Ami rolled over from where she lay on the bed, staring at her cell phone contemplatively. She wasn't able to understand her own gut feelings, but Nanami, her best friend, somehow seemed troubled. She looked out her window, and evening became night.

Is it too late to call and check up on her? She tapped her fingers on her bed, as if weighing out whether calling would be a good decision or not. If she was just bothering Nanami, and was just paranoid, then Ami would feel embarrassed for calling so late. On the other hand, if she didn't call, what if Nanami was having problems, and her best friend didn't bother asking? Ami shot up at the possibility, grabbing for her phone urgently and dialling Nanami's number, Listening to the ring for a good while, with a worried look on her face, and biting her lip in anticipation.

Nanami-chan, please pick up… The small girl looked over at her clock, still hoping for a reply on the other end. Eventually, there was a click, signalling Nanami answering.

"Ami?" Nanami said in a sleepy voice.

"Nanami-chan, did I wake you up? I'm really sorry…"

"No, I wasn't, what's wrong?"

Ami felt a pang of anxiety shoot through her mind, unable to explain why she called.


"It's just…" Ami muttered, looking around her room cautiously. "You were acting down today, and I never asked earlier, so I wanted to ask now."

She heard Nanami laugh silently on the other line. "I'm fine, don't worry~," she assured.

"Are you sure? You were with Akira-san today, right? Was everything fine?" Ami pressed softly.

"Oh… yeah, it was fine, no big deal. Actually, I guess the meet-up was shorter than he anticipated," she said, stressing "meet-up" urgently. "He left suddenly, but at least he paid the bill and everything, I guess."

Frowning solemnly, Ami shook her head. After what Kurama had told her, she wasn't so sure about Nanami's praise about Akira. "N-Nanami-chan, about that…"


"It's just… isn't it a little weird for idols to take that big an interest in us like that?" Ami asked, tilting her head. "Arika's really friendly, but she doesn't know a lot about us, and Akira-san's well…" she trailed off, losing words to explain it.

Nanami yawned on the other line. "I see your point. But… Kurama was the same, wasn't he?"

"But he wasn't so kind that quickly, he had to adjust. Arika and Akira-san adapted quickly," Ami pointed out. "I just think that… you know… we should be a little cautious or something."

"Cautious? Arika's okay, it's not like she means any harm, she's just a little pushy. As for Akira, he's too direct, yeah, but he doesn't seem that bad a pers—"

"Nanami-chan, it sounds like I'm overreacting but it's just a feeling," her friend insisted. "I can't explain it, so just humour me, okay?"

"Ami…" Nanami replied. "Okay, I'll be on the lookout, alright?" she agreed cheerfully. "If it makes you feel better that I do, then it's all good~."

Lowering the phone, Ami sighed to herself, shoulders slumping. "Okay…" she muttered. Is she taking me seriously?


Spotting lights down the hall of the shrine as she went for a drink of water, Arika rubbed her eyes with a yawn.

"Akira, what are you doing? Shouldn't you be sleeping?" she asked.

The man pushed back his bangs, giving a dismissive laugh. "It's not even that late, Arika," he replied.

Arika pouted, crossing her arms. "Akira, if you stay up like this every night then your health's gonna—"

"Do you realise how long I was waiting for you back at the studio?" Akira cut in, slight edge in his voice.

"I'm… I'm sorry, but I felt like I was being watched and didn't think coming back home would be a good idea… when'd you get back?"

"Earlier in the evening," he replied. "I met that damned crow; he pisses me off with that haughty attitude of his. God's gift to women? More like Gift from Hell."

Arika laughed childishly, raising an eyebrow. "Look who's talking."

Akira scoffed, laying down in the ground nonchalantly. "Yes, yes… I'm a menace to all, et cetera, et cetera… that's why I'm here and not there." Here and there, what's it matter to him anyways?

Arika nodded in agreement with him. She leaned over near him, head tilted to the side. "What are you doing, anyways?" she repeated.

"Just a short chat, nothing much."


"What the hell is all this rustling about, Nanami?"

The land goddess was crouched near a pile of her belongings with a worried look on her face. This is no good. Tomoe approached her, placing a hand on her shoulder. "If you stay up any longer you won't make it. Get some sleep," he ordered.

Nanami shook her head stubbornly, tossing things aside. "If I don't find it, I'll have trouble at the festival. What if we are separated or I get lost? I don't know my way around that place, I've never been there…" she rambled. Where is it? Where is it?

"What are you looking for in the first place?"

Nanami turned over to Tomoe quickly, an irritated, yet concerned, look on her face.


"I can't find it."

Tomoe narrowed his eyes, his tail swishing back and forth at her vague responses. "Find what?"

Nanami sighed, looking around. "My phone. I can't find it anywhere."