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James gaze out through half glazed eyes as he struggled forward, sand tugging at his feet while the sun beat down on him from over head. He did not care for these things except the fact that he was alive, twisted and dark, but alive none the less. His friends lay under the sands of the waste as he continued to carry on, dragging himself into what he hoped was a better tomorrow.

Things did not improve for a while as James found himself alone still after a year of wondering the empty waste and the surrounding country. His outlook had improved to the causal eye, but inside he would never forget those he had lead in that final battle, and while he could no longer hear their voices he still knew what they would say.

"We did not parish because you, we died doing our duty. Carry on, if not for us, then for her."

who is she?

He sighed and continued, the shade of the forest beckoning him into its depths. Shaking his head he turned for the forest, relishing its cool shades and gentile sounds. His feet pounded on for what he felt was an hour before he stopped, around him the scene lulled him into a type of trance as he eyed the land scape.

The trees thinned here, allowing small purple and pink flowers to sprout amongst the grass as a merry stream slipped by near silently. James lay back, thinking back to to the good old days when his crew and he had traveled the stars. With his once proud life fresh in his mind, he drifted off into a deep slumber.

Before he had even opened his eyes he could feel them, boring into him with their fear laden gaze. Picking himself up with his small amount of equipment, his eyes raised so that he was looking strait into the area from with he was being watched. Many battles had tough him patients though, for as he prepared to leave he could still feel the eyes of an innocence upon him. Then a new feeling met him head on.

More eyes were now surly watching him as the bushes stirred without even the lightest of breezes to stir them. All at once everything came grinding to a halt as adrenalin started to pump through his veins. A keidran emerged from a near by bush griping an oversized spear while another came forward holding some sort of saber. He reacted without thinking, turning to allow the blade to pass he grabbed the spear, watching the faces of a dozen wolves turn to that of shock.

He pulled the spear forward and with a sideways punch left the young wolf stunned on the ground. Busting the head from the weapon he set about the others with a frown of distaste. Not a drop of blood was shed as James whacked away whenever they got to close, working his way out of the crowd.

"STOP! Imbeciles! Let the human pass." -cried an older looking veteran

"Why! Should we not kill him!?' -snarled another

"If you were to get anywhere close, it would be nothing short of a miracle! Do you not see the way he has kept us at bay?" -said the first

a murmur of agreement spreed through the as James slowly descended into the shadows, slipping away. Soon as he could no longer see them he bolted, his feet crushed the deep loam as he sought a way to lose them.

undergrowth exploded underfoot as he forged deeper into the unknown, yells of surprise and anger followed him from behind. before him the ground started to recede as the edge of a cliff face loomed ever closer.

James jumped forward, launching himself into empty space as gravity took hold. he plummeted downward, wind clawing at his face as he extended his feet below himself. he drifted farther out until the point impact hit him.

his pain levels spiked as his legs crumpled briefly before RRC kicked in. his body started pumping extra adrenalin pushing his pain to the back of his head. standing back up he spotted ahead of him a wall of humans chasing some right up to the cliff side, as the keidran above worked their way down.

James pulled on the hilt of his sword to loosen it as both sides grew closer, they seemed to have realized that they each armed and both sides seemed to ready as they charged.

they met right on top of James who drew his sword and began to move. steel clashed as he stopped three blades with his own, giving the humans and keidran one good look at his face. his eyes gave way to pure orange as his face twisted into a mask of rage. his movements blurred as he fought both sides, his blade connecting with dozens of other, shattering swords and shearing the heads from their weapons, not even trying to defend himself against the wave of blades that faced him.

the fighting dragged on as James started to falter as he found himself suddenly speaking in a voice that was not his.

"Back away mortals or your blood will stain my hands."

and some did as they backed away. and then everything went black.

some time later James found himself laying before a great scene of carnage. blood stained the ground as bodies lay broken around him, burning themselves into his eyes so that he could never forget what he was.

"I am a killer, ruthless and unstoppable. even on deaths door step I shale fight, for I am Enforce, guardian of humanity..."

he paused and looked up to the sky.

"and I will serve, even after death. for I can never truly die."

behind him something moved. it was the figure that the human had been chasing, they were keidran. they were wolven and even from this distance he could see the graceful lines that marked her gender. she was moving from keidran to human, checking each in turn, trying each and every one for something. James stood and approached, his eyes finally resting upon the thick iron cuffs that rested on her arms.

his shadow fell across her as she raised her arms in panic, the sword sheared through her cuffs as the blade fell from his hands.

Perspective switch.


The soldier's blade fell to the blooded earth before me as I lay there, wishing to live for just a little bit longer. the man said something as he turned away from me, leaving me were I sat. the word he said to me suddenly sank in as I spoke it aloud experimentally.


I felt my self laugh as the stranger walked away, and as he got father away, the more I wished to be with him. so I got up andstarted following him

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