Chapter 2: taboo on school grounds?

"Hey Illiad!" Crystal yelled waving to him with a smile, she seemed satisfied as he returned the gesture as they walked up to him, and Duke who seemed concerned with other things did not pay attention to their conversation

"How's it going? Did you have a good sleep?" Illiad asked dropping his hands into his pockets, his gaze on Crystal but in his mind he was thinking of Duke, and why he had brought Crystal to school "I stopped by your house earlier to bring you to school but I see you got caught up and taken by Duke here" he said tilting his head in a kidding gesture

"yeah, I'm sorry Illiad, I didn't realize he was coming this morning anyways…" she said looking at Duke hesitantly, she felt bad, Illiad had come this morning and he rarely did that to begin with, and when he did she went with Duke without realizing

"Ah, don't worry about it." He said with a slightly serious tone, looking at Duke now also

"Do not worry yourself Illiad, I took care of it for you, it was quite enjoyable" Duke said holding his hand out towards Illiad in a friendly but sarcastic gesture, Illiad put his hands behind his back, clenching one slightly over the other, Crystal looked at him, he was smiling which made her happy, but a shiver went down her spin, looking into his eyes she felt a chill, they were cold, his usual green eyes flashed white-blue for a moment

"Illiad…" Crystal began but was interrupted

"Illiad, you had better calm yourself, what you're thinking isn't allowed here" Duke said, looking at him sideways smiling, Crystal felt another chill as Illiad turned away from them

"Yeah I know, I'll see your two in class" He said with a final tone and walked off, Crystal looked at Duke and smacked him on the shoulder quickly

"Were not even allowed to speak of it…don't test 's patients about the subject" she said walking past him, but he smiled and walked with her, his smile was even and emotionless

In class, nearing the end of school

Crystal worked on here math today with more ease, since this day she realized they were actually in math, she looked back now and again to see how Illiad and Duke were doing, it did not help her nerves the fact that they sat next to each other, and since Illiad had seen them walking he was acting more serious since it happened

", May I please be excused?" Duke asked, he was holding his book and was clearly like before done his work, which made Crystal sigh, she was getting along fairly well but had none of the speed of getting it done like Duke did

"of course Duke, come back as soon as your done we have an exam to write in a moment" said to Duke without looking at him, Duke nodded silently and left the room, Crystal felt a sudden chill go up her spine, she turned slightly and saw Illiad get up

" I must attend a team meeting for lacrosse, I will be back in time for the test"

"Alright Illiad, good luck" said looking at him confused slightly "I did not know you were on the lacrosse team"

"I am new on the team, its why there is a meeting" Illiad said without a care towards the fact, folding his papers back into his binder, he walked out of the room, he began to gain speed and went out to the fountains where Duke was, who turned and smiled at Illiad

"Illiad, what are you doing out here, we are only allowed one student out of class at a time" he said tilting his head and putting his hands by his side

"I told him I had lacrosse meetings right now" Illiad said walking up to him "what are you thinking with Crystal?"

"Whatever do you mean Illiad? I have been nothing but be kind to her since the other day when I decided to spend time with her" he said turning to walk away from Illiad, but Illiad grabbed his shoulder, clenching it hard

"I mean why start spending time with her now? You obviously have other thoughts then simply spending time with her" he said letting go quickly "now tell me what you have been thinking since you have spent time with her"

"You think I have something planned?" he said walking down the hall at a slow pace, he turned his head slightly "my only thoughts are that I would be better for her then someone as irritating and brutish as you are" he said smiling, but Illiad was already at him, he grabbed his shoulder again with a tighter grip and slammed his back into a locker, Illiad looked down as dukes arm flared and formed steel over it, and a blade on the end "see?"

"Brutish? I'll show you brutish you over prepped punk!" Illiad yelled pulling his other hand back; Duke Felt a large blow of frost come over him as ice began to form over his fist in spikes "I know its taboo, but I want to see how far you're willing to go against me for Crystal" he said slamming his fist at Duke

At the same time in the class room…

"Crystal, could you come here please" asked Crystal, who was deep into her books

"uhm, yeah sure" Crystal said standing up gingerly, and sat next to the teacher, then she felt a sudden push of energy, she looked behind her and gasped, everyone was still, she turned back to " are they alright?"

"Of course, I simply froze them In time using my time magic, but I felt a pulse of frost magic from outside and I believe the power came from Illiad, so I need you to go with tadase and figure out what is going on, I am authorizing magic usage for each of you to resolve this" as he said that everyone returned to normal, going about their business as usual

"Alright, if you say so…" Crystal said holding her hands in her lap, what if it was really Illiad, or even Duke, and then her eyes widened "Illiad never joined the lacrosse team."


"He doesn't play sports unless there winter events, lacrosse is nothing close" she said standing up, she ran over to tadase who was sitting in the chair near the exit "come on tadase, we have to figure this out before it gets bad"

"Alright" tadase said lazily getting up, he had spiky red hair and sapphire eyes, he wore a blue sweater and black jeans with a chain on the side "let's go" he said, she nodded and they went out into the hall, they ran for a bit in circles looking for the cause, until..

"Come on!" Illiad yelled, tadase and Crystal stopped dead, looking down the hall tadase ducked as a piece of ice flew over him, shattering against the wall behind him

"Are you alright tadase? Its true…it is Illiad attacking Duke" she said running in the direction "we have to stop them!" she ran towards them, in front of her was only mist from Illiad's ice, she went into it and hit something hard, like a wall, she looked up and it was once again Duke, who appeared to be completely unharmed

"Crystal, how pleasant it is to see you again, but this may not be the safest place for you right now" he said lowering his arm which had been in a blocking position, Crystal looked at her eyes widened, his arm was encased in steel scales, almost as if his arm was made of steel

"Duke that is forbidden" Crystal said grabbing his arm, but she drew back quickly, holding her own hand it felt ice cold "where is Illiad?"

"he is just ahead of us, I assume preparing another attack, I know this is forbidden, my magic, but you see I am using it as self defence against Illiad's rash behavior with his" Duke said with a unconcerned tone, which made Crystal feel angry at him, her eye brightened with flame red lines

"You must stop now Duke" she said quickly, she turned and nodded quickly pulled Duke back quickly, despite her side she through Duke off guard and he went back with her

"Give it up Duke!" Illiad yelled hidden in the mist, as several spear shaped ice lines came quickly towards them

"Tadase!" Crystal yelled out, and nearly as quick as she said it tadase had been in front of them holding a massive iron blade; he sliced down the line of ice, shattering it into hundreds of pieces

"Tadase! What are you doing?" Illiad yelled, forming another ice shard in his hand "why are you stopping me?"

"It's taboo!" Tadase said holding the blade at him, he looked at Illiad's side and sighed, there was a long line of red going across "you're injured, release your magic and come with us" he said easing up

"Duke…you cannot allow him to…" he said falling over, his ice shattered and he fell to his knees "Crystal…" he said falling flat and passing out, Duke sighed and his arm warped back to normal, though when Crystal looked at it, it was covered in cuts from top to bottom, but he paid it no mind so neither did she

"Crystal, we should head back to class, have Tadase take Illiad to the main office" he said putting his hand on her shoulder, he smiled and walked to class, him doing that sent a large chill up Crystals spine

"Tadase…" she said holding her arm, tilting her head slightly, Tadase nodded and lifted Illiad up onto his shoulder, he walked off towards the office, and Crystal looked at Illiad and to her surprise Illiad's hand shun light blue, as an ice flower formed and flew towards her, Crystal caught it and sighed "Illiad…what happened here?" she said turning around to see Duke standing there smiling

"More and more taboo from him, he is a bad person Crystal, I suggest avoiding him"

"I'll do what I think is right Duke…"

"what he did is forbidden, only a select few know the power of magic, he by some coincidence has mastered the ice magic, the rest of us who have mastered know better than to attack using it, on top of being taboo, he challenge another who has mastered magic" Duke said holding his hands behind his back, but Crystal sighed and looked back to see them go around a corner

"Illiads not stupid…he must have had a reason"