Something to Remember

Part Three

"Tygra did what?" A recovered Cheetara asked two days later.

The ThunderCats were gathered in Cheetara's room moments after Pumyra announced she awakened.

"Ran after Jasmine in the Thunderstrike," Lion-O repeated.

"What's the plan?" Cheetara asked the Thundercats.

"We're going after him. We were able to get a tracking on the Thunderstrike." Panthro explained.

"I'm going with you," Cheetara said throwing off the covers.

"No! You still need your rest." Lion-O told her.

"Tygra is my friend and a fellow Thundercat. I have to help him. He's in great danger." Cheetara said arguing with Lion-O.

Giving up, Lion-O agreed. "All right, you can come with us but that's it, Panthro, Cheetara and myself."

Grumbling, the kittens and Snarf agreed.

"When are we leaving?" Panthro asked.

"Now." Lion-O commanded.

In less than thirty minutes, Lion-O, Panthro and Cheetara were on their way to Elapidae. Unknown to the ThunderCats, a celebration was going on the planet. The people of Elapidae were celebrating their queen's return and Tygra, their future king. The two stood together, waving at the people in front of Jasmine's majestic palace. The marble palace had a large silver dome in the middle surrounded by smaller spherical domes.  When the ceremony was over, Jasmine arm in arm with Tygra walked back inside the palace. 

"Your planet is beautiful, Jasmine," Tygra said fanning himself. "But it's kind of muggy, so warm. Is it summer here?"

Jasmine shook her head. "No, my planet has always been like this. I guess to you it's very warm like summer. You should get use to it in time."

"So, when do you want the ceremony?"

"For the wedding? I want to marry you as soon as possible, but if you want to wait, I'll understand."

Tygra stopped and Jasmine did too. "I want to marry you now. Why did you ask I'd wait?"

"I thought you might want to talk to your friends. I know they don't approve of me, but I'm sure they wouldn't want to miss this part of your life."

"Those people aren't my friends, thinking and saying all those terrible things about you…and yet you're so caring and thoughtful towards them. You're just perfect, Jasmine, and I love you so much."

"I love you, too, Tygra," Jasmine said and kissed him. She pull back to look at him in the eyes. "We're going to be so happy together."


Later that evening after Jasmine and Tygra had a quiet dinner together and talked about their wedding, the two said there good night. Jasmine entered her room and locked the double wooden doors. She walked to her full-length mirror and undressed. Afterwards, she put her right hand under her chin and began pulling on her skin. She lifts it off her face. Jasmine then proceeds to pull off the skin on her neck, down her shoulders and then the rest of her body. Once all the skin was off, Jasmine stretched her body, happy to be free from the confines of the human covering and happy to be her true self. Jasmine smiled at her real form in the mirror.

Not a human, Jasmine was a cobra, a white cobra with a red streak line down her back.

"Oh!" She moaned raising her arms over her head. "It feels so good to be free. I'm glad I won't have to be in the wretched human suit for long." She slithered across her room to her window. She looked over her planet with a wicked smile. "Soon, Tygra. You and I will wed and on the wedding night…" she laughs wickedly. "I will devour you and take all your energy. You'll tell me all you know. I'll soon know the Thundercat weaknesses and I'll use it against them to rule Thundera and add it to my collection."

Jasmine laughs delightfully and slithers to her nightstand. She sat on her bed and opens the drawer, taking out a black album. She opens it and looked at the pictures. It was Jasmine with different men. In one picture, Jasmine had her arms around a strong, warrior-like man.

"Oh, Ares, so strong, handsome, and an excellent warrior. You taught me so much about fighting."

She turned a page and Jasmine was smiling with another man. He looks more intellectual than Ares. "Mercio, so intelligent, so smart, but not smart enough to stop me. Your knowledge has been very useful to me."

Jasmine turned to the next page. Jasmine and another man stood together. This man had on a special garment indicating he was into the study of magic.

"Ah, Jarar. He had to have been the best wizard by far, and now I have all his magic. Too bad he taste horrible."

Jasmine flipped another page and another and she finally came to the last page. Jasmine and Tygra smiling with their arms wrapped one another. "Soon, my dear, Tygra, you will join them."


Jasmine slept in her snake form that night. She was awakened the next morning when her servant knocked on her door. Jasmine woke up and made sure to open it when it was only her servant there. She closed the door immediately when she entered.

"My queen we have visitors."

"Visitors? Who?"

"We're not sure. We have never seen it before. We got in contact to them through our communications and they said they've come to see Tygra."

"The Thundercats," Jasmine muttered under her breath. "I should've known they would come for Tygra. No matter. Tygra will get rid of them for me. Give me a few minutes to change in my human form and allow the Feliner to land. Show them the utmost of kindness. We can't let them be any more suspicious than they already are."

Her servant nodded and left.

Jasmine slithers to her dresser and opened a bottle with pinkish fluid inside. She drunk half of the contents and sat it down. She made a disgusted noise. Though it looks pretty, the taste was awful.

"Ugh! I must come up with a concoction with a sweeter taste without destroying the formula."

Jasmine clasped her stomach, as the change of the metamorphosis began. She stumbled to her bed, grabbed her bed, and bit on the pillow. She screamed and groaned in pain as the change fully took place. A few minutes later, the transformation was over. She put on some clothes and stepped out of the room. Jasmine entered Tygra's room. He was still sleeping. Jasmine shook him gently waking him up.

"Tygra, wake up. The Thundercats are here."

"They are?"

"Yes. I'm afraid they're going to take you from me. Oh, my love, what are we going to do?" She asked scared.

Tygra gave her a kiss. "Don't worry. They won't take me from you."

Jasmine smiled and hugged Tygra. Afterwards, they went outside to greet them. They watched the Feliner landing in front of the castle. When the engines shut off, the top opened and Lion-O, Cheetara, and Panthro jumped out.

"Cheetara?" Tygra said surprised and hugged the cheetah. "You're all right."

"Yes, I am." Cheetara said.

Tygra pulled away and asked slightly coldly. "So, what are you doing here?"

Lion-O looked over Tygra's shoulder and saw Jasmine. "We think it's best that we talk to you alone."

"NO!" Tygra shouted. "Whatever you say to me, you can say in front of Jasmine. We hold no secrets."

"Tygra," Jasmine said walking to Tygra. "Maybe it's best that you do talk without me. Come, I'll take you to my council room."

Lion-O nodded and they all followed Jasmine to her council room. It was a large room with a square table seating ten people. A large window brought light and more heat to the room. Cheetara fan herself as she took a seat.

"Is there a fan in here? It's so warm."

"You'll get use to it in a few hours. The planet is like this." Tygra explained taking his seat.

Once everyone sat down, Lion-O spoke. "Tygra, I'm going to come out and say it. We think you should leave."

"I knew you would do this! I'm not leaving! I'm staying with Jasmine and that's final!" Tygra shouted.

"Tygra, there is something not right about this whole thing. Marrying Jasmine will be the biggest mistake in your life. It could even cost you your life." Cheetara said.

"You're wrong! Marrying Jasmine will be the best thing for me!" Tygra replied back.

"There's something wrong with this place, Tygra, and something is off about Jasmine." Panthro said.

"Like what?"

"She's too nice?"

Tygra scoffed. "Too nice? That's pathetic."

"It's not, Tygra. She seems too perfect. Nobody's perfect. We all have our down side," Panthro explained.

"She is."

Cheetara rubbed her temples for a moment.

Lion-O noticed her behavior. "What's wrong?" Lion-O asked.

"I'm just getting bad feelings about this place: the heat, Jasmine…something… something doesn't feel right." Cheetara explained.

"Cheetara, your sixth sense doesn't work all the time. You're wrong on this." Tygra said.

"The last time Cheetara said something was wrong with Jasmine, she was poisoned and Jasmine suddenly decided to leave. I believe Cheetara." Lion-O defended Cheetara.

Tygra scoffed. "You would. If she wants you to cut that wild mane of yours, you'd do it."

Lion-O sighed, ignoring Tygra's rudeness. Cheetara spoke in defense of herself.

"Tygra, look at what this is doing to you. You never behaved this way before. Jasmine has corrupted you."

"She has done nothing but made me a better person. She help me open up, free myself from my shyness." Tygra argued back. "We're getting married and there's nothing you can do to stop us."

Jasmine watches the whole scene play out from a private room. One of her servant was with her. Cameras were all over the palace since Jasmine anticipated the other Thundercats arrival.

"We better keep an eye on Cheetara. She's could be a threat to us. I don't trust her or that sixth sense of hers. She could expose us," Jasmine said.

"Shall we capture and kill her, my queen?" The servant asked.

"No, Claudia. We should wait. The others may get suspicious. If she wants to get nosy and snoops around, then do it. We might as well rid ourselves of the Thundercats now when I suggest to Tygra that we marry today."

"You think he would agree to it?" Claudia asked.

Jasmine looked at her servant surprised. "Of course. He'll never say no to me." She stood up. "I think I should do it now."

"My queen?"

Jasmine turned to Claudia. "Yes."

"Do you think we should stop this? You have ten planets under your control. Do you think you should continue? Do you really have to go after Third Earth?"

Jasmine smirked and put a hand on her hip. "You're worried about the Sword of Omens, aren't you?"

"From what Tygra told you, it's a very powerful sword and we never crossed anything like it."

"Don't worry, Claudia. When Tygra and I mate, I will know everything I need to know, and I'll be rid of the Thundercats for good." She said and left the room.


Panthro got out of his seat and began pacing the room. This was tiring and annoying. How were he and the others going to get through Tygra? Panthro knew Jasmine wasn't good news and it's not easy telling someone that the woman he loves wasn't right. Tygra had to see it for himself, but how?

"Your place isn't here, Tygra. This isn't your life. You are a Thundercat."

"I don't want to be a Thundercat anymore, Panthro. I'm much happier here. All there is for me as a Thundercat is ridicule, disrespect and lack of acknowledgement."

The doors of the room opened and Jasmine entered. "I hope I'm not interrupting anything," Jasmine said softly.

Tygra got up from his seat and walked to Jasmine. "You're not interrupting anything."

"I wanted to know if your friends wanted to come to our wedding. Since they will be here for a short time and we really want to get married, we could do it today…that is if you want to." Jasmine said softly and innocently.

Tygra hugged her. "I think that's a great idea."

Lion-O, Panthro and Cheetara looked at each doubtfully. They knew something wasn't right about the wedding.

"We could marry now, and it would prove to the others that everything is perfect." Tygra said and kissed Jasmine deeply in front of them. He pulled back from her and looked at the others. "Jasmine and I are getting married today. You can come if you like. I don't care if you do or not." Tygra said. He put his an arm around Jasmine and the two left the room.

"Married? Today? We've got to stop them." Panthro said.

"Yes, but how?" Lion-O asked.

"I don't know, but if we don't, Tygra will not be here for long. I'm getting some bad vibes here." Cheetara said.


Lion-O, Cheetara, and Panthro agreed to stay. They figured they would be able to stop the wedding. Each ThunderCat were given a separate guestroom. Cheetara had the fans running at full power in hers. She had a bad feeling about this place and the heat was killing her. Playing detective, Cheetara thought it was best to do a little sneaking around. She walked cautiously down the hall, peeking in rooms when she heard a conversation between two servants.

"I'll be glad when the queen marries Tygra. This skin is really beginning to bug me."

Cheetara raised an eyebrow confused. What did they mean?

"Oh, I know it. I take mine off every night." Another one said.

Cheetara really became concern. Taking skin off? What kind of people were they?

"Yeah, but then we've got to put it back on again when the queen finds another sucker.

Evidence. Now the cheetah had the proof she needed.

The sound of a third voice entered the room. "What are you three talking about?"

"Oh, we're just talking about how glad we will be when we get rid of our skin."

"You fools! You know better than to talk about this while those cat people are here." The voice scolded at the other two.

Cheetara thought this was the best moment to go. She slowly backed away from the door and turned. She gasped when she saw Jasmine staring in front of her.

"Cheetara, you know there is no need for you to be sneaking around," Jasmine said thoughtfully.

"Cut the politeness, Jasmine. I know what type of person you really are."

Jasmine laughs. "You have no idea what type of person I am."

"I know enough to convince Tygra not to marry you."

"We'll see about that," Jasmine said and aimed her hands at Cheetara. A flash of blue light left her hands and fired on the cheetah. The female Thundercat cried out as she was knocked down.

Cheetara got up and pulled out her staff.

"That puny staff won't stop me and neither will you." Jasmine said and fired another blast on the Thundercat. Cheetara blocked it with the energy from her staff.

The servants in the other room heard the noise and ran out. Jasmine saw them.

"No! She's mine." Jasmine pulled back and grasped the energy from Cheetara in one hand. She shot it back on the cheetah. The cheetah dodges the blast.

Jasmine moved her hand with a quick gesture. Cheetara's staff left her hands. Jasmine twirled her hands in a circle and the cheetah's staff turned on her. It begins to shoot its energy at her. Cheetara used her cat reflexes to dodged out of the way each time.

"You can't dodge forever."

"Maybe not, but I can do something else," Cheetara said. She ran with super speed and tackled Jasmine to the ground. Cheetara's staff fell to the ground. Jasmine knocked Cheetara off her. Cheetara jumped to kick Jasmine. Jasmine put her hand up and used her dark magic to force Cheetara to the wall. Cheetara let out a cry of pain.

"You're not stronger than me, Cheetara." Jasmine said and she made a blue light around the cheetah. She raised the cheetah with her power and slammed her against another wall. "I have the strength of Ares," she slams cheetah on the other wall. "The wisdom of Mercio," she slams Cheetara on the ceiling. "The magical power of Jarar. No one will stop me!" She used more power and slammed Cheetara into the wall again hard. She then released the cheetah and let her fall to the ground unconscious.

Jasmine looked at her servants. "Tie her up and put her in the dungeon. I have a wedding to prepare for."


The private wedding was to take place in the throne. Jasmine was already ready in her white gown and Tygra wore a white suit. Jasmine's servants looked around for Cheetara when she didn't show up. When their search was over, they entered the throne room.

"We can't find her anywhere, my queen." Claudia said.

Panthro folded his arms. "I'm telling you, Lion-O, something isn't right here."

"Yeah, I think something is up too." Lion-O said.

"Do you think it would help if you try the Sword of Omens again?"

"I tried that, Panthro, but there is some kind of radioactive energy that is blocking the sword."

"I guess she didn't want to attend the ceremony. We should start the wedding." Jasmine said.

"No!" Panthro interrupted. "She's here."

"I don't see where she could be, except maybe your ship." Jasmine said.

"Cheetara wouldn't miss this so-call-wedding. She would be here to stop it. You and your people did this. I bet she got curious and you stopped her." Panthro growled angrily.

"Curious about what, Panthro? What you see is what you get around here," Jasmine said calmly.

"We'll see about that." Panthro said and walked off.

Jasmine walked to her throne chair and sat down. The gold chair was lined with various colored jewels. Jasmine presses her finger on a red jewel. In a chamber below the palace, Jasmine's assistant, Claudia strapped the unconscious cheetah on the wall. Her necklace beeps. She knew what was to be done now.

Panthro closed yet another door. He has been searching all the rooms in the palace and no sign of Cheetara.

"I know they did something to her."

"Is there something I can help you with?" Claudia asked walking to the panther.

"Yeah, I want to know what you did with Cheetara," Panthro said with an attitude.

"Very well. Follow me," Claudia said.

Panthro was surprised that was easy but he knew he should be on his guard. They walked to the lower part of the palace. Panthro noticed it got warmer the further they went. He was sweating profusely, while no sweat drop from Claudia. He wondered why. What was going on? 

Finally, they came to a door. Claudia typed in some commands and it opened. She stepped out of the way and let Panthro entered first. It was a dungeon and it was warm. The floor felt odd. Panthro didn't know how to describe it but there was an odd feeling to it. He noticed a handle next to a set of buttons on the wall across the room. He wondered what those were for.

Panthro gasped when he saw Cheetara strapped to the wall in chains on her wrist and ankles. Panthro ran to her. While he wasn't looking, Claudia pressed a button on the wall next to the handle, unbeknownst to Panthro.

"Cheetara. Wake up!" Panthro shouted and pulled on the bonds on the cheetah. It wouldn't budge. "Release her now!" Panthro ordered.

"Why, Panthro if we do that, then you will tell Lion-O and Tygra and we can't have you doing that." a new voice spoke.

Panthro turned and saw Jasmine. "You. I knew you were behind this."

"Panthro, you need to rest. You're getting lightheaded."

"I'm not lightheaded. I'm…." the panther pause. He was suddenly, feeling light. "You did something." He sniffed. Gas. "The air…you did something to it." He charged on her. Jasmine dodged. He was seeing double now. "If I taken down….then Lion-O will stop you."

"Oh, yes. The Lord of the Thundercats. Well, we'll have to take care of him now won't we and I know how to." Jasmine said and looked at the unconscious cheetah.

Panthro had a hunch of what Jasmine meant, but he didn't what she would do. His mind couldn't think. His head was getting light from the gas. The strong panther fell to his knees and then flat on his chest.

"Sleep, Panthro. That is what you need now."

And that was the last he heard before he passed out.

"Take care of him, Claudia. Is my other suit ready?"

"Yes, my queen. It's exactly as you want it. I never thought you would have to use it."

"You have to expect anything and everything, Claudia. As next in line, should anything happen to me, you should know that." Jasmine said and walked off.


"Panthro is taking too long to return. We should have heard something from him now." Lion-O said.

"He probably got lost just like Cheetara, looking for something that isn't there." Tygra said.

"Tygra, Panthro and Cheetara's absence is all a sign that you should return to us. We're your best friends, Tygra, and we want what's best for you. If you want to leave the Thundercats, then you can. I won't stop you, but you must know this: if your friends whom you have known most of your life and been through a lot together tell you something is wrong, then something is wrong."

Tygra just scoffed at Lion-O. Lion-O tried again to help his comrade.

"Tygra, something is going on here. It's bad. The sword won't even work. Something is blocking my vision. Tygra, even you have to admit something isn't right."

"Maybe it's the heat that's blocking your sword."

"That's another thing, Tygra. How come it's so warm here? Jasmine and her people aren't breaking a sweat and we are."

"The planet is automatically like this. You'll get use to it."

"I'm not getting use to it and neither are you. Once we find Panthro and Cheetara, we're going back home and we're never coming back here."

"You can't order me, Lion-O. I'm not a Thundercat anymore."

"Maybe not, but I may have to knock you out to get you to go with us."

The door opened and Cheetara entered the room.

"Cheetara, you're all right. Where were you?" Lion-O asked walking to her.

"I got lost. Sorry to have you worry about me."

"Have you seen Panthro?"

Cheetara looked concern. "No, I haven't. Is anything wrong?"

"He went looking for you and he hasn't been back."

"Maybe we should look for him then." Cheetara said taking Lion-O's arm and leaving the room.

"Did you find anything suspicious?" Lion-O asked.

"Surprisingly, no. Let's go in here for a second," Cheetara said and opened the door to her room.

"What is it?" Lion-O asked.

"I think we made a mistake. I don't Jasmine is as bad as we think she is."

"And you're basing this on…."

"My senses. I don't have a negative feeling about this place. Tygra was right. Jasmine is a wonderful person. We should just attend the wedding and go home afterwards. Tygra is happy here."

"Cheetara, have they done something to you?" Lion-O asked.

"No, Lion-O. No one's done anything to me. Tygra has found his love. He's happy." Cheetara stepped closer to him. "Maybe we should do the same."

Lion-O raised an eyebrow. "Cheetara?"

Cheetara responded by kissing Lion-O. Lion-O broke the kiss.

"Cheetara, what are you doing?"

"What does it look like?" Cheetara asked and kissed him again. She wrapped her arms around his neck. This time Lion-O didn't pull back. The Sword of Omens growled.

Lion-O pulled away from her. "There's danger here."

"I don't see anything." Cheetara said still with her arms around his neck.

"Evil isn't always visible." Lion-O told Cheetara.

"Maybe the sword wasn't warning you of evil, but me." Cheetara said.

"Of you? Why?"

"Because I'm dangerous." Cheetara said in a sultry voice and kissed Lion-O again.

Lion-O broke the kiss. "It's kind of warm in here."

"It's all right to me."

That's when Lion-O really looked at Cheetara. She wasn't sweating whereas he was. Something wasn't right. His sword growled. The danger was her—Cheetara, but it wasn't Cheetara. It was an imposter.

"Who are you?"

"I'm Cheetara, Lion-O."

"No, you're not. If you were, you would be sweating like I am."

"Feeling the heat, Lion-O?" Cheetara laughed wickedly. "You're right. I'm not, Cheetara."

"What have you done with her?" Lion-O asked angrily.

"You'll soon find out in five, four, three, two…"

Lion-O collapsed on the floor. The false Cheetara --Jasmine took out a red lipstick from her pocket.

"'Knock out red' works every time, with a little dose of drugs."


In the Throne Room, Tygra begin to wonder where everyone was. Jasmine hasn't return and he was beginning to worry about the other Thundercats. Lion-O's words entered his mind.

We're your best friends; Tygra and we want what's best for you. If you want to leave the Thundercats, then you can. I won't stop you, but you must know this, if your friends whom you have known most of your life and been through a lot together tell you something is wrong, something is wrong.

Lion-O's words finally hit Tygra. He begins to realize something was wrong. Every time a ThunderCat left, they didn't return, as if a trap was being set for them. They would've returned by now. Years of fighting together taught him the ThunderCats would not take on a battle by themselves. He left the room in search of the others. The tiger heard and grunting noise leaving Cheetara's guestroom. He hid in the shadows and waited.

"Ugh! I should have known that this Lion-O would he heavy." Jasmine groaned carrying the unconscious Lord of the Thundercats over his shoulder.

The tiger was shocked, hurt. They were right all along. The Thundercats were telling the truth about Jasmine and he denied it, said they were wrong where he was the one that was wrong. He was a complete fool. Tygra cautiously followed Jasmine, knowing she would lead him to Cheetara and Panthro.


"Wake up, Lion-O. Wake up!"

Lion-O awakened to find himself chained to the wall. When he opened his eyes, he saw Cheetara.

"Cheetara, where are we?"

"Panthro said we're in the dungeon."

"Panthro's here?" Lion-O said and leaned as far as he could and saw Panthro chained on the other side of Cheetara.

"So you all finally awakened." Jasmine said.

"Let's us go!" Lion-O ordered.

"Now you know I'm not going to do that." Jasmine said walking to them.

"Why are you doing this: using Tygra, capturing us?" Cheetara asked.

"Power, what else?" Jasmine answered and looked at Lion-O. "I would have used you if I had the chance, but you're not so easily suckered, well unless I'm a blonde cheetah." She winked at him while Cheetara looked at him curiously wondering what she meant.

"However, since you didn't mind your business and stayed on your own planet, I must take care of you here. You were just avoiding the inevitable and made your deaths quicker by coming here."

"What are you planning to do?" Panthro asked.

"I had two different ways to kill you." Jasmine said walking to a handle on the other side of the room. She pulled it down and the floor opened up in the middle. "A fiery pit that has radiation. Enough to block the Sword of Omens power." Jasmine brought the handle back up and the floor closed. "But then I thought what I was only going to Tygra would be more fitting and tasty for me. I shall eat you."

The Thundercats gasped.

"No…. you're not," Cheetara spoke in slight denial.

"Yes, I am."

"What does she mean 'eat us'?" Panthro asked.

"She's going to literally eat us." Cheetara answered.

"How?" Lion-O asked.

"She's a snake."

"We know that." Panthro remarked.

"No, Panthro, I really mean she's a snake. That's just a body suit she has on her."

"The cheetah is right. That's why we had to take her out first. She got too curious." Jasmine concurred.

"You're going to eat Tygra?" Lion-O asked.

"Yes, that sucker was the perfect person. So weak, never knowing real emotions, always stuck with a book in his face. How was he to know he got deceived by beautiful, smart me. Tygra was the perfect person. He knew all about you and would tell me all your secrets. His insecurities about himself are what finally got him."

Tygra hiding in the shadows heard everything and was broken hearted even more. He felt even more of a fool.

"Now, who should be my first victim? Ah, yes, the bullheaded Panthro." Jasmine walked over to the panther and touches his muscular legs. "Hmm, so tough. You're going to be delicious." She then looks at Lion-O. "Such a pity to rid the world of someone as handsome as you, but my taste buds will enjoy you." She then looked at Cheetara. "I don't think I'll eat you. I'll let my male servants tend to you."

Jasmine licked her lips at the panther. "I guess it's time I showed the real me."

The Thundercats gasped in horror as Jasmine shed her human mask and revealed her true white snake form. Jasmine slithers to Panthro and unlocks the braces at his ankles. Panthro tried to kick her, but his legs were helpless.

"Nice try, Panthro, but the gas you enveloped and the drug I slip to Lion-O will leave you both weak as kittens for hours. Oh, yes. Tygra told me all about Thundrainium, but I pushed it up another notched."

Jasmine stretched her mouth open wide by a foot. Her face was an odd oblong shape as she took Panthro's feet in her mouth.

Panthro screamed in horror while Lion-O and Cheetara looked on helplessly. The two Thundercats pulled on their chains in order to free themselves from their bonds but it was hopeless. Jasmine worked up to Panthro's waist; her long snake body stretching to allow Panthro's body in her.

"I'm going to give you a bad indigestion!" Panthro cursed at her.

"I've had worse," Jasmine mumbled with her food in her mouth.

"STOP!" Tygra shouted. "Your treachery and deceit ends now, Jasmine."

Lion-O and Cheetara looked up at Tygra coming out of the shadows. They wondered how long he was there. Jasmine stopped feeding on Panthro.  She scowled and pulled the panther out of her mouth. Panthro was dripping in sticky saliva from his feet to his chest.

Jasmine looked back at Tygra. "Tygra. I was wondering when you would come out of the dark. Were you waiting for me to finish eating Panthro before showing up in some pathetic rescue attempt?"

"It ends now." Tygra said pulling out his whip.

"You think your whip is going to stop me?" Jasmine questioned.

Tygra wrapped his whip around himself and became invisible.

"We've got to help, Tygra. He can't do this by himself," Cheetara said.

Lion-O looked down at his shield and saw that his Sword of Omens was missing. "Sword of Omens…."

"No!" Jasmine shouted and turned to Lion-O. She was about to waved a hand at Lion-O's mouth when something grabbed both her arms.

"It must be Tygra," Cheetara said.

"Come to my hand." Lion-O finished.

The Sword of Omens was hidden in metal chamber in Jasmine's room. Hearing the call of it's master, it broke free from it confines and flew across the halls, downstairs and burst through the door and into Lion-O's hands.

"NO!" Jasmine screamed. She struggled with the invisible being. "Blast you, Tygra! You're stronger than I thought."

Sword in his hands, Lion-O broke free from his bonds. He aimed the sword at Cheetara's bonds and freed her and Panthro.

Panthro wiped most of Jasmine's slime off him. "Let me at her!" Panthro growled.

Jasmine was able to figured how Tygra was holding her. She broke from his grip and threw him off her. He landed on his back. He became visible again. Tygra got up and glared at Jasmine.

"We should help him," Panthro said.

"No, we should let Tygra do this on his own." Lion-O said.

"But Jasmine is too powerful for Tygra," Cheetara said.

"Tygra said we underestimate him, we disrespect him, we teased him. Well, now it's time for Tygra to show us what he's made of. If he gets in a situation he can't get out of, we'll help him." Lion-O said.

Jasmine and Tygra faced each other. It was a stalemate between them, one waiting for the other to start. Growing impatient, Jasmine attacked first. She ran towards Tygra to punch him. Tygra dodged it. Tygra used his whip to form a ring of fire around her. Jasmine used her powers of sorcery and waved her hands to disintegrate the fire.

With another wave of her hand, she pulled Tygra's whip out of his hand and into hers. She cracked the whip and created a ball of fire around the tiger. Tygra jumped out of the ring of fire and vanished.

The action stunned Jasmine. "What? What was that? Where did he go?" Jasmine looked at Lion-O, Cheetara, and Panthro who were stunned as well. "I thought his invisibility was possible only with his whip around him."

"I'm just full of surprises." Tygra's voice echoed over the room.

His whip snaps out of Jasmine's hand.

"Where did the whip go?" Jasmine said looking around.

There was a crack in the air. Tygra's whip was being wrapped around Jasmine. She caught it halfway and pulled on it. Tygra became visible. He was across from her, holding the end of the whip. Jasmine lifts Tygra and swings him around the room.

"You think you can stop me! I'll not have it!"

Tygra screams as he was being swung around the room. She slams him across the ceiling and slammed him against wall next to the handle Panthro saw when he entered the room. Remembering what Jasmine did, Tygra pulled down the handle. The floor beneath Jasmine opened up. Jasmine fell in. Tygra fell to the ground and was being dragged across the floor. Cheetara started to run to Tygra but Lion-O stopped her. She looked at him and he shook his head.

Tygra's right hand grabs the edge so he wouldn't fall in the pit and his other hand was on the whip. He looked in the open floor and saw a fiery pit of lava.

"If I go in, I'm taking you with me." Jasmine said.

"Not if I let go of the whip." Tygra shot back.

"You won't do that. ThunderCats don't kill. You told me that yourself."

Jasmine used her hands to pull Tygra in with her. Tygra struggled with her. His body was halfway over the edge.

"Tygra!"  Cheetara called. Cheetara looked at Lion-O. He still shook his head. Cheetara looked at Panthro. He watched the fight, but it didn't look like the panther was going to help the tiger either.

"You cold-hearted woman….how did I ever fall in love with you?"

"Because you're weak, you're a wimp, and you needed a kind, sweet sympathetic person like me to comfort your own insecurities."

His body on the edge of falling completely over, Tygra had no choice but to unwrap his whip around Jasmine. Free from Tygra's whip, Jasmine screams as she falls in the fiery pit. Tygra turns his head away from the sight. Tygra pulls himself up and out of the pit. He rests on the solid ground. Lion-O, Cheetara, and Panthro walk to him. Tygra sits up and look up at the ThunderCats.

"Why didn't you help me?"

"You said we don't give you enough credit. So, we decided to let you handle this on your own." Lion-O said.

Tygra stood up. "Next time, I'll be careful of what I say." He joked. Seriously, he looks at his comrades. "I'm sorry….for everything."

"Forget it, Tygra. We understand. It could've happened to anyone." Lion-O told him.

"I think we all can get crazy when it comes to matters of the heart." Cheetara said.

Tygra looked down the pit where Jasmine's body burned up. "I loved her. I truly did."

"Yeah, you did. Better to love and lost never to have loved at all, right?"

Tygra smiled at Panthro's words of advice. "Right. Let's go, ThunderCats."

 When the three stepped out of the room, they saw Claudia, Jasmine's servant.

"Where's the queen?" Claudia asked.

"She met her fate," Tygra said.

Claudia began to cry. She rushed into the room. She saw the pit open and cried even more. Tygra closed the door.

"Let's go."

"Do you think that is wise?" Cheetara asked Tygra. "Suppose they want to attack us."

"No, they were only following Jasmine's orders. With Jasmine gone, they will have a new queen. More than likely, it'll be Claudia, and I don't think she will be evil like Jasmine."

"Even though Jasmine was evil, she did make you happy, something neither of us haven't seen in a while. In spite of everything, she did give you something to remember." Cheetara told him.

"Yes, I guess so, Cheetara," Tygra said. "I think I'm a better person because of her, and I'll be careful next time."

"There's someone for everyone Tygra. Your dream girl is out there." Cheetara told him.

"So, Tygra, what took you so long to come out of the shadows? Were you waiting for Jasmine to eat me completely?" Panthro asked.

"Um, no. Actually, I'm not sure. Dramatics maybe?" Tygra guessed.

"Yeah, right." Panthro grumbled.

"Another thing, Tygra, how were you able to become invisible without your whip?" Lion-O asked.

"I've been training myself to do that. It took months, but I did it."

"So, it wasn't an illusion?" Cheetara asked.

A wicked smile crosses his face. "Maybe it was, maybe it wasn't. I think I'm entitled to some mystery."