Hey everyone! So,...you know how I posted this about a year ago, give or take?


I know it's been forever and so I wanted to make sure you all got the news that it's been added and waiting for your attention! I'm really sorry that it had taken so long, but freshman year of college has literally been hell. Both at home and at school really. But, that's okay! I made it through and my spring semester ended Wednesday, so I was able to finish this guy. It isn't exactly what I imagined or wanted to do with it, but that's okay. It's brief, but I think you all might enjoy it.

I want to thank you all again for being so loving and supportive due to "Aftermath" and would like you all to please go over and read "Peace Will Come."

Thank you all for everything. I really appreciate the reviews and ratings that my story has gotten. Feel free to check out my other stories if you haven't already.