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Prompt: Dumb blonde

He couldn't stand it. It killed him to see her. Because she wasn't his. Humph. Stupid Declan. She was supposed to be with me and not some rich snob.

He needed her so badly. He hatched a plan because face it, that's what Shawn does. He got up early that morning. Really early. He drove to the police station and sat on her desk with a pineapple smoothie in both hands. And he waited. And waited. And waited.

He sat the smoothies down. And he waited. And waited. And waited.

He texted Gus again. And he waited. And waited. And waited.

He checked his watch, again. And he waited. And waited. And waited.

Finally at quarter to noon he called her.



"What Shawn?" she said through tears.

"I- what's wrong?"

"Declan broke- broke"

"Declan broke up with you? That idiot! Where are you right now?"

"At-at my house. Why?"

"I'll be right there"

"No wait Shawn it's-"

He hung up.

When he knocked at her door she opened it and Shawn couldn't help but let his mouth drop open.

She had on just a tank top and short shorts with her hair in a cute messy ponytail. Her eyes were barely red and Shawn couldn't help but feel a little happy about it.

"Here's a smoothie. It probably isn't very good anymore since I planned to give it to you at 8 this morning"

"What? Why?'

"Oh I went to the police office extra early to give you this but you never showed up"

"Oh my gosh how long were you there?"

"Uh until I called you"

"Oh Shawn I'm sorry!"

"It's ok Jules"

"Why were you going to give me a smoothie anyway?"

"Well I sensed you'd need some cheering up but I guess the spirits didn't warn me you weren't even going to show up because it was so bad"

"Well it's not that bad he wasn't my favorite guy in the world. I was just upset because what if that means I'm not good enough? What if he thought I was just a dumb blonde? I mean I'm just-"

He cut her off, "Jules why would you even think that? He was a dumb blonde for letting you go"

"He wasn't blonde Shawn"

"Well he was dumb"

She laughed.

"You know why I came to your desk today?"

"I thought you just told me"

"Nope that was a lie. It was because I wanted to talk to you about something"

"Which was...?"

"Well I wanted to ask what you saw in Declan and if you could break up with him. How ironic was that?" he tried to sound nonchalant but truthfully he was scared she was going to freak at him for not saying the right thing.

"You were…what?"

"You heard me"

"But…I'm just a dumb blonde remember?"

"Well if that's true, which it's not, then your my dumb blonde"

She smiled and closed her eyes as he leaned in to kiss her.

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