WARNINGS: The characters will most probably be OOC but I'll honestly try my best. My knowledge is limited. I played ACI years ago and only just recently replayed ACII.

Summary: Desmond, under Templar (Abstergo and GENTEK) command, is told to kill Dana Mercer. Too bad no one warned him about Alex Mercer. Alex/Desmond. (Events are after PROTOTYPE, after ACI and sometime during ACII)

Chapter One

Desmond leaned forward to rest his elbows on the bar, his loose sleeves sliding away from his wrists as he clasped his hands together, peering around the room with half lidded eyes. From what he had seen of the clock just a few moments earlier, it was nearing one in the morning and although you may think that Desmond would be tired, his eyes were strangely bright and alert, contrasting the exhaustion on his face. He was sleepy and, goddamnit, he wanted to lie down and not wake up for a couple of days or so.

He rapidly blinked as he almost lost his balance on the bar, straightening up. He had started to get too comfortable lately, he mused, pushing himself away from the bar as someone loudly requested for some alcoholic drink or another. The sounds just blurred together along with the thumping music, shouting and conversations. But he couldn't lose focus now. Not when he was so close to his target.

Lucy would throw a fit if he screwed up now and he grimaced to himself at the mental image of her screeching as he pushed the beverage across to the drunk man he recognised as a regular. When the man staggered away with the drink, Desmond let his nose wrinkle with distaste as his mind dredged up the sarcastic comments that Shaun would chuck in his direction if he managed to mess up almost two months worth of careful planning.

"Why the miserable face?" A chipper voice suddenly asked and it startled him, sending his observer into a fit of giggles as Desmond lifted his eyes. His heart caught in his throat and he almost choked. Sitting on the chair against the bar just opposite him, was his target, Dana A. Mercer. He couldn't just blurt out her name though, and when he didn't respond to her question, her giggles faded to a look of concern.

"Hey...Hey, Desmond? Desmond? Are you okay?"

Desmond felt himself start at hearing his name and she swore. "Desmond is your name, right? I mean its right there on your clothes, I just assumed..."

His nametag was on his uniform! Desmond swallowed thickly, before putting on a smile. "I'm fine. Just the day getting to me, early mornings and late working nights." He gestured around himself with an expression close to a smirk. "So, you know my name. Do I get to know yours?"

Dana giggled almost sweetly as Desmond leaned forward on his elbows on the bar, bringing himself closer to her. "Dana. You can call me Dana."

"Well, what can I get you Dana?"

"Oh, nothing yet. I'm waiting for someone."

Desmond felt something settle like a stone in his stomach. It would be much harder to take Mercer out if she was going to be with someone. He didn't like to kill bystanders. Still, with a reasonably controlled voice, he conversationally asked, "This someone a boyfriend?" He let his hands move, preparing a drink that he could make without looking.

"No, no just waiting for Sociopath that he is, I decided that he needed time outside." Dana laughed again. "Here's me, I haven't even had a drink and I'm almost speaking my life story."

Desmond chuckled himself and pushed the alcoholic drink he had made across the bar towards her. Before she could question it, he let the corner of his mouth tilt up in a smirk. "This one is my treat. Just don't tell my boss."

Dana let a smile play about her lips yet as she reached for the drink Desmond had offered her, a hand intersected hers and swiped the glass up. Desmond bristled gently at not having heard the approach of the newcomer over the pounding of the bass in the background. With his senses trained to be almost inhumane, Desmond didn't like this development.

"Alex, you actually came." Desmond heard the smile in Dana's voice rather than visibly seeing it as his eyes were on Alex. The man was noticeable and dangerous looking, he'd give him that. Had the whole 'dark, tall and mysterious' thing going on, what, with his several layers and a hood flipped up to obscure his face.

"Desmond, this is Alex," Dana declared and effectively regaining Desmond's attention as she spoke. "He's my brother. Sorry if he's intimidating." The smile on her face seemed a little forced and Desmond filed that away as questionable.

Desmond shook his head at her with a reassuring smile of his own. "I'm pretty sure I've seen worse. Can I get you a drink now?" His eyes were drawn to a tap down the bar and he tried to pretend that he didn't notice that 'Alex' had tilted his head towards the noise as well.

"Sure, since Alex stole the one you made for me before. I – Desmond?"

"Sorry, you'll have to excuse me." Desmond pushed away from the bar and turned to start walking away. Before he could get anywhere, Alex had stood and caught his wrist over the bar. Desmond felt himself tense and he stiffened, staring down the length of the bar rather than at the strange man who had caught his wrist. He was desperately trying to stifle his 'fight or flight' instincts, which demanded he punched Alex in the face.

"Can I help you?" Shit. His voice sounded forced, unnatural. Boxy.

"Another one." Alex's voice was husky and deep, something that Desmond noticed straight away. With the bluntness of the answer, he had no choice but to turn and face him, letting the frown crinkle his brow. "Another one?"

"Of the drink." Alex's voice sounded almost forced itself, as if he was unused to holding a conversation. "Another one."

Comprehension crossed Desmond's face as he realised what the man wanted, and he let out a breath he hadn't realised he'd been holding. "Sure. Just give me a moment to sort something out."

Whoever had wanted his attention before called his name loudly over the cacophony of music and sound. The surroundings quietened down for a moment before the bass picked up again. Desmond moved to walk away but Alex's grip was still on his wrist, almost uncomfortably tight.

Desmond turned to give him a questioning look and the man seemed to cotton on, letting go of his wrist slowly and sinking back into his seat, staring at Desmond even as he walked down the bar. He completely ignored the questions Dana started peppering in his direction.

Desmond was at the other end of the bar by now, feeling the horrible prickle that he associated with the knowledge someone was staring at him. He ignored this in favour of serving the man in front of him, Shaun, who was obviously here for some reason or another.

Shaun said nothing and neither did Desmond, who watched his hands as he made the drink. He distinctly noticed the smell of alcohol on Shaun's breath, how his weight was slouched against the bar, how his cheeks were flushed a little. It was all a ruse.

As Desmond slid the drink across the bar, he let a note of concern enter his voice, even if it sounded false. "Are you sure you should be drinking, sir? From what I've seen, you've had a -" even though he knew it was coming, he still ended up biting the inside of his cheek by accident and drawing blood when Shaun's fist slammed into his jaw.

"I'll decide when I've had enough to drink you bastard," Shaun jeered out in a very convincing slur, eyes narrowed in faux anger. Desmond knew really what to think about the situation. The folded piece of paper was scratchy against his chest where it had been dropped down the collar of his shirt during Shaun's punch. The blood dripping from his mouth would be enough to let him excuse himself from the bar to wash up and read the note.

Touching his tongue to the inside of his cheek he hissed softly at the sting that accompanied the movement. Rather than watching the concern start to mount in Shaun's eyes, he walked away back down the bar towards Dana and Alex. The former was watching him with wide and horrified eyes.

"Oh, geez, Desmond, are you okay?" Dana's voice was clearly worried and Desmond forced a grin, wincing rather noticeably as he felt split skin on his lip stretch. "I'll be fine. I'll get your drinks ready unless you're worried about blood..."

"I'm not worried about blood, I'm worried about you. Does that happen often?"

"People always get rowdy when they're drunk." Desmond's eyes crossed the room and alighted briefly on Shaun's back. He realised Alex was staring in the same direction and before Dana could reply to Desmond, Alex spoke instead.

"Do you want me to do something about him?" his voice was almost soft yet it was grating this time, as if he was struggling to hold in emotion. His eyes had flashed an icy blue, a colour that had Desmond holding in a shudder.

Dana's hand was on Alex's arm the moment after and she shook her head hurriedly. "He said it happens all the time. He should be fine. Get cleaned up Desmond. We can wait for our drinks, right Alex?"


Desmond grinned weakly, wincing again at the pain in his mouth and damn he had to stop smiling until the wound in his lip was gone; it hurt like a bitch. He walked to where the bar met wall and slipped underneath the slab of some sort of stone material that separated the bar from the patrons.

When he was in the bathroom on the other side of the large room, slipping his way between the bodies along the way, he locked himself into a cubicle and pulled the letter out from his shirt, unfolding it out and smoothing it against the door to the particular toilet he was in.

We're bailing out. Dana Mercer is no longer the target. Avoid the brother, Alex Mercer, he's dangerous. Act natural, keep at your job until we get you out there. We need to leave Manhattan. Give us two days. Questions will be answered when we leave. Don't mention to Vidic you haven't carried out the contract. By the way, he is demanding a session tonight. From three until noon.

Make up some bull about needing to leave. Hopefully you've been hit hard enough to complain and leave. Vidic doesn't like to be left waiting.

-S and L.

Desmond held in the growl that threatened to leave him and he crumpled up the note tightly in his fist, dropping it into the toilet and flushing, before grabbing a large wad of tissue and opened the door. He bumped straight into something solid, warm and hard. It almost knocked him back, had a hand not gripped the front of his work apron to keep him up.

"Dana became worried when you didn't come out at first." Alex said monotonously as he looked down at the bartender, noting the swelling of his jaw, the bubble of blood at his left nostril and the angry wound in his lip.

"Ah..." Desmond grimaced. "I'm sorry to worry her. Just wondering if the boss would have a fit if I asked to leave my shift early. Getting punched in the face tends to put a damper on my mood." He moved to step back, but the hand fisted tighter in his apron as Alex vehemently refused to let him move.

"Is there something wrong?"

"...No. Nothing is wrong." Alex let him go and watched as Desmond gave him a wary look before he moved to the sink, letting the water run. When the water ran warm, Desmond dipped the wad of tissues into the water and dabbed it around his mouth and nose, wincing at the sting in his lip and swearing. He was almost desperately trying to ignore the feeling of being stared at by the imposing man behind him.

Using the grimy mirror as reference, he dabbed off as much blood as he could before pushing away from the sink and walking towards the door where the distinct thump of music was clearly heard. He was about to pull it open when Alex came up behind him, slamming his hand onto the door to keep it pressed closed, his body almost too close to Desmond's own.

"What are you planning with my sister?" Desmond felt his muscles and spine stiffen as the breath brushed his ear and Desmond couldn't help but chuckle. "I'm a bartender. I serve drinks, I offer an ear for listening and I chit-chat. What do you think I could want?"

"What are you planning?" Alex hissed it this time, and as Desmond tried to duck away, his hand slammed up on the other side of the man's head. He was staring at his hair, trying to bore holes through the back of Desmond's skull, mentally trying to drag out his thoughts.

"Nothing. I would swear on my life if you need me to, but I'm not planning anything." Desmond twisted within the cage of Alex's arms, forced to peer up at Alex because of his greater height. "I don't know the woman. She's just a customer like everyone else." Desmond felt more than saw Alex relax and the man stepped back, though not before giving him a close one over.

Desmond dragged his hand across his mouth, wincing as he dribbled out more blood when Alex suddenly asked, making Desmond flinch because exactly when had this stranger become so chatty?

"What really went on with you and that man? He gave you a...sympathetic look as he walked away."

Desmond 'tch'ed' and gave Alex a look bordering on 'dirty'. "Any reason why you need to know?"

"Merely curiosity. My sister has gained an interest in you. I don't want you to be a threat to her."

Desmond made a sneer twist his upper lip and he felt blood dribble from the wound. "That man was a sour ex who couldn't handle the fact that I couldn't give him sex because of my late hours. Happy?"

Alex blinked at him, faint shock briefly passing his face and Desmond quickly stepped out into the bar, hoping to lose himself into the crowd so he wouldn't have to face any more awkwardness. By the time he got near the counter, he saw that Dana had gotten a drink, presumably having been served by someone else.

Quickly, he slipped under the slab that separated him from the others in the bar and tossed a careful smile towards Dana. "Hey. Sorry I couldn't get you that drink. I see someone else served you, however. I won't be staying long enough to get you drunk." Desmond chuckled as Dana smiled slightly at that, before he continued, "So how about me and you get together tomorrow for a late lunch at around about two?"

Dana's smile was warm. "Sure. Sounds good. Did...did Alex do something? I asked him to check on you just in case because that looked painful and...Alex can be a bit different."

"It was fine. Don't worry." Desmond obsessively wiped his mouth. "I'll see you tomorrow Dana." He gave her some directions to a quaint little cafe nearby to the bar and had the delight of seeing her smile brightly as she recognised the place he described, nodding quickly. "I'll meet you there!"

Desmond rifled through his apron and found a pad of paper he kept in case it had to take numerous drinks orders and soon after found a pen in the same pocket. He quickly scribbled down his number onto the crinkled paper and pushed it across to Dana. "In case you need to contact me."

"I'll text you to give you my number," Dana chuckled quietly. "Call me if anything comes up too." She blushed gently, tucking her short hair away from her face.

Desmond nodded. "I'll see you around then." He figured it wouldn't hurt to be connected to Dana Mercer just in case it came to be that he did have to kill the young woman. He hoped it wouldn't come to that. He was getting attached, and to be honest, her brother freaked him the fuck out.

Speaking of the brother, Desmond barely held in a flinch as Alex all but materialised in the seat next to Dana. Dana gave him an odd look and Desmond gave some rushed goodbyes, slipping off his apron and walking towards the door that led to the back of the building and the employee's area of the bar.

He swore he could feel those icy blue eyes on his back every step he took. He was glad to be out.

When Desmond opened his eyes from the Animus, he could feel his heart thumping wildly in his chest and his throat was thick and felt dry. He could still feel the cold bite of the blade slicing into him. Ezio and Altair had the most vivid of lives.

He just desperately hoped the Bleeding Effect wouldn't kick in during his time with Dana Mercer.

"It's nice to see you join the world of the living, Desmond. How long were you hoping to stay in the Animus?" Shaun commented bluntly.

Desmond shot him a dry look and tried to ignore the fact of how the British man looked so much like Malik just then, giving him a disapproving look and he abruptly shook his head, missing the look of concern Shaun gave him.

"I'm going to shower and get changed. I have to meet up with Dana."

Shaun frowned deeply, glancing around to see if they were alone before murmuring, "Did you not get my note? It's off."

"Vidic reminded me while I was getting hooked up that Dana Mercer is still to be assassinated, Shaun."

"Damnit Desmond, you could die if you go after Dana Mercer! Her brother is a fucking psychopath and a monster; he'll kill you if you go after his sister! He tore apart Manhattan a couple of years back in the whole 'virus' scare. You know whole the terrorist thing? 'Zeus' and the BLACKLIGHT virus?"

"I'll be fine Shaun. I doubt he'll know it's me if I do end up killing his sister."

"You're good Desmond, but you aren't that good yet. Just back out now."

"I think I'm more afraid of Vidic than someone I've only seen once before, in a dark club no less," Desmond admitted and Shaun's expression softened. "I know Desmond, just...bloody hell, if you die; you put us all out of a job and in Vidic's wrath."

Desmond chuckled weakly and shook his head as he walked away a little stiffly. Sessions that were extended in the Animus left him uncomfortable. Very uncomfortable.

When he was in the shower, fifteen minutes later, his phone went off. Tucking a towel around him, he picked up the mobile on the windowsill and answered it with a, "Hello?"

"Desmond? Oh, good, i was terrified this was the wrong number even though you gave it to me." It was Dana. "Is it okay if we have a change of plans? Alex wants to come with us. I told him if he didn't want to he didn't have to, but bless, he's worried for me."

"Uh, sure...I don't mind if he comes along. The more the merrier I suppose." Desmond winced as he sorted out the towel he'd slung around his waist.

"Thank you! Please, this is really important for me. Do you need us to pick you up?"

"Nah, the cafe is in walking distance of my apartment, I'll be there in time. Just make sure you two show up." Desmond murmured his goodbyes before setting his phone down and walking towards the door that led to his bedroom. Sometimes he wondered what would have happened if he hadn't left the Farm, if he hadn't have been caught by Abstergo. He always wondered. It didn't get him anywhere.

It was halfway to the cafe that the Bleeding Effect kicked in. He came to a jerky stop in the street as a horse shot passed, followed by half a dozen more, Templars screeching their indignation, shouts of 'Stop the assassin!' Who was it at? Altair? Ezio...? Probably the latter. The Italian was flashy, more so than the older Master assassin. Less subtle.

He let himself stumble down a side alley to gather his bearings, closing his eyes against the sounds of invisible swords clashing and the cries of pain. He let his eyes flicker open as there was a stifled shriek that sounded closer to real than the Bleeding Effect could ever make. Desmond frowned, mentally weighing his options. He could always be late the cafe, if there was nothing there then at least his conscience would be light knowing he had thought to check the fact that someone might have been in danger.

The moment he turned the corner, something sharp slammed into the wall next to his head, barely skimming his ear. A quick glance up showed that the sharp projectile was thin and long, like a wooden spear but was black, red and...and attached to Alex Mercer?

To say Alex looked stunned would be an understatement. He was staring at Desmond with an almost comical expression on what was visible of his face, bright blue eyes wide and shock clearly in his features. Alex's mouth slowly opened as he pulled back the sharp and extended limb. When he began speaking, he started walking towards Desmond. "I can explain. Please, give me the chance to explain." His voice was strained and the look on his face was almost odd, as if he wasn't used to speaking with a tone of worry.

Desmond barely heard him. Everything around his was fading in and out of colour. When Alex reached for him he honestly didn't mean to grab his wrist, yank, and throw him to the floor by pitching his weight, using the older man's height against him. He really didn't mean it.

Alex responded automatically, shoving the Desmond firmly against the wall, hand jerking to wrap around his throat as his free hand formed a sharp claw which he pressed the side of to Desmond's cheek in warning. He would have cleaved flesh from the man's skull, whether or not Dana was fond of him when he saw the glazed expression on Desmond's face, how his lips moved quickly in whispers.

"Desmond Miles?" Alex finally asked, hand loosening around his throat and the clawed hand reverting to normal. He narrowed his eyes as Desmond's eyes met his and, with a noticeably thick Italian accent, Desmond sharply replied, "Idiota. My name is Ezio Auditore da Firenze. I am not this 'Desmond Miles' that you speak of." He sneered at the thought, ignoring the look of confusion that crossed Alex's face as Alex cocked his head.

It only lasted for a few moments, however, because Desmond suddenly blinked, looking tired before he peered questioningly up at Alex. "Uh...hey?"

"Who is Ezio?" Alex asked sharply and straight off, noting how Desmond paled and then swore, lifting his hand to his head. "Fuck...whatever I did, I'm so sorry. Fuck, I should've asked for a goddamn break..." his voice had lowered at the end, the intent for his words to only be heard by himself. Alex picked up on them nevertheless.

Desmond decided to scratch the side of his head and then sighed heavily. "I think I have to give you an explanation. Could we find your sister and then go to speak?"

"What is it you need to say that can't be said here to me?"

"A lot, I don't want to be outside and your sister is part of this." Desmond hesitated before adding, "Can you move your hand from my face?" For some odd reason he found the fact that Alex was cupping his face with his hand was more unnerving than the fingers hovering menacingly by his throat.

Alex's eyes drifted away from Desmond's own to focus on the hand that was currently pressed to the younger man's face. "This gives me an advantage if you attempt to attack me again."

"I wasn't trying to attack you," Desmond got out between grit teeth. "It was someone else that I was after." He twitched gently as the hand pressed firmer against his cheek and he saw Alex smirk at him almost condescendingly.

Desmond went as if to speak before his phone began ringing. Keeping his eyes on Alex's face, he slowly reached towards his pocket and pulled out his phone, sneaking a glance at the screen to see who it was. "It's your sister."

Instead of moving his hand from Desmond's face, Alex chose to pluck the phone from Desmond's hand with the limb that had been by the assassin's throat, and he quickly answered the incoming call.

"Dana. I am with Desmond. Go home, we will meet you there." Alex waited as he was answered before sighing. "It will be explained when we get there." Before his sister could answer he ended the call and shoved the phone into Desmond's hoodie pocket, moving his hand to Desmond's hip. Ignoring the splutter that Desmond gave, he threw him over his shoulder and crouched, thinking ahead enough to murmur a; "Hold onto my jacket," and then he launched from the alley and onto the roof of the building nearest to them, teetering a moment on the edge before he broke into a sprint.

And no. He didn't find it funny that Desmond gave a squeal more befitting of a girl about twenty years his junior. It wasn't funny at all.

Five minutes later had Alex setting Desmond back down on his feet in the apartment that he and Dana 'shared'. He had the decency, though he didn't know why he did it, to guide Desmond to the couch and gently sit him down as he staggered for balance. When Desmond was sat and peering around the room blearily, Alex stepped back to lean against the corner of the room, keeping an eye on the other male as he waited for his sister to arrive.

When she did arrive, he ignored her inquisitive look and he simply murmured, "Desmond has something he wishes to explain." His eyes were still on the younger man who had eventually gathered his bearings, sitting stiffly on the couch with his back ramrod straight.

"Speak." Alex narrowed his eyes after a few moments of Desmond's silence and the assassin sighed softly.

"As you know, I am Desmond Miles. I just want you to listen to me and not judge me. I am an Assassin. My current target is Dana Mercer."

With just those few words, all hell broke loose. Alex threw himself at Desmond who all but propelled himself over the back of the couch and out of the way of the furious virus, quickly backpedalling himself towards the window as the couch he was originally on was torn into shreds. "Listen to me!" He shouted and was promptly ignored as the same black and red tendrils from before snaked towards him and wrapped tightly around his ankle.

Too tight! Desmond winced before grimacing as he fell backwards, narrowly missing the wall. His head almost smashed off of the windowsill but he was more concerned with the fact that Alex was crouching over him and was heavy as he pressed the tip of a claw neatly to his cheek, enough to draw blood.

Dana was shrieking and had moved to Alex as quick as she could, tugging insistently at his arm to try and pull him away, though it proved to be futile. "Let him explain Alex! If he'd have wanted to kill me he would have already, you should know that!"

Alex snarled. "Give me a reason why I should let him live!"

"Give him a chance to explain himself Alex! He's asked for us to listen!"

Alex gave a low, angry noise, but didn't move away from Desmond, keeping the sharp, transformed hand close to the man's face. "Speak."

Desmond swallowed thickly, eyes darting between the sharp limb too close to his cheek and Alex's face. He chose his words carefully, not wanting to aggravate the older male. "Yes, Dana Mercer is my target, but that is because of the control that is set over me. Have you heard of Abstergo?" He neither got confirmation or denial from Alex, just the continuous hard glare of ice blue eyes.

Desmond swallowed once more and licked his lips before he continued speaking, his voice level and measured. "Abstergo is run by the 'Templars'. These are the same people that control GENTEK." Desmond closed his eyes, missing the look of shock that crossed Alex's face at this news. "Surely you know who they are. At the moment, my hands are tied. My life, the lives of thousands of others are in the hands of the Templars. I have no choice but to listen to them, to do as they would command of me. I don't want to kill your sister. If I had the choice, I wouldn't be here."

Alex slowly let his hand revert to normal, though his fingers were still pressed into Desmond's cheek. His body was also hovering over the smaller form of the man below him, but now he was watching the man with a contemplative expression, judging his words.

"I believe him," Dana suddenly and boldly confessed. "Desmond seems like a nice guy. Why don't you let him up Alex, I'll make some coffee and Desmond can explain this further. I wouldn't mind knowing a little more, and obviously he has the answers. Like a goldmine of information."

Alex peered over his shoulder at Dana before he lifted himself off of Desmond. He gave the man a sharp glare and then begrudgingly offered Desmond a hand up.

Desmond watched the offered hand and then shook his head, slowly pushing himself up. "Don't force yourself for your sister's sake. If you hate me, you hate me." He gave a wry smile. "You can't always please everyone." He dusted himself off as he stood and sighed, stretching himself out slowly. His movement froze, however, as Alex reached out to brush his thumb to Desmond's cheek, catching the blood that had swelled from the cut he had caused from his claws.

"Hate is a strong word, Desmond Miles. I have dislike for you, and wariness of you, but you do not seem an immediate threat. As Dana has said, if you were going to kill her, you could have done so already." Alex tilted his head as he kept his thumb pressed gently against Desmond's face. "In fact I think I'll have to admit that I do not hate you at all."

Desmond was left staring after him with bewilderment as the scientist turned BLACKLIGHT virus moved to start cleaning up the mess that had once been the couch.

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Author's Note:

So, this is my first fanfiction! I've never played PROTOTYPE before so I hope that I didn't ruin Alex or it is I know that I've probably messed up Shaun and Desmond, though I wanted to twist their attitudes to match the situation that I've placed them in, i.e. being under Templar rule with no visible way out yet. I hope you enjoyed, and yes, this will (eventually) become an 'Alex/Desmond' pairing hopefully, if I get that far and develop it enough.

Apologies if any of my information is wrong, I've pulled it out of the PROTOTYPE and Assassin Creed Wikis...

I'm trying to make Alex quiet and refined because he's trying to stay 'incognito' as it were. He doesn't want to get noticed, since after the worst of the Infection, people started to move into Manhattan and not as many know him. He's also very fiercely protective of his 'sister' Dana, because of the events that happened before. (The time she was in a coma, the Hunters, etc.)

If you have any advice on how I could portray the characters from PROTOTYPE or even Assassin's Creed, it would be greatly appreciated. Ciao!