Sometimes, Jake wonders why he didn't join the Navy instead of the Army. Then he thinks about how much the temptation would get to him and that he'd probably be court-martialed for not being at his post, not to mention how stir crazy he'd get being stuck as a comm tech on the same ship all the freakin' time with nowhere to go.

He scowls when Caitlin laughs at him because his own nature causes him to be constantly in motion and influences his decisions—it's not like her other form doesn't influence her as well. He can't help it that as a shark he has to be constantly in motion in order to breath or that he drinks gallons of water (when available and he carries lots of the special hydrating additives the Army gives its men when it isn't) and carries lotion, hidden amongst his tech, with him to combat his dry skin and that it gets even worse when they're in the middle east.

He also can't help it that his heritage means he could eat practically anything and enjoy it. He knows that his teammates think he's insane as he eats the local cuisine of stewed eyes, blood soup, or brain tacos but he's eaten things that would kill a normal human. Like the time he was in Japan and had Torafugu done by a guy in the Grey, poison sack perforated to spread it through the meat and add flavor, the tetrodotoxin sending his body into a euphoric high and he's walkin' on clouds for close to two hours after, limbs loose and relaxed. He's eaten these things as a shark and as a man and they've never harmed him, but he's smart enough only to do it away from prying eyes.

He chatters to cover up his oddities and plays pranks to have them focus on what he's done, his never ending words and all the CAPE he's assigned from perfectly orchestrated events keeping teammates and superiors from noticing his stranger habits and snacks. Glasses and the glare they catch from the light keeping them from seeing nictitating eyelids slip over his eyes as he hacks for hours on end or his odd ability to go from completely resting to vicious and deadly in seconds, when he grins, he's careful to keep his teeth blunt and human, and if a few are knocked out in bar brawls or from a pissed off teammate trying to shut him up he never says, they're replaced days after.

He never says a word to his teammates or superiors when he tells a dead comrade he'll pass on their last words as if they'd been alive to tell them, he just sends a letter or an email to the family who's now without a brother or sister—a mother or father.

He thinks sometimes about letting them kick him out so he can just go live in the Grey and get away from all the newly dead, maybe switch between the two and hack banks and terrorist organizations for money for his own survival, but few of his kind choose to live as he does and these men and women need help getting peace as much if not more than the people who live the average American life.

The thing is he's too damn stubborn to just quit when it gets too much or the brass has had enough and they give him an out, so when they tell him he has this one last chance before a dishonorable discharge he kinda shrugs and thinks okay, whatever. He's never gone out of his way to make his assigned teams to hate him or like him but he's not changing how he acts just to stay in until his term is up, and if they have a problem with him they have to kick him out by force. Being in the Army, despite how hard it is between the shit missions and people and having to help the dead men he'd fought move on, is one of the few places he's fit in besides with Lin and Beth.

He figures his next team will be like the rest and he might actually try to hide without being considered obnoxious for once but—

He never anticipated meeting the Losers.