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"Rachel what are you doing in Paris?", Kurt said shocked as he looked at the table next to him.

Rachel sighed and pulled down her black sunglasses from her eyes. "Dammit", she whispered to herself as Kurt walked over.

"Hello Kurt! What a surprise to see you at this exact restaurant in Paris! What a-", Rachel said plastering a fake smile on her face until Kurt interrupted her.

"Rachel you may be on Broadway but you can't act your way through this one", Kurt sighed taking a seat next to her.

"Well I-is that….Blaine?", Rachel asked as she looked over to Kurt's table.

Kurt sighed and nodded his head, "Yes Blaine my new assistant who I was having a lovely diner with until I saw you here!"

"Wait hold on! You're dating Blaine! No wonder Bridgette called me!", Rachel exclaimed happily, "When did you get back together?".

"Wait….what!", Kurt exclaimed, 'Bridgette called you?". Bridgette was Kurt's coworker and rival ever since the internship days.

Kurt and Bridgette were both chosen to be interns and both wanted the editor position. They always tried to out do each other whenever there was a task to do. Eventually Kurt was offered the position was Bridgette was shipped off to formatting, vowing that one day she would be the editor of Runway.

"Yeah! Bridgette told me she saw you very red after an interview with an assistant so I came to give you some guidance and tell-", Rachel stopped glaring into Kurt's eyes.

'Oh my god! It's Blaine! Blaine's the intern! You love Blaine! You're dating your assistant!", Rachel began to scream until Kurt reached over the table and clasped his hand over her mouth.

"Rachel shut up and let me talk!", Kurt told her removing his hand. "Look I'm not dating Blaine, he's just my assistant there's nothing to worry about!", Kurt told her as he sat back in his seat.

"Oh well I also have some very private issues I have to discuss with you but we can talk about that later in private", Rachel commented taking a sip of her drink.

"And before I forget how did you know I was here?", Kurt asked. Rachel knew he loved this restaurant but she wouldn't know where it was, she'd only been to Paris twice.

"Oh well I called Santana who sounded awfully tired by the way and she told me that she left to get Brittany and that you probably took Blaine to your favorite restaurant, so I asked for directions and I ended up here", Rachel answered. Kurt sighed as Rachel began to retell her Broadway stories. Kurt tuned her out and looked back over at Blaine, who was talking to a mysterious guy.

Blaine sighed as Kurt walked over to Rachel and sat down. He was so unsure of his feelings for Kurt and it was killing him inside. Every time he looked into Kurt's beautiful eyes he felt like he was going to a point of no return.

As Blaine watched Kurt and Rachel speak he sighed again remembering he was now working for Kurt. They couldn't be together it could cost both of their jobs. "Excuse me sir?", A tall brown haired waiter asked, "Would you like to order?".

"Uh…sure", Blaine responded looking over at Kurt to see if he was still talking to Rachel.

"Wanna wait for you boyfriend over there?", the waiter asked noticing Blaine's gaze.

"Oh no we're not dating, we work together", Blaine answered quickly.

"Wow! I would guess someone like you would be snatched up by now!", the waiter told him smiling. Blaine gave a shy smile in response to the waiter. He seemed nice but a bit odd in other ways and was very forward with his feelings. After a short conversation with the waiter Blaine had learned that his name was Sebastian and he was also an American.

"So, since you're not with anyone…I was wondering if you'd like to go out with me tomorrow night", Sebastian asked smirking. Blaine sat with his mouth wide open in shock at the man siting before him.

They had only been having a conversation for a few minutes and he wanted to go on a date already. Blaine wasn't used to people begin this forward with their feelings, and it was shocking towards him.

Blaine also began to think about Kurt who had left a few minutes earlier telling Blaine he would call him later that night. Blaine knew that they couldn't be together because of the work environment. He didn't want to jeopardize anyone's job, especially Kurt's since he meant so much to him. "I would love to", Blaine replied with a quick smile.

"Okay Rachel we're home now what's this personal business we need to discuss", Kurt said as he walked into his apartment and sat on the couch.

"Well number one I'm divorcing Finn, and number two you are hopelessly in love with Blaine -", Rachel began talking very quickly.

"Wait hold up Rachel!", Kurt exclaimed his eyebrows shooting up to his hairline; "You're divorcing Finn!".

Rachel sighed and leaned back into the couch "Yes I am".

"But why! I visited three months ago and everything was perfect!", Kurt exclaimed.

"Well I'm here to just escape and take my mind off of it, I haven't decided yet but I am thinking about it", Rachel explained. Kurt only could look at his close friend while she verbally debated divorcing Finn. Three years ago Rachel was all he had during his breakup with Blaine.

Rach! We're over I-I don't know what to do", Kurt cried into his hands as Rachel rubbed his back. Kurt had just returned from Lima and had been an emotional wreck ever since.

"Kurt you are a strong, independent, fabulous person", Rachel told him quietly, "You will flourish because of all of that not because of Blaine".

Kurt sniffled and looked up at her, "I love you Rachel, and whenever you need me I promise I'll be there", Kurt told her.

The two friends hugged knowing they would always be there for each other.

Kurt had promised that he would always be there for Rachel and Kurt Hummel never broke a promise.

"Rach everything will be fine trust me", Kurt said quietly rubbing circles on her back.

Rachel nodded before saying "Kurt listen I know that you haven't gotten over Blaine, I can see it in your eyes", Rachel said as Kurt nodded, "But you have to maintain a professional relationship or Runway is over, I know you love Blaine but I think that you need to focus on work! Relationships within companies never work and you know that! Entirely it's your decision Kurt, but please choose wisely!".

Kurt sank back into his couch thinking about what Rachel said. He knew he would have to choose between Blaine or Runway but until Blaine's year was over he had to choose Runway.

"Don't worry Rachel, we'll maintain our professional relationship trust me", Kurt assured her ignoring the doubts in his head.

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