Something to Remember

Part One

Tygra shut the lights off to his lab, signaling the end of the day for the striped tiger. He was the last to go to bed that night. The Thundercat was beginning to wonder if how he was living his life now was really worth it.  He spent his whole life in the lab, studying life instead of enjoying it. He was happier in the lab. There he could be at peace with himself, concentrate on his beloved science. Yes, science. The striped tiger loved science. It was his favorite thing: reading and learning more things about any of the branches of science. And yet, the tiger wondered if he was missing anything because he was so devoted to his science. Maybe love or a companion?

The tiger shook his head at the nonsense as he entered his bedroom. His empty bedroom was a single bed, chest, desk, closet, and a bookshelf filled with his science books from Old Thundera. Still his mind wondered to the empty bed. Why? Tygra never really was in a relationship. He stopped before it got serious. He didn't think that it was important, that it would get in the way of his beloved science. Nothing was more important than that.

Now lying on the soft covers of his bed, he thought about getting in a possible relationship. He wondered if his life would be different if he was in a relationship, someone to share his life with. Would he be happier? Would his life be better? He thought about Pumyra, but immediately threw that thought out. Pumyra just wasn't his type at all. Rolling on his side, he thought about Cheetara. She seemed perfect for him in every way. She was smart, beautiful, benevolent, and almost perfect for Tygra, but there was a problem.

Lion-O. The young lord seemed to be taken by the cheetah, and if anyone were to mate to provide an heir, it would and should be those two. He then thought about having a relationship with the other females on the planet. The only ones the ThunderCats have encountered were the Warrior Maidens, but he didn't see anything happening with them. Sighing, he figured his time has passed for love and felt he was destined to be alone.


It was a clear, crisp cool night on Third Earth. Unusual for a summer night. The moon was full and bright. Everyone slept content on the planet, unaware of any doom. A white mist floated in the sky. It gently glides past the Treetop Kingdom, the Wollo Village and Berbil Village. The mist move towards Cat's Lair. It floated to Tygra's windowsill. Tygra unaware of the mist rolled on his side and grumbled in his sleep.

"Tygra. Tygra," a soothing voice called.

The tiger awakened. Through his blurry vision, he saw something white on his window ledge. He blinked again. Vision clearing, he saw a woman standing in the window. She wore an all white dress that had slits running to her mid-thigh. She steps down and walks to Tygra. Tygra sat up in his bed as the mysterious woman stood at the foot of it.

"Who are you?" Tygra asked.

The woman slowly walked to Tygra and sat beside him on the bed. "I'm what you've been missing in life."

"You are?"

Her brown eyes sparkled as she smiled at Tygra. "Yes. You have been so cooped with your work that you haven't stopped to see what you have been missing in life." The dark-haired woman took Tygra's hand and helped him out of bed. She led him to the ledge. Tygra looked down to see they were very high up.

"Wait. Where are we going? You don't expect me to jump out the window. I can't fly."

The woman put her fingers on his lips. "Trust me, Tygra."

Taking his hand, she leapt out the window, taking him with her. They were flying. Flying high on 3rd Earth. Tygra experienced this before. He was under Silky's control. He felt happier flying with someone else, so he could share the experience. It was perfect. She--the mysterious woman was so beautiful. Her hair was a long, silky black like an onyx jewel. Her eyes were a deep mocha color. Her skin, a soft bronze color. Her hand felt so soft, warm, and fit so perfectly in his. They flew all over the planet, exploring the beauty of the mountains, islands, natural terrain.

After their journey, they landed near a lake. She looked at him. "Tell me, Tygra--isn't it more beautiful to see and explore the earth instead of reading about it."

"Yes, it is, " the humble Tygra said wrapping his arms around her. "Especially, if you're around a special person."

The woman ran her fingers through Tygra's orange mane. "Oh, Tygra, I sense you are so sensitive. You hide yourself inside in your studies instead of letting anyone in. Why?"

"I'm afraid I won't be accepted if I don't seem serious, intelligent, quiet all the time. If I show a fun side of myself, no one will take me seriously. I can't get away with it like Lion-O or Panthro or the others. So, I shut everyone out and concentrate on my science. It makes me happy. It gives me pleasure."

"It makes you forget real happiness, real pleasure. Didn't you love once?"

"I left the relationship before it could come to that. She wouldn't accept me, I know. In time, I'm pretty sure she would have left me."

"So instead of taking a chance, you threw yourself in something you knew wouldn't betray you--your work, your beloved science. You are intelligent, Tygra, but your science won't give you everything. It won't give you love."

"Science is essential to life. Without it, nothing would exist," Tygra argued.

"Love is essential to life. Without it, nothing will exist, including you and your love for science."

Tygra knew she had point. This was a first for the tiger. No one was ever to shut him up like that.  He was amazed someone outwitted him.

"Yes, you are right," Tygra agreed.

"Then give it a chance," she stepped closer and took a hold of his hand. "Give love a chance"

Tygra looked into her eyes. He saw honesty, kindness, and love.

"Open your heart, Tygra. Let go of your fears and doubts. Don't you want to, Tygra?"


"Then give yourself to me. If you let me in, we will never be apart," the soft-spoken woman took the moment to kiss him.

Tygra felt electrified and more alive than before. His lips tingled at the feel of her gentle lips on his. She forced him to open and allow her to explore the insides of his mouth. She ran her fingers through his striped hair and his hands ran up and down her back. Tygra felt different somehow. He felt his heart opening, opening to things he shut his heart off from. It was a strange feeling of lightness, a little fearful but in a good way. His heart pounded at the new feelings. After meeting this woman just once, could he be in love?

Tygra found the answer to the question as he spent the rest of the night talking to her, telling her everything, his hopes, dreams, everything. His arms wrapped around hers as they talked through the night and enjoyed the quiet silence between them.

After endless minutes, Tygra asked, "Who are you? What's your name? Where are you from?"

The woman removed herself from his comfortable arms. She looked at him softly.

"I cannot tell you now, but I promise you, you will find out. I must go now."

"Go? Where? Let me come with you."

"No, not now, but soon hopefully." She leaned in close to him and kissed him again, savoring the last of his sweet taste, his loving embrace a little longer before leaving. She pulled apart and looked into his eyes. "I love you, Tygra," she whispered before fading before him.

"No, don't leave!" Tygra shouted.

"I'll be back, Tygra. I'll be back," her voice whispered in the wind.

Tygra bolted out of his bed in a flash. He looked at the window; the sun was up. He looked down and took a moment to recover. "It was a dream," he said sadly.

Throwing off the covers, the tiger grabbed his uniform from the closet, jumped in the shower for a quick wash up and headed for his lab. As he let the hot water revive him for the day, he also tried to wash away the memories of the woman. After his shower, he found that she was still on his mind. He thought going to his lab would make him forget about her. Upon placing his hand on the doorknob, he thought about the woman he dreamt about and his avoiding life in his box that he called his lab.

"I think a nice walk would be better," he told himself.

Tygra walked out of Cat's Lair feeling a little better. He smelled the flowers, listened to the birds singing, taking in the breathtaking morning glow of the earth. This was good for him he thought. He walked to the lake he dreamt he and the woman were. He looked at the crystal blue lake and then at the sky. Something caught his eye. There was a bright star moving in the sky. It was too far for him to get an idea what it might be. A meteorite. No, it was a ship. It looked like it was in trouble as smoke came out. It was flying fast. It was going to crash and from the looks of it, nearby.

Tygra quickly grabbed his bola whip and opened communication to Cat's Lair. "Tygra to Cat's Lair. Come in."

"Panthro here. What is it, Tygra?"

"Check your monitors. A ship is going to crash a few miles from Lake Sierra."

Panthro punched in some keys. "Yes, I see. We're on our way."

"I'll get to the site and wait for you. Tygra out."

Tygra ran as fast as he could to the site. He heard a loud crash. It was the ship he knew. When he arrived, he saw that smoke filled the air. There was also a small fire. Tygra knew he had to check for survivors and get them out fast. Tygra found the door and opened it. Dark smoke enveloped him, but he continues on. He saw someone in the pilot seat unconscious. He unbuckled the safety belt and picks the person up. It was then that he realized that he was holding a woman. He made his way out of the ship and laid the woman on the ground. He wiped some of the smoke smudge off her face and gasped when he got a good look at her.

"It's her. The woman from my dreams."