James stood in front of the main command screen, reorganizing the flowing tactical data until he found what he was looking for. The information leak he was exploiting came strait from a shroud command cruiser deemed Cloaked death, located just five clicks out side of there long range weapons. Four other ships supported the Cloaked death as they tried to follow James ship the Demaon'mas, and while the shroud where being kept at bay for now as the Demaon'mas's guns forced them to stay well out of their own weapon range.

James lowered the latest movement data and pulled up ammunition as he ran the calculations on the next battle, he frowned as they came up. The screen displayed their multiple ammunitions for their different weapons and one set of numbers upset him, their long rang ammunition was running low as a result of their last battle. Now moving through the halls James nodded to different groups of personnel as he passed, slowly making his way to the barracks. As he approached the twin door slid open to reveal his squad, most of them omega class aerial drop commandos like him, seated around the room tending to their own matters.

Kollar a Silvyan spec-ops trooper approached him. "Captain I have a question that I need to ask." James nodded, "What seems to be the problem?" Kollar gestured to his helm. "Sir its just that since the battle on EL-1903 my targeting system has been off by a constantly changing variable. The thing is, is that I need your permission to enter the technicians domain of she is... picky about who enters her work place and is the only one aboard who can fix this glitch." James nodded again replying as he reached into his uniform. "Kollar, you may go, take this and she will let you pass." Kollar reached out excepting a small object, it was a triple overlaid cog with crossed lighting bolts in the center. James stepped around him as Kollar started off, approaching a wall console James began keying in a string of numbers that would unlock the console for his use.

After it had reached full activation he quickly scrolled through the different files until he found the digital cash of on board weaponry that contained his armor and weapons, pushing his palm against the touch screen a set of doors pulled back to alow his armor to slide in. Reaching in the armor activated at his touch, unlocking the different seals decompressing as the peaces lowered from their individual places. Quickly running a series of checks over each section he dawned it without a word. Enabled his HUD a tactical live stream filtered across his vision as it drew updates from the latest reports. Finely finishing with the live stream everything settled into place, leaving James to adjust his armor manually setting it in place. Next he grabbed his weapons: an H-38 heavy assault rifle, loading in a gel cannister he replaced both half empty magazines, and a DEW side arm before moving back to the door. As he approached the ship rocked, signaling it had fired its midrange siege guns. The deck settled and James and squad funneled out through the half jammed door, waving in the other direction he issued orders rapidly. "Zeke! You Sairah, Mike, and David take the main hall to engineering! Lock it down! Haze! You and Lea go secure the medical team! Every one else to the bridge!"

Quickly dividing up someone screamed contact as they all went their assigned paths, boots hammered the decks leaving slight intentions as nine, half-ton suits of assault skin ran at increased speeds. Rounding another corner the Demaon' shuttered under a new impact. Someone around the corner lurched the corner, turning out to be two somebodies as Zoey struggled under the weight of a wounded Silvyan. James reached down and picked up the silvyan, thrusting the wounded figure back into Zoey's hands. James had the situation under control in a second. "John, Take Kollar and Zoey to the bridge. Ashly, radio ahead for Haze to bring the medical team to the bridge. Also tell them to proceed with cation shroud infiltrators have boarded the ship and are cleaning house." The group continued toward the bridge as anther hit rattled the ship, twin boarding claw bore through the hull punching strait through to the other side. With the claws half of Ashly plastered the wall with shattered armor and blood spatter. The rest of her became a bloody smear as the boarding craft entered, filling the hall with its bulk. Noiselessly the hatch opened, spilling heavily armored shroud annulation forms from the breach. The first to react James didn't hold back, H-38 blaring the first one caught a chest full of fifty calibers as the assault rifle let loose half aimed barks of fire. Discarding the rifle James lunged bringing himself to the same hight as the monster before him, hand outstretched he griped its throat while he pulled his 8 inch blade. Sliding it under its armor plating it connected with the shrouds main junction(shroud equivalent to a spine.) and pulled the blade through causing the shroud to fall to the ground. The next shroud found James armor accelerator to be very potent as James right fist plowed through its armor til his hand made contact with its core logistics drive, crushing it in to a crumpled ball of platinum and steel.

Now the equivalent of an animal, the shroud stumble about slashing its claw like gauntlet around at friend and foe alike. Another hit James with a right hook, plowing him into a wall, leaving the figure to slip into oblivion as he drew his side arm and sank five plasma rounds into the shrouds chest. Three shroud were now dead or disabled thanks to James and now his squad finished the last two off, moving towards the disabled shroud they stopped. The ships main alarm started it hum as the hull groaned. The ships bridge and engine bays had suffered to much damage, the bridge probably nonexistent now the ships on board computer was now attempting to drag its invaders and crew through a dimensional jump portal. A large flash of orange light appeared within the blackness of the portal as they all fell into unconsciousness and made a desperate jump to another dimension. Seconds later would see the ship would coming out of another portal near a green and blue world resembling earth in some ways, but a lot less pollution and visible population from orbit. Slowly sinking into the planets warm embrace the ships main computer dumped its self into a storage unit within a heavy juggernaut. Now without guidance or power the ship listed in atmosphere tearing its hull to peaces as they descended on the world of mekkan.

Authors notes- yes this is a cliff hanger, but no this is no the end... well maybe it is for Ashly and those poor shroud but only the nest chapter will shed light on the casualties of the blacksun... the shroud on the other hand, well i wont ruin it completely but lets say this dark mana crystals + shroud = major work for the commandos.

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