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Chapter Ten - Tension

The angel Castiel slept silent, peaceful dreams. He dreamt of nothing in particular, and it would have been quite the forgettable experience except for the fact that while he slept, he felt perpetually safe, and in sleep he also felt loved. That was why when Dean slowly awoke to the feel of warm breath tickling the fine hair on the back of his neck and a strong arm wrapped tightly and securely around his waist after having found purchase there, he didn't freak out. Ok, maybe he freaked out a little, but before he could do something dangerous and make a grab for the gun he kept under the pillow, or the one he also kept in the bedside table, he realized that if this was some demon come to kill him or take him away, they wouldn't be cuddling him like an octopus – all limbs. That left him with only one other option as to who his 'mysterious' bed buddy could be, and the feeling didn't make him fill with dread or weird him out quite as much as he would have expected, which was a revelation in its own right, but Dean didn't think about all that right now, his first port of call was to disentangle himself from the angel spooning him. Go figure he would be the little spoon in this situation, Dean thought as he chuckled wryly.

Dean slowly shifted, all the while very much aware of the arm over his waist, the feel of that all too familiar material against his stomach where his nightshirt had rode up in the night. Oddly enough the sensation soothed him, but he just put it down to familiarity. When he had turned so that he was lying flat on his back, Dean moved his head slowly to the right and stared straight into the silently sleeping face of Castiel. Even in sleep the angel's countenance wasn't entirely smoothed out, a frown was still slightly engrained on his features. This made Dean inwardly curse to himself. If anyone deserved peace, even if it was just in sleep, it was Castiel.

Thanking whoever was out there that neither of them had morning wood, as Dean knew that would only make matters all the more awkward when it came to him broaching the subject of how a certain angel landed in his bed in the first place, Dean slowly and sedately gripped the hand attached to the arm around his waist and gently moved it from himself as he edged from the bed, careful not to wake his friend. The fact that he was asleep at all surprised Dean. He knew as well as anyone that angels didn't sleep, so the fact that Castiel was doing so now was peculiar, to say the least. But more than that, it was worrying.

When he'd finally disentangled himself, Dean's gaze moved over his friend's comfortable form, admiring the way his muscles bunched slightly as he turned to roll over, the milky whiteness of his skin where a button had come undone on his shirt, the outline of his hips visible through the thin material, as his gaze moved lower… Dean snapped himself out of it then. No way was he checking out a dude, let alone an angel dude, his best friend angel dude.

"No way in hell." Dean muttered to himself as he made his way for the door, when his eyes landed on the handle and the object that he found there. It was Castiel's tie. Seeing that tie brought memories of the day before back to Dean's mind, of a certain dream he'd had but could only remember fragments of. Rushing from the room and not looking back, Dean couldn't help but run his fingers over his smooth lips, couldn't help but imagine what reality of that mouth on his would be like, how it'd feel to twist his fingers through Castiel's dark hair, bring their bodies closer together… Dean punched the wall closest to him at that point to try and stop the thoughts that had suddenly just popped up in his head uninvited, and all due to one stupid little dream. 'I'm not gay' one side of him argued, while the other side that sounded suspiciously like his Sammy countered back, 'Maybe it's not about being gay, maybe it's about the person. Maybe it's just about Castiel…'

Dean groaned at the internal struggle going through his mind. No matter what, he would be leaving the analyzing for another time. As it was he had other, more important matters on his mind. He needed to talk to Castiel, and he needed to have his head in order when he did. The angel was hiding something from him, and Dean intended to find out what that something was, and to do that he had to remain focused. Anything else he could deal with later.


When Castiel woke up the first thing he experienced was shock as his eyes briefly took in his surroundings. Then the events of last night quickly returned to him and it caused him to groan loudly into the now slightly chilly bedroom. What must Dean have thought, waking up to find him lying beside him like this? Taking in the fact that the hunter hadn't woken him upon discovering the angel asleep beside him as a good sign, Castiel quickly got to his feet and ignored the small wave of nausea that flooded his vessel from being upright once again after so many hours of lying horizontal. This body wasn't used to sleep anymore, Castiel knew, and he never could quite comprehend why humans found sleeping for extended amounts of time enjoyable. Taking in his ruffled appearance and quickly fixing it to his usual dapper countenance, Castiel immediately glanced around the room for his tie and couldn't help but notice the empty, mussed up side of the bed as his eyes traveled across in that direction. For some reason this pulled at his chest. Thinking it to be an after effect of the slight dizziness, Castiel quickly gave up his search and flew down into the kitchen below where he had heard slight banging coming from during said search.

Standing quietly behind the human, Castiel muttered his name to get his attention and to also give him a slight warning of his arrival,


Castiel noticed how the hunters body had tensed at Castiel's voice before easing slightly within seconds, instead of turning around however Dean stood stock still for a moment before replying,

"I was just about to call you. Pull up a chair Cas."

When the angel had sat in the seat closest to where the hunter was at the counter, Dean quickly grabbed a plate and set it down in front of his friend which contained all the ingredients of a traditional greasy fry up. Not the type of thing Dean would usually cook if Sammy were around, but something which he knew how to make well after numerous years of cooking for his brother, and occasionally for his father too. Taking a seat opposite the angel, he dug into his breakfast with the speed and gusto of a man who hadn't eaten in weeks. Dean was truly famished. They managed to get along in companionable silence for several minutes before that silence was quietly broken by a question from the angel.

"When I woke up this morning, I was unable to find my tie, have you seen it Dean?" He asked, but as he lifted his eyes from his plate his gaze landed on Dean's face, and he couldn't help but notice how his charge was avoiding looking him in the eye at all costs.

Castiel continued to do what he did best when it came to Dean, and that was to watch each subtle movement which would help him be a guide as to what the man could be thinking. Studying Dean had been one of his favorite past times for some time now, as he never failed to surprise the angel in some way or another.

Right at that moment Dean was preparing himself to look his best friend in the eye – this being the first time they had spoken since his dream. He didn't want anything to be weird. Licking his lips before he spoke, Dean didn't notice how Castiel's eyes followed this motion, watched as his pink tongue darted out across his bottom lip.

It was only when Dean cleared his throat meaningfully that the angels eyes were pulled from Dean's mouth to rest at his hand which was bridging the way across the table, and holding out his tie loosely in the palm of his hand.

Dean was still looking away from him when Cas went to retrieve his tie from his hand, but he was caught up short when Dean quickly and unexpectedly spoke out, "We need to talk, and now's as good a place as any to do that."

Castiel drew his arm back at that, tie in hand, and noticed how Dean went to run his fingers slightly over his lips now with the fingers of his free hand. Worry suddenly welled up inside Castiel. Dean had said that they needed to talk, did that mean that he remembered the almost kiss that had occurred between them?

Clearing his throat and looking the angel come best friend across from him in the eyes, Dean fought to keep his mind business-like, and his tone similar.

"You disappeared on me for over a day man, and no matter how much I called you didn't reply, or even send me some sign that everything was ok. Then when I wake up it's to find you in some kind of deeply needed sleep beside me. No lies here man, there's something you're not telling me and I need to know what it is so we can deal with it. Together. Now tell me Cas, what's really going on?"

Castiel outwardly sighed to make Dean believe that he was unhappy at the hunter's conclusions, but inside he couldn't be more pleased. Dean not knowing what had happened between them made things so much easier and it also meant that they could get along with Gabriel's wishes without any tension between them. He was unsure still as to why it was such a big deal that Dean didn't find out, after all he'd rebuilt the man, almost from scratch, he knew him more intimately than other woman, understood him and his feelings about hell better than anyone else, and they'd shared a great deal many experiences together. But something inside of him told him that if Dean was fully aware of the events that had transpired, something would change between them, and even though he was an angel, he wasn't fully sure he was ready for such an event as of yet. Dean was the only constant he could rely on in his life right now, and if he lost that, he was unsure what would happen next, and as an angel, such instability was an ominous force indeed.

Thinking on what was safe to tell Dean, Castiel ventured into the conversation guardedly, "The angel blade you asked me about, it belonged to an old comrade of mine, Balthazar." Seeing Dean's blank expression at the new information, he continued, "He supposedly died the true death of an angel,but if that was the case demons wouldn't have had his blade. Due to the discrepancy in what I knew as fact and what appears to be reality, I went to heaven to have a discussion with Gabriel about what really is the truth of the matter."

Dean cut in then, "And that took you over a day because? Seriously man, you had me worried there."

Avoiding the easy comparison to hell he could make, Castiel continued, "Time moves differently in heaven, and we had many matters to discuss," Seeing Dean was about to break into the conversation again Castiel swiftly continued, "He told me that he has a competitor in heaven. Raphael wants to be 'the new sheriff in town', as I believe you would put it." The angel bit out disdainfully, making his opinion on that particular brother clear enough to interpret to anyone listening. Dean himself knew of Castiel's low opinion of the Archangel, and couldn't really blame him for it either.

"Well I'm sure Gabriel will beat that ass-hat in whatever hissy fit it is their having, but tell me truthfully, is it really that serious?" Dean asked, looking to the angel for conformation on his thoughts.

"Other angels have gone missing in heaven. If it's not as serious as you suspect now, then it soon will be." The angel wagered, thinking on why Raphael would have wanted to take Rachel, Joshua and Balthazar, and what purpose they could play to him.

Letting Dean think on that, he quickly spoke once more to relay some information that would soothe the hunter, even if it would only be slightly, "Gabriel also informed me on how Sam is doing Dean. He is fine."

"How do you know that that douche isn't just lying to make both of us continue to do his bidding?" Dean prodded back, still unwilling to believe that his brother was safe – Dean still remembered what Sam had relayed to him, how the Trickster had forced his brother to watch him die continuously over and over, and the battle it had taken to return to him and eventually be allowed to save him after so long failing to do just that.

"Regardless of what you may or may not believe Dean, I know my brother. He wasn't lying, his grace was clear of that." Castiel finished, his tone not allowing any arguments on the matter. He was just about to leave the room thankful that the inquisition was over when he heard Dean call,

"Why were you asleep this morning Cas?" As astute as ever, Dean knew that Cas was holding something back from him, he'd had practice of doing just the same thing with Sammy so he could see the signs when the same behavior was being done back to him alright.

Without turning around to face Dean, Castiel's voice bit out in its gravelly tones, "That last battle took a lot of energy from me Dean, coupled with having to fly into heaven and the fact that I only re-attained my grace a short while ago, my vessel still has the need to heal the human way also, at least for now." The angel finished, hoping the elder Winchester would accept his explanation into this matter.

When Castiel continued to make his move towards Bobby's study, Dean himself went outside to work on the Impala – the events of a couple days before had given Dean this irrational fear that the things that he most cared about were unsafe, top of that list of course was Sam, but knowing that he was with Gabriel helped calm that fear somewhat, creepy enough as it was. And of course there was his Impala too, but before he could check and work on his baby, he had wanted to hear from Cas, check he was ok, reach out and be sure… And that's where Dean left that train of thought. It was normal to care about people, and of course he cared about Castiel, he was his best friend, so of course he would worry about him. That was all, right?


It was early evening when Dean eventually made his way back into Bobby's house. Wiping his hands on the greasy rag he'd used when working on his baby, Dean dumped it in the sink before calling out for his friend,


However upon receiving no answer he continued up the narrow stairs and stepped lightly into the spare bedroom he had been occupying as of late only to see the angel fast asleep on the double bed once more. This time he was sans trenchcoat and dress shoes, but Dean frowned when he saw him shiver slightly due to the small bite of chilliness that was seeping into the evenings. No matter what he said, Dean was sure that wasn't normal for angels, but he quickly made his way across the room and pulled the duvet up from the bottom of the bed over his friend, intent to let the matter rest for now. His eyes lingered on the angels face to see that he was still slightly tense, and almost with a mind of its own his hand gently brushed the dark mop of hair away from Castiel's forehead.

When he realized what he'd done Dean's face contorted into an almost humorous look of horror while his mind told him, "He's your friend, get your act together and treat him like one, and nothing else" in a voice that this time sounded suspiciously like his fathers.

When he'd made his way downstairs again, Dean paced back and forth for a while before he felt the familiar tiredness seeping into his bones. He was still exhausted from the fight with the demons, so he quietly led down on the sofa, rolled over onto his side and greeting it like an old friend, and after a while of thinking Dean's mind finally let his body shut down and sleep.

It wasn't long after drifting off into sleep that the dreams began again…

"Dean, Dean, Dean, oh you're always so pretty. I can already tell that you'll make such an excellent student." Alastair murmured as he ran the blade down from the corner of Dean's eye to his jawline, a thin line of blood blooming in its wake of the journey.

"Never, you sick son of a bitch" Dean spat out, knowing that if he continued like that, he soon wouldn't have a tongue to speak with.

Alastair stabbed him in the ribs viciously, twisting the blade round fully before hissing out angrily, "It's been twenty-nine years Dean, nobody is coming for you, so I don't know why you don't just give in, but you will. I've got one more card up my sleeve yet" He finished before reaching for the acid solution, so that soon Dean's screams would join the others on the rack once more ,their screams singing out in unison…

Dean snapped awake at that, groaning to himself slightly before opening his eyes – and jumping back as far as he could against the sofa before his heart began to slow as he recognized Castiel in the dim, early morning light. Breathing in and out heavily, he managed to weakly get out,

"What are you doing Cas?"

"I felt your disturbance; I came to check on you." The angel replied as quietly as the hunter he was speaking to.

Dean was very much aware of the hand on his arm before he moved to stand up, the hand falling off of him in the process.

"I'm fine man, just a bad dream, go back to sleep. I know I will be in a minute." And even as he said those words Dean knew it was a lie.

If his unconscious kept insisting on shoving these remnants from hell onto him then he would battle back twice as hard the only way that he could. He just wouldn't sleep, he managed to go without it before, he had had to once before back in the time before he went to hell to avoid that psycho from getting him. And naturally in the hunters profession sleep was a pipe dream more often than not anyway. Yes he'd managed to keep himself awake once before. He could do it again.

"Go back up Cas, seriously I'm fine." Dean finished, and he waited until he heard the tentative steps on the stairs before going to the coffee machine and turning it on. Boy, was it going to be a rough couple of nights ahead.

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