Chapter One

Nanami was tapping absently from her spot on the floor, acting lethargically as she had lost her appetite. Not five minutes ago were those two familiars arguing again.

If I can't eat in peace, then I can't eat at all. I really wish those two could get along. But everything I try to do never works out.

She bit her lower lip. Anything I try… maybe it's making it worse? So maybe I should stop butting in every time.

In all honesty, Nanami wasn't paying much attention to the TV, lost in her thoughts and personal worries. No one told me I'd have to keep my familiars from arguing. Tomoe and Mizuki don't get along, and I really wish they did, at least a little. It'd put my mind at ease.

"And now, some exciting bit of news relating to Ujigami High School and some two new very refreshing students!"

Nanami blinked and looked up at the TV, tilting her head.

"Just now it has been verified that the ultra popular pop idols Arika and Akira are going to be transferred to this ultra fortunate high school, which is already well-known for being the school that the long reigning Kurama-san go to! What a lucky high school year it is for the second years!"

Huh, talk about déjà-vu. Three pop stars in one school, it seems a little too good to be true. But I've never even heard of these two… are they really that popular?

Nanami raised an eyebrow, somewhat sceptically, as she turned up the volume and listened more intently.

"The idols are to start attending Tuesday, and already students of Ujigami High are setting up wonderful welcome gifts!"

The TV showed the school, which seemed to be remodelled, that, or the yard area just hadn't been cleaned at all, and just now, on a Sunday, they decided to clean it up for some idols.

Still… they popped out of nowhere. I feel as if something's a little…


The door swung open revealing a silver-haired fox with a gleam of urgency in his eyes, and an envelope in his hand.

Tomoe shoved the envelope in Nanami's face roughly. "You have a greeting from a god."

Nanami raised an eyebrow, observing the envelope. "Which god?"

"I was told not to open it by their messenger, but I have my—"

"Ah, it was Inari, the God of Grain and Harvest."

Striding in casually was Mizuki, a smile on his face as he explained the contents.

"You… snake, you read against the orders of a god… are you stupid? Wait, don't answer that, I already know the answer, don't waste your worthless breath pointing out the obvious," Tomoe snapped.

Mizuki shrugged, keeping his smirk. "But what if it was just a trap to harm my dear Nanami-chan? I couldn't bear knowing that a simple, suspicious sounding order could harm a single hair on her body."

"Ironic you of all people comment on harming her body," Tomoe replied blatantly.

Nanami smiled weakly and ignored the two, opening the envelope.

"Really, he's just requesting that he be able to visit you tomorrow morning. Inari is an early morning sort of god," Mizuki explained.

Nanami nodded, glancing over at Tomoe. "What sort of person is he really?"

Tomoe scoffed, crossing his arms. "As if I'd know, it's been at least 200 years since the last time I saw him, we didn't go out of our ways to see each other, believe me."

"Why's that?" Nanami asked.

Mizuki laughed. "Nanami-chan, Inari is fairly complex in terms of personality. One time he could be benevolent, the other he could be cruel and harsh. It depends solely on season, or so the rumours say. I've never met him myself, really. He's an elusive god; I don't think he was even present at the meeting in Izumo, really."

A god that skipped out on such an important meeting?

Nanami read over the note; however the handwriting wasn't legible itself. She tilted it, not seeing much help in doing so, and wondered how the hell Mizuki even read this.

Her gaze lingered on Tomoe, who was grimacing as Mizuki went on with his explanation of Inari

"Oh, I also heard that Inari, as a god, is very neglectful of other Yokai other than his legions. Yet people still respect him because they depend on him for grain. That man you can't live without, but would love to see in a miserable position," Mizuki added. "There's also this rumour about his small rivalry with Mikage, back when Tomoe-kun was a newly appointed familiar. Say, Tomoe-kun, is it true that—"

"As if it matters if it's true or not, whatever you're talking about."

Nanami glanced at Tomoe curiously, growing an interest herself. "Tomoe, it's true I haven't heard a lot about your past, but… you know what sort of person Inari is, right? What was this rivalry about?"

"Nothing to be concerned about. It was a worthless argument then and now, nothing more," the fox replied.

Nanami smiled, trying to push the subject. "C'mon, it doesn't matter if I'm concerned or not, I'm just curious is—"

"You're curious about the wrong stuff, Nanami. Drop it."

"Ha," Mizuki began. "The fox here just knows that if it weren't for Mikage, Inari would have Tomoe-kun dead by now. His crimes against the Yokai realm are immense and unforgivable. Only being a familiar saved his skin, right, Tomoe-kun?"

"Watch your mouth, snake."

"What do you plan on doing in front of Nanami-chan, exactly?"

Tomoe's eyes narrowed as he looked briefly over at Nanami, before trailing back at Mizuki.

Um… I feel as if I should break this up now…

"Of course, if it's… none of my business, Tomoe doesn't have to tell me," Nanami resigned, laughing nervously. "But you two—"

Abruptly, Tomoe turned around and left the room. "Really, it's best you don't know, Nanami…"

What'd he say?

"T-Tomoe…" she stammered, only to have Mizuki rest a hand on her shoulder.

"It's not worth it, Nanami-chan. Inari and Tomoe are bound to clash. You see, Inari's messengers are white foxes, but obviously, Tomoe's in no position to be a holy anything, let alone a god's familiar. He's pushing his luck just by doing that. I'm sure Inari will chew him out, so it's better to leave it be," he advised.


"Nanami-chan, drop it. Tomoe-kun will be in a sulky mood. The god Inari will most likely bring his messengers, and they will give Tomoe-kun a hard time. I hate that undomesticated fox, I really do. However, I will not allow something this trivial hurt you in the least, so I want to make sure you won't worry."

Nanami's face dropped more, but she nodded.

Mizuki patted Nanami's head, giving her an assuring smile. "Plus, we both know that the fox sulks often, so it's better not to complain about it unless he gives us a reason to," he said, giving a shrug.


"Just give him some time, he doesn't really deserve your pity in the first place. The treatment he gets, Nanami-chan, is what he deserves. When Inari comes along, he'll be sure to make that clear. I'm not saying this just because it's fun to make fun of Tomoe-kun, I'm saying this out of consideration for you. Remember that."

Nanami pouted, crossing her arms. "Still, does he have to leave so suddenly like that? " she pressed stubbornly.

"Who knows, maybe in his mind he did. Foxes tend to not make sense, so I don't go out of my way to psychoanalyse their every move," Mizuki stated. "You could order him to tell you, if it's that serious. I don't mind dragging him by the tail if it puts your mind at ease~."

Nanami shook her head, giving a tired sigh. "It's not worth the effort, I'm going to bed. Obviously, he doesn't trust me enough with his problems, so I'll sleep it off."