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Allen and Lulu watched Sebastian pound Grell's face in. Allen let out a content sigh. Currently, he was with family, he was in a room full of bloody and gore, and a lower shinigami was getting beat up for entertainment. He smirked when he was the demon grab Grell's death scythe and prepared to use it against the death god.

"Even though I dislike being kicked by others, I do enjoy the feeling of kicking others," he grinned. Allen sharply looked up. Another death god was near. Sebastian raised the scythe above his head, ready to deliver the killing blow.

He lowered it down swiftly, but was stopped by a... Gardening tool? Their eyes followed the gardening tools handle to it's owner, a shinigami whom stood on a roof top that overlooked the street. The gardening tool's handle shortened unto it returned to a normal size.

He spoke. "I am William T. Speaks of the Dispatch Management Division of the Death Gods." he sharply asked, back straight and face schooled. Grell brightened up when he noticed the other shinigami.

"William! William!" Grell shouted happily. "You are here to save me-" he was cut off by William whom jumped down onto his head. Hard. Grell groaned when the other death gods feet landed on his head.

"Dispatch member Grell Sutcliff, you have broke the rules," William opened the notebook in his hands. He stepped on Grell's head with all his might. "Firstly, you have killed people whose names are not listed on the Death List," he lifted a leg and stomped down, "and also, you used your scythe without permission and even modified it without following proper procedures." as he listed what Grell did, he stomped down on every rule he broke. The butler and noble watched in disbelief as William did this.

Grell pleaded to William to stop. Allen snickered evilly, causing William and Sebastian to look his way briefly before returning to their business. "Please return to the main branch to submit your reflection letter and report," William pulled Grell's hair.

"Hey! Wait a moment! I was almost killed just now!" Grell sobbed. "You are so cold and unfeeling!" Thank you Grell for pointing out the obvious.

"Shut up!" William commanded and lifted Grell into the air and slammed him down in front of himself. William dropped Grell's hair and turned to Sebastian. "This thing has caused you a lot of trouble this time round." He bowed. "Oh, this is my name card." he handed the demon a small piece of paper. William looked at Sebastian with a lookof disgust. "Really... I actually have to bow to a creature like you who only brings harm. Even if you choose to tarnish the Death God's reputation, there must be a limit."

Sebastian looked at him with a bit of surprise before smirking. "In that case, please keep a close eye on him so as to not trouble a harmful creature like me." He threw the card behind himself. "Humans cannot reject temptation. When they are plunged into the depths of despair likened to hell, they will hold onto anything that may help them from the situation they are in, even if it is merely a spider's thread. No matter what sort of humans they are."

"Demons are those who uses various chances to poke fun of humans before proceeding to leech whatever comes out of it as a mean of survival. Am I right?" William pushed up his glassed.

"I do not dismiss that claim," Sebastian smirked at the shinigami.

William looked over at Ciel whom was kneeling next to the late Madame Red. "Because you are a hound that is on a leash, it seems like you are slightly better than the other untamed wild hounds." William reached down to pull Grell's hair again. "... Alright, let's go back Grell Sutcliff." He started pulling him away. "This is really bothersome. We are already lacking in staff. I wonder ifI will be able to knock off on time today." he mused out loud.

Sebastian was silent as he chucked Grell's death scythe at William, whom had his back to the butler/demon. William easily grabbed the chainsaw with two fingers. The serious Death God glanced back to the Demon.

Sebastian looked back to the Death God. "... You left this behind." he smiled politely.

William pushed up his glasses. "... Thank you. In that case, I shall take my leave." he looked away from the butler and walked down the street. Allen smirked. William is his favorite Shinigami that isn't family you see.

Sebastian signed and turned to Ciel. "My apologies, I allowed the other one to escape." he apologised.

"Forget it." Ciel numbly said. "It's not... Important anymore." he looked down at Madame Red.

"Your body's cold, let us quickly make our way back to the city's mansion," Sebastian smiled his demon smile. "As I promised, I will prepare some hot milk for you." Lulu Bell brightened at the mention of milk.

"You wanna come to the mansion with us?" Allen asked the cat called Lulu Bell. She agreed before he even finished the sentence, causing Allen to chuckle.

"... I guess you are right," Ciel answered Sebastian, he wabbled a bit.

"Young Master!" Sebastian gasped. Allen giggled briefly but stopped when he saw Ciel slap Sebastian's hand away. He glared at his loyal butler. "Young Mas-" he was cut off by Ciel.

"There's no need for you to support me." Ciel said. "It's okay, I can stand by myself... I just... Feel... A little tired, that's all..."

"Big bro..." a young boy called his older brother.

"Huh?" he looked back to his siblings.

"There's lots of people over there today. How come?" he asked. All three children looked at the church with lots of noble milling around.

"Who knows?" he answered the little boy.

"Big bro... Big bro doesn't know either? Are you stupid?" he asked another question, which was more offending than the last. His sister looked at both of them curiously.

"I'm only twelve, so it's okay if I don't know!" he yelled angrily at the unfazed boy.

"That's right," someone agreed. The three children looked to the weirdly dressed man. "It's only naaaaa~tual that children wouldn't know." he smirked. "Today is a certain lady's special gala." he ignored their fearful shivering.

"Gala...?" the big brother stuttered out, hugging his brother and sister.

"Yup. The final great ceremony of human life," a teen popped up behind the weird man, a gentle smile adorned on his scarred face. Just like the man, he had white hair.

"A funeral," they both chimed joyfully. The teen developed a melancholy look on his face briefly but got rid of it. The children watched them walk away, chatting happily dispite the woman's funeral.

The both walked to the cemetery and sat on Mary's tombstone. Undertaker handed Allen some boneshaped crackers.

"Undertaker. Are you finished?" Ciel and Sebastian walked up to the two.

"Of course. I gave her a reliably pretty little burial. See?" he hopped off the tombstone and gestured to it.

"The final customer of the Jack the Ripper affair," Allen said mischiviously.

"It seems she was a foreign immigrant. No one could be found to take charge of the corpse," ciel said.

"That's why the kind Earl gave even a nameless prostitute fer own grave~" Allen and the Undertaker smirked. Undertaker was griping Ciel's shoulder and Allen had climbed up Sebastian's back to hang off his neck.

"I am not kind," Ciel frowned at the Undertaker. "I came to an understanding about why I could not save this woman. That night if I had made her life my priority, there would have been countless opportunities to save her. But I did not." Lulu Bell meowed from next to Allen, who was petting her gingerly. "While I understood there was the possiblility of saving her, I made capturing Jack the Ripper my priority. I know that I did not save her. I understood and I let her die. My blood relative..."

"Are you regretting it?" Allen curiously asked the Earl.

"I am not. Jack the Ripper no longer exists. Queen Victoria's sadness has been alleviated." Ciel dutifully answered.

"Victoria, huh? I don't like her~" Undertaker sang.

"She does nothing but sightsee from way up high," Allen continued his song.

"And forces eeee~verything harsh and dirty on the Earl," the Undertaker grinned.

"This is the karma my family has been burdened with. I inherited it with this ring," Ciel held up his hand.

"That ring seems more like a collar connecting you and the Queen by the chain called karma," Allen looked at the ring with a smirked. Lulu Bell mewled in agreement.

"The one who decided to put that collar around my neck was me," Ciel glared at Allen, whom was unfazed by his look.

"I hope that someday that collar hangs you."

Allen watched Sebastian try to wake up Ciel from his restless sleep. Ciel gasped and pulled out a gun from under his pillows. Ciel was panting heaving.

"Don't... Touch me," Ciel growled. Sebastian looked at him with a poker face before smiling like everything was normal. Allen smirked as he watched Sebastian pour the earl tea. "Today, you will need to assess the files sent by the company and you will be having Marchioness Middleford and Elizabeth as guests in the afternoon."

Ciel started to panic when he heard that Marchioness Middleford was coming over, and he had good reason to. Sadly, Sebastian and Allen didn't know why he was panicking. If only they knew.

Meanwhile, Lulu Bell was shaking her head in disbelief that Marchioness Middleford was coming here. Bless their souls.

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