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Chapter 12

Callie could not believe what happening. She was exhausted from lack of sleep and now today was the day her grandparents show up to take her away with the Minister of Magic in tow. She glanced down at the Hogwarts acceptance letter and tears stung her eyes. She would never get to see those fine stone halls and the four-poster beds in the dorms. She would never get to explore the secret passages with Fred and George and she would never get to dine on what Fred and George described was the "best food on the planet".

When the Minister spoke up and called her "the girl" something changed within Callie. She felt the need to fight back, to fight for the right to be with her family, her real family. She looked sideways at Fred and George and saw them whispering. No one noticed as Fred winked at her and slipped stealthily up the stairs.

Callie attention was suddenly turn toward her grandmother when she heard her yell at Arthur. The words her grandmother spoke dripped with disdain and she hated her for it. How dare she speak to her family like that! She was nearly out of her seat when George gently grabbed her arm.

"When Fred creates the diversion, run Callie. Run until you get to our tree. You will be safe there, no one but us knows about it not even Fred. Go and I'll find you." He whispered in her ear before kissing her on the cheek. Her cheek tingled and she gently touched it as she looked in his deep hazel-brown eyes.

Just then a spark flew down from an upstairs bedroom and blew up right in front of the Ministers face. The next spark flew in front of her grandmother and blew up into a cloud of black smoke and soon the Burrow was filling with black smoke.

"Go now Callie." George urged. Callie reached out and firmly grasped his hand before quietly running out the back door. She ran until she was a safe distance and glanced back. She saw George wave once from the kitchen window and then disappear back into the black smoke that had enveloped the house.

Callie continued to run until she needed to catch her breath. She stopped and smiled when she saw the tree was not far. She ran to it and rolled away the rock that kept the entrance safe from animal intruders and climbed through the small opening into the rather cavernous hollow. She nestled down in the blankets that she and George had managed to sneak out of their houses. The blanket she chose smelled like fresh cut grass with a faint hint of powder, just like George.

Callie waited for hours and had fallen into a fitful sleep when she heard a noise, startling her awake. She whistled their secret whistle and was relieved when she heard it back. Soon she saw the top of George's fiery red hair as he squeezed through the narrow opening. He sat down and she instantly knew something was wrong. George's face was downcast and he looked very troubled.

"What's wrong George? I thought you said everything was going to be okay?" she asked, instantly worried.

"Well, first Fred nearly got a lashing for performing underage magic in front of muggles. Then your grandmother and the Minister turned on Mum and Dad. Your grandmother threatened to 'sue' them, whatever that means, and the Minister threatened Dad's job if you weren't returned at once. Well of course Mum and Dad have no idea where you've gone. They're just as worried about finding you." George said, frightened.

Callie knew it must have been serious for George to be so worried and scared. She knew what she must do but she was so conflicted. If she stayed here or ran away again, Arthur might lose his job. But if she went with her grandparents, she might never see George and Fred again. She couldn't bare the thought of losing them, but she also knew the family couldn't support themselves if Arthur lost his job.

Callie was suddenly struck with a memory. The memory was of what George had said about her aunt just that morning. He had said that if someone lives in your heart, they never truly leave you. She blinked back tears as she looked at her friend. She knew what she must do.

"I'm going with them George. I'm going with my grandparents." She said with what little resolve she had left.

"No! You can't do that! You can't leave, Callie, you just can't. I likeā€¦.." he paused a moment before continuing, "Me and Fred will miss you too much."

Callie completely lost all resolve as she stared into her friend's eyes, wet with tears. She began to sob and they hugged each other tightly. She had grown to care so much for the two ginger twins but George in particular had captured her heart. She knew, without knowing what love truly was, that she felt that way about George. There was no way she could leave them, no matter the cost. She would just have to figure out a way to stay, somehow.

The two walked up the path together hand in hand and were shocked to see Callie's grandparents and the Minister all sitting down with the Weasleys when they entered the Burrow.

Molly was the first to rise and rush to Callie. She picked her up and hugged her tightly to her.

"My stars child, don't you ever scare me like that again! You had us all worried sick about you, why did you run like that?" Molly said, her voice raised then growing softer.

Callie looked up into the face of the woman who had grown to be a second mother to her, much like her aunt had been. Tears welled up in her eyes and when she did speak her voice was barely above a whisper.

"I don't want to leave. I don't want to leave my family. You all are my family. I am not leaving." She said and Molly gripped her hand tight and bent down to her ear.

"Tell them dear. I have a feeling if you tell them that, they will listen." Molly whispered. As Molly pulled back, she saw that the woman's eyes were shiny with tears but there was a smile on her face. Callie's resolve was instantly restored and she turned to her grandparents.

"I understand why you're upset about my parents and my being a witch. I get that. But these wonderful people are my family, not just my friends. I love them and they love me. I want you to be in my life but I want to stay here. I am staying here." She said as politely as she could.

Her grandparents looked at each other and she glimpsed her grandfather give her grandmother a barely noticeable nod. Her grandmother sat straighter and stared at her for what seemed like an eternity before clearing her throat,

"Fine, as you wish. But I wash my hands of you. You, stubborn child, are these folks' problem now."

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