8Chapter 40

AN: Doktor Frogg's POV this first section! Sorry, I'll probably switch back and forth a bit, so just look out for who's talking about who.


Now, I wasn't one who would normally eavesdrop on someone I care about, but this was no normal situation. This had to do with my beautiful girlfriend and my less-than-likely-to-ever-score-a-date leader; a pair who I shouldn't have ever had any fear of losing to each other… That is, until they started to spend an enormous amount of time together… At first it hadn't even worried me, but then they started to spend weekends together, hours on end! What kind of friend spends that much time with his friend's girlfriend? He was always calling her a goody-two-shoes or vile or something along those lines, so I hadn't ever been suspicious, but-

My eyes widen as Pamela bends down to speak to Voltar. I increase the volume on the device I'm using to listen in and concentrated on her words. At first it comes muffled.

"…I'll go along with anything. Anything." She says with that adorably desperate voice of hers. I want nothing more than to blast Voltar with a laser or maybe even a flame thrower… But the curiosity in me wins out and I continue to listen.

"Anything?" Voltar says sounding far too interested. What was he thinking! Blast it all, I should get my gun right now. The handle of my device cracks a little under my clenched claws… Either I'm so angry that my strength has been increased tenfold or this old machine is a piece of junk…

Pamela smiles prettily and my heart drops… Her sweet voice replies kindly to Voltar. "Anything."

Did Pamela like Voltar? What was this world coming to!

"Even…" Oh, don't you dare, Voltar. Pamela leans her ear to his short self and listens to his whispering, and Pamela's face seems to brighten with every word he speaks…

She nods her head and her eyes sparkle, not towards me but to this infuriating man I've been calling 'leader'… "Yes!"

I want to throw up but I keep listening.

Voltar finally backs away from her. "Well, with my lessons being so… toned down for a newbie like you, I'm a little hesitant, but this… excitement I'm seeing in you is very encouraging."

Encouraging for what? My goggles start to steam as my face heats up from anger. What lessons? What have they been doing together? They couldn't have been-!

"Yes, please, Voltar! I really think I'm ready! I mean, we've had enough trial runs!" Trial runs? "We've practiced for hours each session," Hours each session? "and I really think I couldn't be more prepared!" More prepared? Prepared forwhat? What were they prepared for?

"Please!" Oh, no, no, no, she was begging him! Pamela was begging Voltar! But begging for what? Whatever it was he had better refuse-

"Okay, okay." He says, and I am very tempted to strangle him. My claws clench even more and this time the device in my grasp cracks completely. I juggle it a bit before I'm able to resume my snooping position. "Just come, with the outfit I got for you, here at eight tonight and don't be late. You know I don't like waiting."

What outfit did he get her? My mind wanders to Pamela in something sheer, with ruffles and lace, and my mind battles between being furious that Voltar would ever do such a thing and extremely turned on that Pamela would ever wear such a thing… I smack myself back into reality and focus on being furious at Voltar.

"Yes, I know Voltar…Won't Frogg and Red be suspicious? I really don't want them to find out… Especially Frogg…"

That's it... Those two words cause my heart to plummet into the very pit of my stomach. 'Especially Frogg…' Despite my heart turning to lead and my mind feeling like it'll implode on itself I listen to the very end.

"We're not going to do it here." If he did do whatever with Pamela here he would have another thing coming. "That wouldn't make sense. We just need to meet here first to make sure we have all the equipment we need before we head out. Nothing worse than not being prepared."

I force myself not to cry at this moment. Whatever Voltar and Pamela were doing, and I hope dearly that it's not what I'm thinking of… they were doing in secret. And they have been for the past month or so…

"Is there anything else I should be aware of before tonight's… mission?" Oh, my god, she doesn't mean missionar- never mind.

"Hm…" Voltar thinks aloud. Suddenly his tone changes from being slightly tolerant to extremely enthusiastic… "Be prepared for one of the best experiences of your life."

What!? If anyone is going to give Pamela such an experience it's going to be me.

Or so I thought… Pamela stifles a giggle and merely says "Okay, Voltar."

'Okay, Voltar'? How could Voltar- how could Pamela- how could they both-!

I force back some vomit that was trying to worm its way up my throat and stiffly walk to the couch. I slump onto the somewhat smelly fabric and try to not throw the now ruined tool that's in my claw at the TV.

As soon as I see the, now, bane of my existence, the anger in me riles back up. I bite back a growl and try to sound as normal as possible. "So, what did Pamela want?"

"Oh, nothing important." Voltar says coolly.

Nothing important? I'd give my two feet to be able to spend as much time as you've been with Pamela and you're calling whatever you two are doing 'nothing important'?! The anger is now seething through every fibre of me.

I'll follow them tonight and put a stop to their so called mission if it's the last thing I do.


"Fian! Today's the day! I don't know how Voltar thought up such a diabolical plan but he pulled it off!"

I kick off my shoes as I enter my hallway and continue my trek to the bedroom. I see Fian swimming about his own business. "You know, I truly underestimated that little guy. I thought he was only capable of little pranks- I mean, true he did kidnap me but that was just a one-time thing- or so I thought!"

Fian emits bubbles and his expression tells me he's confused.

"Sorry, sorry. I should explain things better. Ahem." I try to talk slower but the excitement in me makes it a near impossible feat. "This plan that Voltar thought up is no ordinary gum-in-the-hair prank, it's serious… Seriously awesome! I mean, sneaking into her place with pressurized slime guns, a smoke machine, props and a sound system? He's going all out! We're pulling a real fast and horrendous one on Victoria!"

Fian, sensing my excitement, swishes his tail and releases bubbles enthusiastically.

"Voltar is calling it Operation: Haunted House!"

Fian, his fins previously very perky, suddenly takes on a look of pessimism, his fins all droopy and his eyes wider than usual.

"I know, I know, not very creative, but honestly, it'd scare me." I tell him, grinning.

Fian seems to shrug and he continues circling in his little bowl.

I suddenly have a little urge to break out into an evil chuckling session. It's so perfect, so diabolical, so- so fitting for someone like Victoria. And she won't know what hit her.

Oh, yes. You'll get yours, Victoria. You'll get yours…


During the rest of the afternoon I eagerly wait for eight o'clock to roll around the corner.

"Oh, Voltar running around with my girlfriend in secret, doing evil-knows-what…" I continue to grumble under my breath as I try to keep myself busy, tinkering with an old and once abandoned invention. "Gah! Blasted piece of junk, uuurrg-" I pause with my angry tinkering when I hear a soft thump. I turn my head and spot a light piece of fabric crumpled on the floor. Must have fallen off of the shelf above. I ignore the mess and continue trying to fix the… I don't even know what the intention for this machine was. Blast it all. Blast Voltar and- and blast me… Maybe if I had been more attentive to Pamela, been more interesting, none of this would have happened…

Another thump pulls me out of my depressing thoughts.

"What the-" A bright flash appears in front of me and a sharp set of teeth engulf my head. I try to scream but I feel the rest of my body being swallowed up by Doom no doubt. "Let me go you cursed creature!"

I struggle for a few moments trying to kick my feet, but I feel them go freely through the air. Suddenly, something wraps itself around my ankle and I feel a pull. Sharp canines dig and scrape along my skin as I'm ripped out of the Jaws of the doom hound.

"Hiya, Frogg!" Red greets cheerfully.

I groan and slump, covered in drool and scratches, defeated and dangling from Red's massive hands. "Ugh, hi, Red."

"Boy, Doom really likes playing with you… Uh, say, what are you doing?" Red uprights me and places me on the ground. He walks over to the fabric that fell to the floor earlier and picks it up. After stretching it out its clear that it's a child's Halloween costume. A poorly constructed ghost costume with blacked out circle eyes. One could have made a better one out of just a bed sheet and a pair of scissors.

"I was just trying to work on something when this blasted doom hound came and-"

"AH, there it is!" A shrill voice interrupts me.

My eyes narrow and my brows furrow. Voltar… His voice annoys me way more than usual now. What could Pamela possibly see in him? He's surely no more than a quarter of the size of her, he's not especially good at being evil and he's always picked on her like an annoying little brother…

On the other hand… He and Pamela seem to be able to talk way more fluidly than her and I ever could. Or more accurately… more than I could to her. I'm the one who can't make my feelings known. If only she could see how much I really care. How much I'd actually do for her. The lengths I'd go… I mean… I suppose I did that once and it backfired but, still… There has to be something that I could do to win her back.


A sharp pain shoots from the tips of my toes up my knee and eventually through my entire nervous system. Tears well up in my eyes and I feel a scream build up in my belly.


I fall over and clench my foot close to my chest. Out of the corner of my eye I see that blasted doomhound snickering. Looking around it looks like he dropped my tool kit onto my foot.

"You rotton little-!" I start yelling, shaking my claw at him.

"You okay, Frogg?" Red asks, an empathetic look on his face.

I shakily stand up and dust my pants off. I grunt and nod my head in his direction, wondering where Voltar snuck off to. "I'm fine, Red… Where'd our oh so exalted leader go?"

"Oh, hehe, he scampered off after grabbing that costume I picked up off the floor."

"Ehh, what?" I ask, but I'm not particularly interested in why he was playing around with Halloween things this far after the day had already passed.

"Yeah, while you were screaming in pain he said he needed it for something he was working on tonight. Mentioned it being very top secret- oops!" Red holds his hands over his slightly opened mouth. "Oh, no. I wasn't supposed to tell you!"

"Red…" My interest is suddenly piqued again. So this had to do with his plans with Pamela… "What else did he say?"

"Uh, well…" Red looks around nervously. I give him an intense stare down, not letting up. I need to know. "He said he was meeting Pamela at Victoria's place and that they were going to have some fun-! I assumed that they were doing some sort of costume party. Maybe because they're a comic series company they throw costume parties, wouldn't you say, Frogg?"

"Red…" I can't even think of where to start with him… "I'm not sure what they have planned but I'm sure it's not as innocent as some stupid, little costume party…"

In fact, I'm not even sure what it could be now… Why would Voltar need a little ghost costume to meet with Pamela and Victoria? All I know is we need to find out what all this sneaking around could be about. The possibility that this could be something indecent is dissolving quickly, so that's reassuring.

"Red… We're going on our own little mission tonight. You remember where Victoria lives, right?"

He blinks his eyes, confused. "Uh, sure I do, Frogg."

"Excellent." I say, a grin forming on my face.