was cut from his musings when he heard something. He turned to the river with a grimace. The memory of Sasuke doing a reverse Tomb Stone Pile-Driver on him came back to him. He shook his head of the memory and walked towards the river…

only to be tackled to the ground. Naruto was shocked his survival instincts didn't kick in, and because of that he was completely at the mercy of his attacker. He was pinned down with strength he couldn't hope to match yet and he prayed to the Gods, mainly his father, that he would survive this.

"Who are you? If the answer I here isn't what I consider good, consider your life forfeit." Commanded a feminine voice. Naruto opened his eyes and didn't know if he should blush or shit his pants.

The girl looked a little older than him, not by much. She had slightly green skin and vertically slanted dark green eyes with slits in them like a snake. The first thought to come to mind was pretty, the second thought to come to mind was 'Holy Shit!' when he saw her hair, which wasn't hair. It was in fact snakes. At first Naruto wanted to yell for help, but then he remembered who his father was. It was bad enough to be caught off guard; he did not want to shame his father further by appearing weak. So he forced himself to remain calm and answered, "Naruto. If you don't mind me asking, why did you attack me?"

"Naruto? Stupid name. And I didn't attack you without reason. That portal you came out of was a portal from the underworld, and Hades doesn't allow just anyone to just leave. Now I ask again, who are you, redhead?" she demanded aggressively.

"That is none of your concern, princess snake. Now I suggest you get off of me or things might get violent." Threatened Naruto. She looked at him with a puzzled expression, and then she out right laughed as if he just told a very funny joke. She stopped and looked at him with a deadly expression.

"You are in no shape to be making demands of me, boy. Now you are testing my patience. I will ask one final time and if I do not receive an answer, you will make a nice piece of art at my home. Who are you?" she said. Naruto decided he had enough with this girl and head butted her, hard. She yelped and grabbed her forehead, allowing Naruto an opening to punch her in the face. She rolled off of him and stood up with a look of anger. Naruto got up and pulled out a kunai. He knew not to pull out the Claws of Hades, he had absolutely no experience with them and he knew he would only swing them like a madman if he tried. "Fine! If you wish to die, so be it!"

Now that he got a full look at her, the only thing she wore was a full body camouflage spandex. Naruto knew it was made for agility and stealth purposes, it was more effective since her skin was slightly green. He just couldn't decide rather it was also made for sex appeal. It hugged her body tightly, specifically her breast, which were in Naruto's opinion 'not bad'. He could even see her nipples, indicating no bra. Naruto almost wanted to give up, who would want to hurt that? But he steeled himself; he couldn't back down out of his first fight as a demi-god. So the now redhead prepared himself.

"Bring it on, bitch!" "This is bad! My chakra is all messed up since Kyuubi is gone, and all I have is a kunai. I have the Claws, but I have no experience with them. I'll have to use them as a last resort. So far I know she has a greater amount of strength then me. She also is very good at stealth; I didn't even sense her comin' when she tackled me. I'm sure with that snake-like appearance she as good agility, how could she not. I just hope I have superior speed, if I don't I'm a goner. I'll have to at least try to finish this in one blow.'

Naruto put his hands in the seal to perform Kage no Bunshin, but found he couldn't. 'What the hell? I can't do Kage no Bunshin! This is REALLY bad now! What do I do?'

The girl dash forward and land a kick to Naruto's face, who let his guard down with the shock of not being able to generate chakra. He stumbled back, but quickly regained his composure. The girl was smirking in his direction. Only one thought came to mind: 'This is utter bullshit…'

-In the Underworld-

"You did what? I have supported almost every one of your decisions, but this is going too far!" said an angry Kushina. She just learned that Hades took Naruto's chakra away from him leaving him none. Since chakra was formed from the Fire of Olympus, a Half-Blood of any race could live without it completely. The only problem Kushina had with this was the timing.

"My son will learn to survive without the use of what the mortal call chakra. It will only hinder his progress, Kushina. The chakra you are so greatly fond of his merely a small portions worth of the fire of Olympus. Trust me, Kushina, this is for the better." Said Hades.

"While I do agree with you, Lord Hades, could you not have chosen a better time to do this? He could die fighting her! And if he does you cannot come back this time."

"I know that. This was the best time. Right now he is in battle with a weakling. It is better he learn now than later when fight a most dangerous opponent."

"He WILL fight a most dangerous opponent; when he defeats her she will come and surely kill him." Said Kushina, clearly frightened at the thought.

"I am sure that will not be the case, my dear." Said Hades. Kushina looked at him with question.

"And how do you know? You know you can't directly interfere with this." Hades just kept his impassive look.

"Have faith, my dear. Have faith."

-With Naruto-

Naruto panted heavily. This bitch was tough. He was sure he could have beaten her if his chakra was normal. But something was wrong. He didn't know what, but something was defiantly wrong. He did manage to get a few hits in, but not enough to tire her out. He was right that he was faster than her, but he was also right about her agility. She had good reflexes, and perfect flexibility. Naruto knew if this continued he would be finished. So with a deep breath, in and out, he drew the Claws of Hades. This caused the girl to smile. "Finally getting serious are we? Well I think it's time I did too." That sentence caused Naruto to pale. She was getting serious now? He cursed under his breath. He hoped he made it out of this alive. He didn't care if he won or loss, he just wanted to get the hell out of here. "If it makes you feel better, I'm winning because I saw your fight with that other kid. So I know most of your moves. That being said, why aren't your using you jutsu stuff? It'll be more fun for me that way."

"Ha! Like I need any of that to beat you." He said with confident smirk, but that didn't stop that one bead of sweat that dropped from his eyebrow. The girl saw his, and gave a bloodthirsty smile.

"Tell me if I hit the mark, but it's not that you don't want to, it's that you can't, am I right?" Naruto's only response was a glare. Her bloodthirsty smile turned into a bloodthirsty devilish smirk. "Oh boy. It sure dose suck to be you, huh. Well, for every warrior, it is a common trait to give one's name before the death of their opponents. My name is Selket, and prepare to meet Hades, permanently. Any last words?"

"Yeah, what should I use your hair for after I defeat you? Awesome looking boots, or a nice looking belt? Maybe both?" Said Naruto mockingly. The now named Selket just sneered at Naruto and prepared herself. Naruto grabbed his Claws tightly, when they started to glow brightly. He looked at them in confusion, and then out of nowhere he saw flashes of unknown visions.

Naruto found himself in a terrain of a barren wasteland. The earth's surface was scorched, trees were on fire, and there wasn't any water in sight. The sight before him, however, is a sight that he will NEVER forget. It will be forever etched into his memory as one of the most amazing things he has ever witnessed in his life. He saw a battle before him, but not just any battle, it was a battle of the Great War. He saw a ginat wearing only enough clothing to cover his lower regions. He had iron spikes erupting from his body, and he had chains erupting from his back. He wore a helmet that had curved horns on the top of his head that pointed downwards. Where his face was supposed to be it looked more like a furnace. There was literally fire there, seen through vertical strips of iron. He looked slightly out of shape, but Naruto could tell that was a mixture of fat and muscle, mostly muscle. The most startling thing, however, was his choice of weapons. They were the Claws of Hades.

'Is that…father?' asked Naruto to himself in amazement. There was only one word that came to mind when he saw his father: Badass! 'He looks so cool!' he thought. Hades was a giant, by human standards. Naruto almost pissed himself when he saw who he was fighting. The man was huge, and made Hades look like a regular sized human. He was currently being forced on his knees by Hades. It looked like Hades was trying to rip is right out of his body. The man was struggling to free himself. Naruto didn't see how, he was HUGE! He was easily taller than any mountain he has ever seen before.

The being was bold, and looked strong as hell. He had hair on his chest, and enough hair to cover his lower regions. This man was Cronos; Leader of The Titans. Hades was behind him with his Claws embedded in Cronos's chest, pulling as hard as he could. He was straining because of the size of the Titan leader. Hades could feel he was close, when he heard a roar of anger. He looked to his left, only to fly back as he was hit an earthquake. This forced him to let go of Cronos, who slouched over, clearly tired. He was on his hands and knees. Hades looked to see the being that attacked him was a Titan with four arms, also necked. He prepared himself when he saw the Titan holler in pain. He saw him be electrocuted by lighting from a high cliff. Hades was relieved to see his brother, Poseidon.

Poseidon looked young with long hair. He had sea blue markings on his body and had a silver head bracelet around his forehead. His entire upper body was exposed, showing his muscled body. He wore a white Greek-styled waist rope and silver sandals. He too, like his brother, was giant sized. He charged his lighting, and sent another burst towards the Titan, Atlas. Hades took this chance to throw his hooks towards the Titan, and his defeat was assured. Under the combined might of Hades and Poseidon, Atlas was forced on his hands and kness. Though he struggled, he knew he stood no chance. His soul was ripped from his body, and was captured by Hades.

Naruto snapped out of it, and found himself back where he was from the start. He felt…something. He felt energized. He felt… powerful. With knowledge he didn't have before, he roared and slammed his fist to the ground, making the sending large tremors through the earth. Selket didn't expect the assault, and struggled to keep her balance. Naruto saw this chance to swing his Claws at her. She dodged, but that was the plan. Naruto imbedded the claw into the ground and jumped into the air. He pulled the chain to quicken his descent and decked her square in the jaw and sent her flying into the forest. Naruto looked at his fist, surprised at his sudden gain in strength. 'Oh hell yeah! Who's the man? I am!' Naruto heard a hiss and saw Selket, who was nursing her cheek. "What the hell was that? I'm sure if you had this strength before you would have used it."

"You're right. I don't know what happened, but nwo I can finally see a chance at victory." Naruto said with a gain in confidence. Selket merely smirked.

"Don't get so happy on your first real hit. Now the real fight begins."

" Ya got that right. Let's go!" Selket bared her fangs and charged. Naruto readied himself dodged an incoming punch. He tried to counter with a roundhouse kick, only for Selket to duck and come up with an uppercut which connected. Naruto used the momentum to backflip and kick Selket in the chin in the process. Selket did a backwards roll looked up to see Naruto charging at her. She smirked.

'It's time to end this.' Naruto launched a punch at her, only for her to move her head to the side letting her grab him and pull him close. They both looked eyes.

"…What the he-" that's all Selket got out before her head flew jerked back from the head-butt she received. Naruto used this chance to perform a leg sweep, which knocked her to the ground and she landed on her back. Naruto jumped and sent his right foot crashing into her stomach. "Gah!" gasped Selket as some blood flew out. Naruto grabbed her by the neck and held her down. He raised his hook high in the air, ready to kill.

"Give up or die. It's your choice." Naruto said coldly. Naruto actually didn't want to kill her, but he had no choice if it came down to it. He wanted to make his father proud of him. He couldn't imagine how he would feel if his father disowned him because of his weakness. He just couldn't bare it if it happened. He knew that no amount of pain he was put through by the hands of Konoha would match. Naruto vowed to himself he would do anything to make his father proud, even if it meant losing himself.

"Hmph! I'd rather die!" yelled Selket. Naruto narrowed his eyes and griped the hook, ready to finish it when he found that he couldn't move and was pushed back by some unknown force.

"Good job, Selket. I always told this to you and your mother, you can't always depend on that ability of yours. There may be a day when you come across someone immune to it, and appears that day is today. Looks like we'll have to step up your training." Said a new voice of a male.

"Yes, father." She said obediently. Naruto looked at the man and raised an eyebrow. He wasn't any type of monster or creature. He looked human, but appearances can be deceiving. Something told Naruto, however, that this guy was human; not normal, but human.

The man was had black hair and a red sash covering his eyes, indicating he was blind. He wore a black short sleeved shirt that looked like leather. From under the shirt came long red leather material that covered his arms. He wore black elbow guards and black fighting fingerless gloves. Wrapping from his right shoulder to his lower left waist was brownish white sash with red outer layers. It had a picture of a red Chinese Dragon. His legs appeared to have black armored leather with red protective shin guards. He wore mediem sized heavy strap up boots. He also had a Katana strapped to his back in its sheath. Naruto could tell it wasn't normal, he could feel something coming from it.

"Boy, you are quite the fighter. I am also curious about those... hooks….you have with you. They defiantly aren't normal." Said the man calmly. Naruto was confused about two things.

"Uh…thanks? And how do you know about them, aren't you blind? And should you be trying to kill me, I did almost kill your daughter." Said Naruto, which he immediately regretted. 'Me and my big mouth.' He pretty much invited the man to kill him. But Naruto was surprised by his answer.

"While I cannot see them, I can feel them and the power they resonate. And as for you trying to kill my daughter, it is normal in warrior combat. I'll let it slide. Now had you actually succeeded…" he left it at that. Naruto gulped. He knew this man was strong, but he didn't want to find out how strong on his bad side. Speaking of power…

"How did you do that thing, you know, when you stopped me? I didn't see any wire or anything."

"That is a conversation for later. And plus, I just met you, I can't trust you like that." Replied the man. Naruto scratched his head sheepishly.

"Oh yeah, forgot about that. Well can you at least tell me your name? My name is Naruto Uzumaki."

"Kenshi. You have met my daughter Selket, already. Allow me to introduce to you my wife back at the village." As he began to walk away with Selket in tow, he said, "And by the way, you are very lucky to have come across me. If it was her, you would be dead already. Come." Naruto wasn't sure if he could trust this man, but he figured he couldn't be that bad. He decided to follow the man, humming a tune as he strolled, much to the annoyance of Selket.

The three made it to a small village. Naruto was surprised at how freely Selket could walk around the village. Kenshi, sensing this, spoke up. "Normal people can't see things that aren't…abnormal or out of the ordinary. The only people that have a chance at seeing them are those with Doujutsu's, and they are in few numbers these days. That's why…mystical beings rarely visit villages that possess any kind of Doujutsu. Some prefer to remain hidden and live normal lives. Others prefer to remain hidden in isolation." Naruto nodded in understanding.

"We're here, and whatever you do, DO NOT open your eyes unless I say, you understand? My wife doesn't like visitors much. You may be immune to Selket's eyes, but I don't want to risk you looking at my wife's. It's too risky."

Kenshi opened the door to his home and a voice called out, "Oh you're home! I was worried you'd leave me all by myself. Who is this lovely piece of art?"

"He isn't art, Medusa. He's an…interesting founding. My I ask you to not turn him to stone, please?" The woman just smiled.

"Fine, but with him being such a lovely potential piece of art, I might not be able to help myself."

"Naruto, you may open your eyes now." Naruto did and looked in shock. He didn't know if he wanted to whistle in approval or run in terror. 'My penis is confused…'

The woman before him wore an armored silver breastplate that covered her large C-cups, but he could see some cleavage. He could see her stomach which could be described as 'sexy'. She wore skin tight leggings that were green with black snake designs that showed off her firm ready to grab ass. She didn't have any footwear. She's sexy, right? That would be the assumption, until you got to her face. 'I haven't seen anything more hideous!' thought Naruto. She, like her daughter, also had snakes for hair. But that wasn't the problem. It looked like a werewolf mauled her face, then it allowed a zombie to eat, and lastly a drunken vampire puked on her face. After all that her face was then horribly reconstructed. To sum it up, she was hideous, maybe there's a stronger word, but none comes to mind at the moment. Naruto's first reaction was to jump back in fear, but he knew the pain of being judge for something he had no control over. So would a true real smile Naruto said, "Nice to meet you. My name is Naruto Uzumaki."

Medusa seemed pleased with his reaction. "My name is Medusa, and please don't force yourself. I know I'm ugly and I accept it. I was once very beautiful, but that damn Athena cursed me! I just wish I could be beautiful again." She said sadly. Naruto looked at her with seriousness.

"Please believe me when I say I am not forcing myself. I know what it's like to be judged and cursed with something you have no control over. I have long since moved on and come to terms with my past because I have found something that I cherish with all my being, like you yourself have." Naruto said with a truthful look. Medusa smiled and her face began to morph in that of a beautiful woman. She still retained her snakes and green silted vertically slanted eyes, but her face was none the less stunning. Naruto looked surprised "Wha-"

"First impressions are always the most important." Interrupted Medusa. "I always use that form for newcomers, as a test. Why I do it is so I may see if I like you or not. And you boy I certainly like. I must admit I was not always like this. That form you witnessed was the old me, when I was cursed by Athena. And do you know what I did?" she asked in anger. Naruto shook his head. "All I said was she was jealous of my beauty and she got angry and turned me into that hideous thing you saw. For a Goddess of War and Wisdom she sure did get angry over something as petty as attractiveness. I'd rather not go into my experiences after, but I'll just say I eventually met Kenshi and the curse was broken because of our love. Now before you say anything or laugh, yes, I realize that is incredibly cliché, but as you can guess, during my time there really anything to do besides write about us, which soon in the sands of time became mythical. Now on to the present, who are you really? I can't place it, but I can smell something Godly from you and I'm sure you know what." She said. Selket looked interested and Kenshi looked… well you couldn't tell. Naruto looked nervous.

"Well, I guess since you told me something personal, I could do so as well. There really isn't much to say seeing as I just found out my father is Hades." The reactions were expected. Medusa gasped and stepped back in shock, Selket almost chocked, and Kenshi crossed his arms and tilted his head with.

"You're WHAT?" screamed Selket.

"Yeah and I was on my way to Camp Half-Blood. Thing is I don't know where it is. I was supposed to travel there by a portal, but my father had other plans and wanted to test me. So now I have to find it myself." Explained Naruto. After he said that Medusa's face went from shocked to a scowl, as did Selket's. "What?"

"Camp Half-Blood," started Selket. "Those bastards, they don't want to accept me just because of who my mother is. They can all rot in the underworld for all I care!" She looked really angry. Naruto looked a little startled at this, so he tried to calm her down.

"We-well maybe I could help. Not that I'm the type to use my statues to get what I want, but I could try to get you in. I mean, being the son of Hades should allow you some kind leverage, right." Selket scoffed.

"Don't get your hopes up, being the son of Hades might just count against you."

"What do ya mean?"

"For whatever reason, Hades isn't well liked on Olympus. The only time he is able to visit is during the Winter Solace. I'm sure you will be treated the same at Camp Half-Blood." Informed Selket. Naruto took this information in and looked on in thought. He then looked at them with a frown.

"Well that's bad. But I'm sure my father wouldn't tell me to go for nothing. I will do him proud, that's for sure. So I guess we'll make them except us, if what you say is true. So how about we call a truce for now." He held out his hand with a devious smile. Selket smirked, and they both shook hands. Medusa looked really happy at the moment.

"Oh this is wonderful! Nothing like two former enemies joining forces to oppose a greater threat. But what I really want to say is nothing like young love." Naruto coughed, scratched his head and blushed while looking. Selket just smirked. 'Strong, kinda cute, and the Son of Hades. Not bad. Not bad at all.' And above all, he is likely Prince of the Underworld. THE FREAKING UNDERWORLD! She could be a princess, a life of luxury and commanding servants, not having to lift a finger. Selket giggled at the thought, something she rarely did. Things are finally looking up for the Snake Warrior. Getting Naruto could count as a bonus, or a downside, depending on his personality; if he was a snob then screw being princess. If he wasn't, than it'll be ok. She just hoped he didn't want or need other women. But with his status, whoa she's getting ahead of herself, possible status as prince of the Underworld, it is likely he will have more than one woman. She just hoped it wouldn't be long term. But he didn't seem like the kind of guy to just fu…have sex and call it off. Let's not go further into her head, we'd be all day if I did.

"Selket," said Kenshi, snapping Selket from her train of thought. "Since you are going on a little adventure, I think it is time I finally teach you my special ability, telekinesis." If a grin could split someone's face in half, Selket would be dead. "Naruto, do you have time to spare? I want to teach you how to gain better control of you blades. I can't teach you how to use them, but I can teach you how to control and contact it's souls. That is how I learned how to use sound waves as a sort of sight, like one of my ancestors. I will tell you now, this will take some time. I am uncertain how long, but it will be long. Do you have the time, if you are not in a hurry?" asked Kenshi. Naruto looked surprised, and then excited.

"YES, YES, YES, OF COURSE!...I mean, yeah sure." Said Naruto, who tried but failed to contain his excitement. Selket, once again, smirked. This is the start of a beautiful friendship. And if it worked out, she'd be able to beat the shit out of the children of Athena, maybe even 'accidently' turn 1 or more into stone. And if it truly worked out, she'd be a princess! And it's is known that Hades as a LOT of riches. Ah! A woman's dream! Now all she has to do is play her cards right, and she'll be a very happy woman.

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