Renard's point of view

Nick Burckhardt, police detective and Grimm extraordinaire. He was an intelligent man, loyal, fair and with observation skills that surpassed even the best.

Nick was good at what he did, what he had to do, but not good enough to recognize Renard. It was expected though, very few could. Someone of his rank was rare, especially in such close approximation with a Grimm.

They were never written about and even those who saw them had never recorded it. That was the way it was. They were rulers, they chose a territory and stayed there; making sure all human and creature were safe. Grimm's were pretty high up on the wesen food chain, but Renard was higher.

Only the hexenbeasts had any idea of his true identity, for they were the only one he'd told. But even they did not know the full extent of his power, how through centuries his family had ruled over some of the greatest establishments, Rome and Athens being the oldest. No they had no idea, and they never would.

The regnant was a powerful creature, regarded among most as a legend, a whisper of truth in the wesen community. They were rare but they existed. They all had high ranking positions, either in politics or policing such as Renard. They always appeared human, unless in a ruthless battle where it was necessary to shift.

Right now was one of those times. The reaper had entered his territory, and for that he was missing an ear. The rumor of a Grimm in Portland was spreading like wildfire, and more and more creatures wanted in on the action. Renard knew they would return, what he did not expect was an entire group.

That was why Renard now stood surrounded by four reapers, scythes held high and ready to strike. He knew he could handle them with little problem, he was a regnant and it was his job. No, he wasn't worried about himself, but the unconscious detective at his feet.

He stood protectively over Nick, slightly crouched but still taller than the reapers. He was still wearing his suit, minus the tie which he had used to stop the blood from Nicks leg wound. One of the reapers stepped forward, drawing nearer to the police captain. He still appeared human but if you looked close enough you could faintly see a golden crown circling his head.

Renard could almost sense when the smallest reaper attempted to strike from behind, oblivious to the agility the regnants possed. Only a second had passed and the scythe was ripped out of his hands, thrown against the wall like the rest of him. At that moment, he understood what they were trying to do. Circle him, strike his blind spots and most importantly use the detective as his weakness.

Despite how much he tried to fight it, he had to recognize that if Nick was in danger, he would be there to help him. Although it may have been one sided, Renard had bonded with Nick. Not in the same way Blutbäder or even humans bonded, but bonding none the less. The regnant and Grimm balanced each other out, helped to keep the peace in the wesen world. It was not his fault he was so drawn to the Grimm.

Nick wasn't like other Grimm's. He wasn't a murderer and didn't kill without reason. The detective was loyal to the system and determined to find justice, cop before Grimm. It didn't matter if you were a creature or a human he treated you the same, even if others didn't. Throughout the years of working together, Renard also realized that inside Nick was a big softy, so different from Marie but with the same fighting spirit. Renard had been around quite a bit and even he had to admit that Nick was very good looking.

The regnant rarely got involved in creature affairs, but Nick wasn't a creature he was his Grimm, and his alone. They had lured him here using Nick as bait and it had worked.

They thought they could outsmart him by finding his weakness, but they were mistaken, he had no weakness. Nick might have been his greatest disadvantage but having superiority over the Grimm also gave him the biggest advantage. He knew Nick wasn't something you could control but the thought remained. If you control a Grimm, you control the creatures.

The reaper he was facing looked hesitant, and shot a glance to the crumpled form against the wall. He could have laughed at his lack of courage if it had not been for the injured man on the floor. Renard knew that enforcing his superiority was a stupid move, so he didn't and remained hovering over Nick.

The closest reaper appeared in control, matching Renard's calm exterior. He gestured over to the crumpled form at the regnants feet with the edge of the blade. A few seconds passes and the two reapers broke out of their trance into action. They rushed Renard from either side aiming low as if to hit Nick; they never got the chance.

He quickly grabbed the arm of the first and twisted it to some unnatural position; the sound of bone breaking was nearly loud enough to wake the unconscious Grimm. The smaller reaper met Renard's fist and was kicked out of the way. He would wake up with quite a headache tomorrow, and then Renard would have his fun.

The threat towards his Grimm had enraged the captain at a level he was not familiar with. Never had he let his control slip this far, not even in that terrible Blutbäder rampage of '04. Renard was in full transition. He stood up straight to his full height, his wings now at full span. Armored scales covered his exposed skin giving him a leathery appearance that shifted between dark copper, bronze and burnt gold. His eyes, normally green, were a medley of orange and black, no pupil was visible. His subtle jaw had transformed to a snout filled with glistening ivory fangs.

The scythes tumbled to the floor, and a loud clattering sound erupted in the warehouse. From the four that began only two reapers remained. The calm man stood to the right, facing him while the second stood close behind. The regnant got the feeling this would become very ugly, very soon.

They stood there for what seemed like hours. His status as royalty had already been questioned and he knew that it would get him nowhere with the reapers. The Grimm beneath him stirred, letting out a low whimper, and for the first time since entering the warehouse, Renard felt the tension ease, if only for a moment. The reapers peered down at Nick, not with anger or disgust but a look of hunger and something the regnant couldn't quite place.

Next thing he knew he was up in the air, wings aiding him to hover briefly over the scene. The reapers had no idea what was coming. He had no idea what was coming. Renard was no longer in control. He wasn't trying to be diplomatic or keep the peace like he normally would. His sole purpose was to protect the Grimm lying at his feet, his Grimm and his alone. A moment later and he had his hands around the reapers neck.

He ignored the sounds of protest, eyes wide with fear, and the racing of his heart. He buried down the feeling of joy and the rush of adrenaline as he felt the victim twitch beneath his razor sharp claws. It reminded him of the old days, when he used to hunt freely, before he had responsibilities or a canton to rule over. When he had done whatever he wanted, because he was royalty.

Renard couldn't repress the sadistic smile that spread across his face as the movements became increasingly desperate or the satisfaction he felt when the deliciously sickening sound of breaking bones echoed through the room. The reaper had threatened Nick and he had paid the price.

The man fell in a heap on the cold floor. The only thing visible was the abnormal angle of his neck, as prominent as the sick grin that graced the regnant's features. He looked back at the detective, who seemed to have fallen back asleep despite all the action. He calmly retrieved his cell phone and pressed speed dial. A minute later and he had disappeared deep into the forest; Adalind would be here soon to clean up this mess.

One day he realized the Grimm would catch on, but for now his identity was safe. He was king of Portland. He watched out for reapers and protected the Grimm, his Grimm.

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Appearance is borrowed from "This Isn't Everything You Are" by Macx.