Chapter 15

Wilson carried a pile of spare clothes under his arm as discreetly as possible up the stairs while carrying a glass of water to give him the excuse of making Parsons' special person as comfortable as possible as everyone else kept on high alert for the man that, unbeknownst to them, was already amongst them.

They guarded the windows, the doors, two men to each station.

It was overkill and Parsons refused any of his men to go outside and check the perimeter, afraid they would share the same fates as the rest of their missing comrades.

He slipped by relatively unnoticed, pretending to be as focused as possible on his task at hand.

He looked around carefully before knocking on the bedroom door. He heard Helen cough.

"Who is it?" she asked.

"Warnsworth with the glass of water you requested," he said, staying in character.

"Um, come in, just leave it on the night stand," Wilson nodded and opened the door, quickly slipping inside. He nearly dropped the clothes he was holding the moment he shut the door.

Helen was tied to the headboard of the bed, while Nikola, Frank to Wilson, lay on his back on the bed, his stomach and abdomen smeared with blood.

They were both arguing with each other as always.

"Ow!" Nikola muttered.

"This was your bloody idea," Helen rolled her eyes.

"It has to look convincing," he shrugged.

"It would be much easier if you would just free my other hand," she sighed.

"Yah, but then you can run away," Nikola teased with a grin then winced again as she jabbed him hard with the needle.

"What the hell happened?" he came over.

Helen was trying to stitch him up with only one hand, though there looked as if there was nothing at all to stitch.

Nikola looked up and smiled.

"Oh good, you found the clothes," he sat up slightly and took the trousers from Wilson. "Take the shirt and rip a hole in it, roughly around the abdomen then bring it back here," Nikola instructed.

"Is he serious?" Wilson looked to Helen and she nodded.

"Sadly, yes," she resisted the urge to roll her eyes.

Helen continued to stitch him, making the stitching look as believable as possible with the cheap first aid kit thread that was in the bathroom.

"It's all part of my carefully thought out plan," Nikola sat up and awkwardly shuffled the pants on.

"You keep saying that but I'm seriously beginning to think you've made all this up on the spot," Helen frowned at him.

"Helen, trust me," he took her hand, "Only the stabbing part was improvised."

Helen yanked her hand out of his and rolled her eyes.

Nikola snickered and she jabbed him unnecessarily hard with the needle before finishing the stitch and biting it off. Her lips just brushed the skin of his abdomen as she did so and Nikola tried not to enjoy the sensation as much as he was.

"Beautiful job, darling, looks like I have been truly and rightly stabbed," he smirked at her and she gave him a look.

"We can always pretend," she sighed.

Wilson returned with the ruined shirt.

"Ah perfect," Nikola took it and bunched it up in his fist and dabbled the trickles of blood on his stomach with it then put it on. "There we go, now we are all ready for phase two."

"Phase two?" Wilson asked.

"Yes, send in the hounds!" Nikola said dramatically, maneuvering behind Helen and undoing her bound wrist thought still keeping it trapped in the loop of the belt, effectively keeping her restrained.

"You want me to bring Parson's up here?" Wilson's eyes grew large.

"It's all part of my plan," Nikola said confidently. "When Helen and I escape, you keep yourself back and low, as we incapacitate all of Parson's goons, then trap him. You get to call your official government buddies to bring the case in."

Wilson nodded.

"I already sent them the message, they'll be there when we need them."

"Excellent work, Warson," Nikola said absently.

"It's Wilson," Wilson said a little dejectedly.

"Right, now go and bring in the cavalry like a good little soldier," Nikola said condescendingly. Wilson left with a curt nod.

He hoisted Helen in front of him and draped an arm protectively around her.

"Don't worry, I won't let them hurt you," his tone shifted to that caring she knew meant he was serious.

"How do you plan for us to escape?" whispered Helen.

"Through the window, I have everything all set," he whispered back, his lips brushing against her ear causing her to shiver.

His hand reached back and grabbed the pistol underneath the pillow.

"Oh, Helen, my love, I knew I could count on you," he grinned coyly at her as he pointed the gun towards to door.

Helen was practically sitting in his lap at this point.

His hand grasped her shoulder gently and massaged the muscle lightly, out of nervous habit.

Helen subconsciously leaned closer to him.

She kept her gaze fixed on the door, whatever was going to happen was going to bust through any moment now.

Nikola kissed her should gently, as a sign of comfort.

"Any moment now," he whispered.

Helen looked at him over her shoulder.

"Why do I let you drag me into these things?" she sighed.

"Because, Helen, you just can't resist," he leaned over and kissed her roughly, pulling back just as Helen was beginning to respond. The door swung open and he lunged them to his feet, gun pointed at the intruders.

Neil was at the front of the line, Wilson behind him, and five or more other goons behind them.

"Helena!" Neil reached to pull out his gun.

"I'm sorry Neil, he made me, I swear he did!" Helen cried.

"I know," Neil glared at Nikola and he tugged Helen closer to him.

"She's mine, back off," Nikola tried to effect his fake injury.

"Not any more," Neil said even more determined.

"Never. She has tried to leave me but she can't, she will always come back to me. We're constants," Helen looked over at him. There were some truths to his words, but she shook them off by literally trying to shake him off. The leather of his belt around her wrists cut into her skin and she could feel the hard planes of his bare chest against her back as he maneuvered them towards the window.

Her mind caught up with her.

"Help me, Neil! Please!" she cried.

With one hand Nikola pushed the window open.

"Leave her alone. This is between you and me," Neil said sternly.

"I'm only taking back what is mine," he growled.

"You bastard!" Neil barked.

"Oh really? And how many people have you murdered to get what you want?" Nikola smirked and pushed Helen through the window.

"Neil!" cried Helen.

Nikola crawled out the window after her, closing it just as a shot was fired in his direction.

Nikola looked at Helen.

"That went well," he smirked. "Nothing like a bit of melodrama to make your get away," Nikola picked up his pile of dry and neatly folded clothes.

Helen gaped at him.

"You sent Wilson to get you fresh clothes while your other ones were all neat and dry over here?" she said incredulously.

"I didn't want to ruin my shirt," he shrugged and tugged the one he was wearing off.

"You are unbelievable," she rolled her eyes as he changed quickly.

Soon he was looking as dapper as ever and walking along the roof to a rope ladder he had placed in the gutter before coming.

"Quickly now Helen, before they catch on to us," he threw the rope ladder down and began climbing down it's rungs.

Helen sighed.

"You really did have a plan," she smirked.

"I always do," he grinned up at her cockily. "It may seem wild and convoluted but it all ties together in the end."

He helped her hop off the last rung of the ladder and gently lowered her to the ground.

He took her hand that still had the belt around it and freed it from the constraint.

"There we are," he chuckled. "Ready for phase two."

"And what exactly is phase two?" asked Helen.

"It involves getting out of plain sight where we can easily be caught...follow me," he grabbed her hand and dragged her into the alleyway.


Neil fumed and paced in the middle of the sitting room.

Wilson stood nervously and watched as the man turned beet red, his knuckles turned frighteningly white and and his teeth gritted against each other.

"How could we let this happen?" He barked.

"He disabled all of our guys on the perimeter," offered Wilson.

"Why did she not scream?" Neil continue to pace.

"He had a gun pointed at her, probably threatened to hurt you or anyone else if she made a sound," Wilson suggested again.

"How did you find out?" asked Neil.

"Well, I brought her a glass of water, like she'd asked, and something felt off, in her voice, she said don't come in, like she was subtly hinting that there was something wrong. That's why I told you," he said as earnestly as possible.

"And that's when we found her with him," he growled. "I told her I'd protect her and I let him slip in so blindly...I should've stayed with her as soon as those men disappeared."

Wilson didn't say anything.

"And now he has her...I want you to get him, all of you!"

"And what if we manage to hurt Helena in the process?" asked Wilson finally.

"Then so be it."

~~~~Author's Notes~~~~

Short and sweet with a little bit of adventure!I hope you enjoy :)