Chapter 1

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"Love Is a Battlefield" Pat Benatar

"Only in My Dreams" Debbie Gibson


We all have those moments that would stay with us forever. I can still remember what it was like to be a ten-year-old girl curled up with my best friend Alice Brandon on my parents' green velour couch and watching MTV air its first-ever music video in 1981,
Video Killed the Radio Star. Alice and I were both so excited and wanted to be like the little girl in the video.

"Oh, Bella, wouldn't it be amazing to be able to do something like this," Alice said with her excitement bubbling over. "We could get rich and famous and meet all of our favorite musicians. Wouldn't it be exciting if we got to be in an Olivia Newton-John video?" She was bouncing so hard that I thought we both might just go airborne and into the floor.

"Alice, I think it would be a neat thing to do. Could you imagine if they had a real actor in the video too?" I asked her. "What if it was that super cute blonde guy off of the Dukes of Hazard? What's his name again, Dad?" I knew my dad would know. He was so smart and knew everything. That was probably because he had to know everything since he was a cop. Mom knew a lot too but she just taught those little kindergartners.

"John Schneider, Bells," my dad, Charlie, told us. "He is just a little too old for you though my dearest daughter," he said as he went to the kitchen for another beer.

"He is not too old for me, Daddy," I sighed dreamily. "He is so cute. He has those pretty eyes and those dimples. I'm going to marry him someday, Daddy. you just wait and see." I told him as he came back into the living room.

He harrumphed and sat back down in his favorite recliner, kicking his feet up.

"Charlie, she's got a crush. Get used to it, Dear. This is just the first one of many," my mom, Renée told him.

"No, Mom. You're wrong. You just wait and see. I will marry him," I stuck out my lower lip as I pouted at her.

"Sure you will, Sweetie." Mom came over and patted me on the head as she went to the kitchen to cook dinner.

"Mrs. Swan, I'm going to marry Rod Stewart," Alice shouted at her. "I just love musicians!"

"We know you do, Alice. I'm sure you will get your man too," Mom yelled back at her.

"Alice, they just don't understand at all," I told her as Dad rolled his eyes at us.

"That's what happens when you get old, Bella. We are never gonna be old, so we don't have to worry about that," Alice said confidently.

"You're right. We will never be old like them," I motioned my head towards my parents.

~~~~~NYM~~~~~ NYM~~~~~NYM~~~~~ NYM~~~~~NYM~~~~~ NYM~~~~~


Mom was right. I wasn't going to marry that guy from Dukes of Hazard. I didn't even remember his real name anymore. My heart belonged to another now.

"Alice," I said dreamily as I looked at the posters on my bedroom walls of the hottest boy EVER! "Do you know who I think is the most gorgeous guy in the entire world?"

"No, who could it be this week?" Alice asked sarcastically.

"Edward Cullen," I sighed and looked into the bright green eyes that watched me wherever I went in my room. I just loved that he was always watching me like I was watching him. "I think he must be the best actor that I have ever seen in my life. To top it off, he's the best looking too!"

Alice smiled at me and said, "Are you sure it is his acting that you really like about him?"

"Cute, Alice, really cute," I told her as I threw one of my daybed pillows at her head.

"What was the name of his last movie again? Small Town, America or something?"

She knew the answer to this question, but she always loved to help me prove that I was Edward Cullen's number one fan. I had every teen magazine that he had ever been in. I had a shelf of his unauthorized biographies above my bed. He was the most popular teen actor in the country right now. Every teenage boy wanted to be him and every teenage girl wanted to be with him.

"Of course it was, Alice. I can't believe that it was filmed a few miles from here and I didn't get to go see him in person. I would have just died!"

"Yes, you definitely would have," Alice smirked at me.

"I would absolutely give anything to meet him some day, somewhere. I just want to talk to him. That would be really cool, don't you think?"

"Sure it would, Bella, but you and I both know you want to do more than just talk with him. You know that tonsil hockey would be an absolute dream with him. I bet he could do other things for you too that would be even more enjoyable than just kissing." I blushed at her words. Being a sixteen-year-old, my hormones were already raging wildly, but I just couldn't imagine doing that yet. Alice wouldn't either despite her big talk. She just loved to shock people whenever she had the opportunity.

"What about you, Alice? Who is the love of your life these days?" I already knew the answer to this too, but I loved to see Alice's reaction when she talked about him.

"Jasper Whitlock, of course. He is only the hottest guy in rock music right now. I just love to watch how his hands move over those guitar strings. I can imagine how they would move on other things too." I smacked Alice on the arms to knock her out of the trance she seemed to put herself in.

Jasper was in the band, Double Vision. He and his twin sister Rosalie sang lead vocals and she played the bass guitar. Their drummer, Emmett McCarty, was gargantuan in size and the tabloids had been linking Emmett and Rosalie romantically for some time, even though they both denied it.

"I really do like their music. It is so upbeat and energetic that I can't help but really move to it," I said as I got up and shook my groove thing for Alice causing her to laugh at my awkward movements.

"Their music is the best ever! Bella, I would give a million dollars just to meet him only for a few minutes. His hazel eyes just smolder at me. Those dimples of his when he smiles, they just turn me into a puddle of goo!" It was my turn to laugh at her.

"Listen to us, Alice. They say teenagers are crazy and I'd say that we definitely are. You and I know that there is no way that we will ever meet them."

"That just sucks, but you are probably right. At least we can dream about meeting them, Bells, even though it's impossible."

"Nothing is impossible, Alice. You never know. These little dreams of ours could come true someday."

"If I have anything to say about it, those dreams will definitely come true," Alice told me emphatically. We both looked each other and broke into a fit of laughter.

~~~~~NYM~~~~~ NYM~~~~~NYM~~~~~ NYM~~~~~NYM~~~~~ NYM~~~~~


Ten years later, Alice and I were living our dreams. We had moved to the city that never sleeps. We both moved to New York City after graduation and absolutely adored living here. Alice was a buyer for Macy's and I had my Master's from Columbia University in Journalism. We had the world in the palm of our hands.

Things hadn't worked out the way we had hoped they would when we were teenagers. I'd never had the opportunity to meet Edward Cullen and Alice had never met Jasper Whitlock. We both still had that lingering crush on them that hadn't disappeared even though we were adults. Edward and Jasper were just as popular now as they were ten years ago. Alice went with me to see all of Edward's movies and I went with her to see all of Double Vision's concerts.

We had just left Macy's, where Alice had treated me to her employee discount.

"So, do you think you are going out with your darling Jacob tonight?" Alice asked me.

"I really have no idea. He has ignored me since the fight that we had on Monday night. I just don't know what his damn problem is. You would think that after going out with someone for two years you would know what they were thinking. I have no earthly idea what is going through his mind right now," I told her.

I had met Jacob my last year at Columbia. He was in his last year of law school. He captured my heart immediately with his brilliant smile and his caring eyes. It didn't hurt that he was fucking hot. He was over six feet tall and I swear to God that his muscles had muscles. His hands, oh, the things that his hands had done to me on our second date. It hadn't taken long for me to know what the rest of him could do too.

Jake was the first relationship I had since undergrad in Seattle. I had met my first boyfriend Mike my freshman year and it took no time at all for me to let him pop my cherry in the backseat of his damn Ford Pinto. I walked crooked for weeks after and it wasn't because of being sexed up, but from the discomfort of trying to maneuver in the minuscule space of his car. Jacob just had to give me that look and he gave me more pleasure than Mike had in the three years we dated. Since he was on the fast track to a partnership at one of the biggest law firms in New York, things between us seemed to be on a downward spiral.

"Honestly, Bella, he has made you unhappy more lately than he has actually made you happy. No man is worth getting upset over. If he doesn't pull his head out of his ass, I say fuck it. You are one hot chick. You could have any guy you wanted. Don't waste yourself on someone who doesn't worship you the way you deserve it," Alice said.

"I really care about him, Al. I have loved him for so long and I can see us together. I can close my eyes and see myself walking down the aisle to him and him holding our newborn baby."

"Bella, you have got to be kidding me," she said as we squeezed into the subway car to head home. "There is no way that you want marry Jacob Black."

"No, I'm not. I know that we would have a great life together. When he is sweet, he is just… I have no words for how he makes me feel."

"I do," Alice said. "He makes you feel frustrated. You've been pleasuring yourself more lately with our showerhead that he has been."

"Alice," I said with a blush coloring my face. I saw people in the subway car around us looking at me. I wished I could crawl in a hole and hide.

"Well, it's true. You, me and the showerhead all know it," she giggled and I shot her a dirty look. "Okay, just keep your options open. That's all I ask, Bells. He may not be the right guy for you." Alice paused. "Enough with my gloom and doom talk. It is a beautiful day today. You never know what today might bring."

As we entered our apartment, I dropped the arm full of shopping bags on the floor and propped my feet up on the couch.

"So, the Brookshire Inn is having happy hour tonight. They always have great music, probably many gorgeous guys. I should be a lot of fun. We should definitely check it out," Alice told me.

"I don't know, Al. I really need to talk to Jake. He said he'd give me a call tonight."

"You haven't heard from him in days and you may not tonight. Come on, Bells, please," she begged and gave me the most pitiful look ever.

"Alice," I moaned into my hands.

"I just have this feeling, Bella. We have to go, both of us together."

"You and your famous intuition, huh?"

"You know I would never steer you wrong, Bella." She batted her eyelashes at me as the phone rang.

"Okay, okay. You win, Al." She squealed as I answered the phone. "Hello."

"Hi, Bells. It's Jake. What's up?" Alice smiled at me and grabbed her bags, went to her room and shut the door to give me some privacy.

"Just hanging out with Alice. She took me shopping today."

"Wow, enough said. I am sure you had quite the day," he told me.

"You have no idea," I laughed. "What are you doing?"

"I'm still at the office. It has been a crazy week, you know," Jake said.

"No, Jake, I wouldn't know. I haven't talked to you since Monday."

"That's kind of what I was calling about," he told me. "I've been doing a lot of thinking lately about us."

"What have you been thinking?" I asked. There was something about the tone of his voice that put butterflies in my stomach.

"Bella, I just don't think that we should see each other anymore. I don't think that I am the right guy for you. I think that we just got too comfortable with each other and that we have just drifted apart. When we first started dating, I had that feeling in the back of my mind that we were just together because it was convenient for both of us."

"I can't believe you are saying this to me, Jake. You are breaking up with me on the fucking phone! You told me you loved me. Was all of this just a damn lie? Have you just been using me for two years?" I felt tears forming at the corners of my eyes, not from being sad about the situation, but angry that it felt like I was just a pawn in some kind of game he had been playing at.

"Bella, I honestly believed that I did love you for a while, but I don't think that either of us knew what love really is. It would just be better for both of us if we saw other people," Jake said.

"I thought that you were it for me, Jake. I have given you two years of my life for crying out loud. I love you," I told him as I heard him clear his throat. "You're already seeing someone else, aren't you?" I accused. There was a pregnant pause on the other end of the phone and that answered my question better than his affirmation would have. "How long, Jake? How long have you been cheating on me?"

"Bella, it wasn't planned. I swear. Leah and I have been working on this case and one thing lead to another."

"How long, Jake?" I growled at him.

"Six months," he said in a whisper.

"You've been fucking us both for six months. Well, I think that you're right, Jake. This thing that we had. It is over. It's done. Goodbye." I slammed the receiver into the cradle and went to Alice's room.

"Bella, what's the matter," Alice asked as she motioned for me to sit on her bed beside her. "Are you okay?"

"I'm most definitely not okay. Jake just broke up with me on the damn phone. He's been seeing someone else for six months. SIX MONTHS!" I yelled.

"I can't believe that asshole would do that do you. I knew he was a fucking dog," Alice said as she hugged me.

"You were right. I should know to listen to that instinct of yours it has never steered me wrong," I said.

"No it hasn't, Bells." Alice wiped at the tears on my face. "Let's get you dressed up for tonight. I have a feeling that tonight is going to be a good night. No, I take that back. It's going to be a fantastic night." She went into the living room and got the bags.

Alice lived for playing Bella Barbie. I was never a fan of fashion, so Alice took my looks into her own hands. She had me put on the new off the shoulder, skin tight black spandex dress that hugged every curve. I paired it with my black leggings that had lace around the ankles and my black flats. I had a hard enough time staying upright when I was barefoot, let alone if I wore heels. Alice learned her lesson the hard way when I broke my ankle during our senior prom from the high heels she had put me in. She never asked for me to wear them since then.

Alice was wearing her bright pink jeans and her black spandex halter top and her black stilettos. I had no doubt that we looked good as we got out of the cab at the Brookshire. It was more crowded than I thought it would be this time of night.

"Oh, this band is incredible, Bella. I'm going to go dance. Come with me?" Alice asked.

"Maybe in a little while, Alice. I need some liquid courage first."

Alice headed into the throng of people on the dance floor as I sat down at the bar and ordered a Long Island Iced Tea. I knew that it would go straight to my head since I never had much of a tolerance for alcohol, but I also knew that one would mellow me out. I had downed half of my drink very quickly and was starting to feel the warmth throughout my body.

"Could I have a shot of whiskey?" I heard a smooth voice asked the bartender. "Hello, looks like you are thoroughly enjoying that tea of yours."

"Oh, I definitely am," I said as I looked up and smiled. I was pretty sure that time stood still as I found myself looking at Edward Cullen on the barstool next to me.

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