When You Give a Vampire an X-Box….

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A/n- A kind reviewer asked for a one shot with Damon and Klaus playing video games and it gave me this idea, which amused me endlessly to write during class today.

Caroline's POV

"Dude, that's not fair! You can't compel me to look away from the screen!"

"I believe I just did."

A typical Damon 'I'd-stake-you-if-Elena-wasn't-here' growl could be heard from the living room. I rolled my eyes as I leaned against the doorframe and heard Elena sigh beside me.

"I run to the hospital for some blood bags, I'm only gone for FIVE minutes, and they've already found where I was hiding their X-Box!"

Elena looked like she wanted to be amused, but was too concerned with the oddity to be able to relax, "I swear I didn't tell them where it was."

A random shout of "Yes you did!" sounded through the living room to the hall we were standing in.

Klaus just has to be cocky about everything; I mean I can practically hear his self-satisfied smir-…wait, if Elena doesn't remember telling them then that means….

"Niklaus!" I growled, storming into the room with my hands on my hips like a pissed Gossip Girl, "I can't believe you! I . our friends."

Klaus immediately stood up, dropping his controller to the ground and somehow looking defensive, arrogant, and mad at the same time "I did not compel the dop-…I mean Elena. Damon here did. I only compelled Damon to throw the game….and I don't necessarily consider him my friend per say." –cue smirk-

"Well that makes me feel loads better about this," I looked down to see Damon pushing a red button on Nik's controller, which just happened to look very 'do-not-press'…ee.

"Hey!" his accent seems to get thicker when he's indignant, I noted randomly.

Klaus desperately grabbed at his controller and elbowed the other vampire in the ribs, said vampire smirking ,unaffected.

Nik pushed every button, but nothing worked. He'd lost. And he hates losing. He threw the controller against the wall, which promptly shattered into a million sad little black pieces that fell to the ground like angry rain, "I'll bloody kill you, Salvatore!"

Damon chuckled with that equal parts dangerous, equal parts annoying glint in his eyes, "Would ya like to have tea and crumpets first, mate?" he did his best (worst) British accent, effectively mocking my boyfriend. And if there's one thing about Nik that everyone knows is that it pisses him off beyond belief to be growled through his teeth and suddenly launched himself, tackling Damon to the ground. And that's how two vampires, both supposedly over 100 years old, started wrestling on Elena's wooden floors. (Ya know if they get splinters from that, it's gonna be annoying as hell for them.)

"Do you think we should tell them that we installed a security camera in the ceiling last week?"

I laughed at Elena's question, "No way! This is going on youtube," I smiled evilly, thinking of how loud and British Nik will sound when he yells at me for posting this.

Youtube Comment Boards for 'Two Idiots Fight Over Halo'

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Girly237: The blonde one's hot!

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SuperD: The brunette dude has a horrible British accent….

WidowSoul58: This made my day! Thanks Care256! Now all this needs is a jello pit and no shirts!

Micehla5: Are those guys wearing plastic fangs?

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