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"You are amazing at that." Isabella breathed out slowly.

Jacob had just finished thoroughly pleasing her body as only he could and now they both in his bed trying to catch their breaths.

"I feel so bad for leaving you…that way. She continued softly.

The evidence of Jacob's arousal could be very much be seen beneath the thin sheet that covered them.

Jacob and Isabella had yet to consummate their relationship and for that Isabella felt terribly guilty.

"Isabella!" Jacob's protest was sharp in her mind. "You are to stop this line of thinking immediately. You have nothing to feel guilty for. We have been over this. I do not want to make you fully mine in that way until you have fully made up your mind about us."

Isabella sighed deeply. "Jacob, we are engaged."

"Yes we are. But your mind is not completely made up to fully accept the imprint. You cannot lie to me sweetheart, I am in your mind." She remained silent so he continued. "I am not blaming you for your feelings nor am I trying to force you into a decision as I wish to. As the wolf in me is screaming for me to do. I am simply trying to give you time to accept me fully."

"I do accept you, Jacob. And I know you're making many concessions in an attempt to make me happy and I am. I'm so very happy with you. But there is still so much about coming into this life that I don't understand."

He gathered her closer to the shelter of his arms. "It will become clearer over time." He stated simply.

"That is not a response Jacob Black and you know it. I just keep thinking about Shea and Byron. I don't want that to be us."

Jacob rolled over and sat on his elbow to face her. "Isabella, hear me clearly. I do not ever, under any circumstances want you to give yourself to because you feel obligated to prevent me from becoming Byron. It has to be because you love me. You must love me Isabella. Otherwise your acceptance will be for nothing."

"I do love you Jacob. Very much." He shook his head.

"But not enough." He hid from her how much that fact hurt him but…she just needed time. "Not yet anyway. I must be your everything as you are mine. You do not love me that much…yet."

"I wasn't raised that way Jacob. I never had anyone be my everything. Not even my parents. I don't even know how to begin to love as intensely as you love me." Jacob's love for Isabella bordered on obsession. She could read that in his thoughts.

He craved her, breathed her. His every thought was always directed towards her happiness, her safety and just her in general. Like he had said she was his everything. If she rejected the imprint she would leave him broken. He wouldn't even be able to care for the pack he loved so dearly.

Jacob caught the echo of her thoughts and if possible cradled her even closer to him.

"You are capable of exactly that type of love but you will not allow yourself to believe that you are because it is something you have never experienced. I can show it to you."

"Jacob, I want to be everything you need. I just don't know how. I don't know if I can do it."

"I keep telling you that you can. You refuse to listen. You are the most stubborn woman on this planet. I am being as patient as I can with you even now when my wolf screams for me to take what is mine. I know you can give me everything and you will."

Isabella laughed with only a small trace of actual humor. "You can't command me to give you everything."

Jacob laughed in response but his laugh was filled with humor. His voice was deep and Isabella found herself leaning even closer just to hear him better. "Of course I can command you. I am the Alpha male…literally. I command everything in my domain. I command everything that belongs to me and make no mistake my beautiful Isabella, you belong to me."

Isabella knew his words to be true with everything she had in her she knew she was his and his alone. But finding the courage to give yourself over completely to a man who controlled everything around him was no easy thing.

"Do not worry my love. I will help you." Isabella had to laugh. With Jacob always in her mind, her thoughts were never safe but she loved having him there.

For this night, for the time being she would let him have control and snuggle in the warm, safe, loving arms of her Alpha.

"Always Isabella. I am always in control."

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