A week next Saturday at the Stork Club. Peggy thought this through over. It had been a week and four years, and Peggy came once again to the Stork Club. Steve was late. Peggy glanced at the door, expecting, hoping, that he had some how been able to survive. They still hadn't found the plane. He could still be alive!

Peggy glanced at the door again, when Howard walked right through it. Peggy looked away quickly, feeling the color rush into her cheeks. She looked straight ahead, hoping Howard would not notice her. She had come here often enough in the past years, and no one else knew how she still pined for Steve. A tear began to form as she looked down.

"Peggy," Howard said, Peggy looked up and saw that Howard had sat down in the empty chair across from her. "Peggy…" Howard said, gently taking her hand. He looked tired and drawn. The war and the search for Steve had taken its tole.

"…still no sign of…" he stopped himself. "How are you holding up?"

"Isn't it obvious?" Peggy said beginning to cry. Howard scooted his chair closer and placed his arm around her. She buried her head in his chest, crying.

"Peggy…don't you think…Steve would have wanted you to move on? Isn't it…time to let go?"

Peggy sat up, composed herself and looked at him, "I suppose he would." Peggy sniffed.

A waiter came over and Howard ordered food and drinks for them both. Two Hours later Peggy was laughing with Howard. Somehow he had worked his magic. For a good hour and a half, Peggy had forgotten about Steve. She had thought of him constantly for years now, that his absence from her mind was now strange.

"Peggy" Howard said with a laugh as the music started upa gian. He stood up and held out his hand to her, "Would you like to Dance?"

Steve suddenly came rushing back to her head. The Right Partner.

"I'd love to," Peggy said.