The doctor looked over Steve with his glasses sitting at the tip of his nose. He looked at the monitor. Everything normal, well as normal as it can be for Captain America! Which is about double the normal. He thought, watching the heart beat. Steve was suffering from a sprained ankle that was quickly healing, a nasty head injury, and other little cuts and bruises. Gotta hand it to that Thor fellow, he sure can beat almost anything.

Consciousness came, unwanted, to Steve, he looked painfully around the room and saw the doctor peering at him through those cold glasses.

"Ah, glad you are awake!" The Dcotor said, looking down at a clipboard that had papers with graphs, pictures, and hand written charts all over it, "Not surprised though, you're stronger than an ox." He chuckled, and then started to clean his glasses as he left the room.

Steve sat back, wondering what had happened, and the memories of it came flooding back. Steve felt an inexplicable feeling of guilt. I don't like bullies, I don't care where they're from. He remembered a much smaller version of himself saying. What were you thinking Steve? You became something you despise. You became a bully. You lost control and decided to beat up Tony, whose only crime was that he was the son of Howard and Peggy.


He thought of her face, how lovely and elegant she was. All his memories of her came flooding back to him. Every conversation they ever had, every moment they had shared. You were meant for more than this you know. He was meant for more. He wasn't meant to be a bully, and beat up her son. Peggy is probably ashamed of him, wherever she is. …your friend, Did you respect him? Then allow him the dignity of his choice, he damn well must have thought you were worth it.

Was he worth it? If he can't control simple frustration, than he definitely wasn't. Peggy's choice. She choose to marry Howard. She wanted to be a wife and mother. Steve could not give her that, so why should he begrudge her when she sought it elsewhere?

Steve had a sudden moment of clarity, and the truth of what he had done made the guilt well up inside him. Poor Tony. He thought, and then he got up and limped his way to the hallway. He saw a nurse walking by, "Excuse me, can you tell me where Tony Stark is?"

"Right across the hall, in room 24." She said and then hurried by. Steve took a breath, and limped his way across the hall into another hospital room, Tony was sitting up, the TV on, and he was talking to someone.

"Jarvis come on! I'm asking something simple here!"

"I'm sorry sir, but I cannot synthesize a cheeseburger for you." A voice said, and Steve looked around the room. "Sir, Steve Rogers is approaching."

"Mute" Tony said, then looked toward the door, "If you are coming to finish the job, I warn you I installed automated defense system into the ceiling so watch it!" Steve then noticed the mechanical devices in the ceiling.

"I have not come to hurt you, Tony Stark. I have come to apologize for my behavior."

"Huh." Tony said and looked at him. "Well lets see what your behavior has been shall we. You glare at me, I try to straighten stuff out, and you get enraged about my heritage. You tell me I add nothing to the table. And there was another thing, oh what was it…oh yeah! You beat me into the ground and gave me a dislocated shoulder. Oh sure, I'll forgive you for your behavior!" Tony said in his sarcastic tone.

"I realize what I had done was unacceptable, but try to understand. I greatly loved Peggy, she is the only woman I felt I knew, and who knew me. I got enraged with jealousy when I heard she married Howard. And you suddenly represented Howard in my brain. I also had been so frustrated over going forward in time and losing everybody I had ever loved, that upon your invitation to fight I lost control. And I really am sorry."

"Ah-huh. Jarvis!"

"Here sir!" The voice said and Steve spun around, almost falling in the attempt, greatly confused.

"You been listening?"

"Indeed I have sir."

"What do you think I should tell Mr. Rogers here Jarvis?"

"I don't know sir, you usually handle these situations so well without me." Steve was turning every which way looking for the source of the voice. Tony seemed totally calm and bemused by Steve's reaction to Jarvis.

"Do I Jarvis?" Tony asked.

"Indeed sir."

"Alright Steve," Tony said, containing a laugh at how he was turning every which way to try and find where Jarvis is. "I'll call it fine, but only if you do two things for me. One: Get me a cheeseburger. Two: If there is ever, in the obscure possibility, that I need someone to back me up in future battles…would you come and…help me?" Tony said, squeezing the word "help" out as if it hurt to speak it.

"You got it." Steve replied, with a smile.

"Alright then, so that Cheeseburger, everything on it, preferable from burger king."

"What is a burger king?"

"Just Never mind!"

"Sir" Jarvis said again, this time Steve fell over from his hurt ankle from looking around, "Miss Potts is approaching."

"Tony are you alright?" She said hurrying in, "Oh my God, what happened to you."

"Pepper, I'm totally fine," Tony said, he tried to reach out for her hand but his shoulder made him inhale sharply in pain.

"Oh my God, oh my God, Tony!" Pepper said beginning to pace in panic.

"Pepper calm down, I'm fine, I got Jarvis, and the doctors have everything under control."

"Tony, how did this happen to you?"

"Pepper, I'm fine, Fury made me box with Steve Rogers."

"And did he do this to you?"

"…no…" Tony said looking around.

"Excuse me, good afternoon, I'm Steve Rogers." Steve said cutting into this conversation.

"Oh my God, did you beat him up? You did didn't you! You son of a –"

"Pepper!" Tony called out, "Pepper, calm down, Steve is my friend, things were getting a little out of hand and…Coulson decided to join in the fight and then soon all the agents joined in and things got really out of hand."

"Oh, well then why are only you two the only ones in the hospital?"

"Miss Potts, " Jarvis began, "Tony is-"

"Mute." Tony said, "Pepper, I'm fine, Steve and I are…friends."

"Uh, yeah, Tony has been a great help to me, adjusting to being sent through time, and all." Steve said, sounding a little flustered. "Well Tony, I hope you get better, and I should uh, I should get back to my room."

"Alright buddy take it easy."

"I will Tony." Steve said, and then limped back into his room, hearing Pepper continue to freak out. He laid on his bed and he inhaled slowly and closed his eyes, feeling as though he had found his first friend of the 21st century.