Would you like the good news, or the bad news first?

So, I read through all the comments and was surprised at how many people wanted me to continue this story. I was also surprised at how many people expressed interest in a fic based off the events of MOA.

I really want to explore the interaction between the two camps, as well as Tartarus so the good news is that I'll be publishing a new fic that picks up right after MOA. It'll focus on Reyna/Jason and Annabeth/Percy. I'll be keeping the same style, so everyone who fell in love with the way I portray Octavian will not be disappointed.

As for this story, it'll be on hold for awhile. My computer recently decided to have a temper tantrum and meltdown. Everything is gone, but hopefully the files can be recovered. I've decided to wait and see if the computer savy people I brought my rebellious computer to can recover the files as opposed to re-writing them.

Keep an eye out for the new fic! I'll be putting it under Annabeth/Percy as opposed to Jason/Reyna in an attempt to get more readers, so I would suggest checking in with my page or putting me on author alert so you don't miss the new story!

Thanks for reading, hopefully I'll have updates for this story soon.