Pairing: Ichigo/Hollow Ichigo

Warnings: AU-ish, OOC-ness

Ichigo was staring at a page of his Calculus textbook intensely, trying to understand the gibberish that was written on it but to no avail. The Finals were tomorrow and if he didn't pass them...

"Oi, whatcha doin', King?" Hollow Ichigo's voice whispers in his mind, further complicating matters and making studying go from difficult to impossible.

Ichigo flinched and scowled, trying to stare harder at his textbook. "Go away," he growled. "I don't have time for you."

"Oh? And why is that? Ya seem awfully stressed but ya ain't in a fight..." Hichigo purrs and Ichigo could almost see the little bastard smirking inside his mind.

"I have work to do, hollow," Ichigo growled. "Why don't you go bug Zangetsu?"

"Zangetsu is sleepin'. Entertain me, King" Hichigo whines in an annoyingly needy tone. It was clear that Hollow Ichigo was not going to leave him alone any time soon.

Ichigo sighed, defeated. He closed his textbook and rose to stretch. Well, he needed a little break anyway. He flopped down on his bed and closed his eyes. "Fine, I'm coming in there. We can spar."

"Hmm...Sounds good" Hichigo says in a satisfied tone before going silent so Ichigo could get to sleep.

Ichigo opened his eyes and looked out at his inner world. The sideways buildings and floating clouds were as they were each time he came in. Zangetsu was nowhere to be seen, and he guessed that was to keep the hollow from doing the unnecessary pranks he always did on him. "Oi, Hollow, where are you?"

"Peek-A-Boo!" A voice says suddenly from behind him and he feels a hard kick to the back from his inner Hollow. "Ya let yer guard down~"

Ichigo recovered quickly, hand flying to his hilt. "Dirty little sneak," Ichigo hissed. Swinging Zangetsu from its bandages Ichigo pointed it at the hollow. "Don't cry when I beat you," he said.

"Me cry? Ya can't even pass a pathetic little human test!" Hollow Ichigo teases, showing that the inner hollow had looked into his thoughts. He points his own blade at Ichigo in the exact same way, like the reflection in a mirror. "Are ya goin' t'cry when ya fail?"

Ichigo scowled, and lunged at his hollow, blades coming to kiss at each other in a sharp metallic ting. The shunpo'd across Ichigo's inner world, blade hitting blade as the Hollow cackled in Ichigo's face and Ichigo's shoulder lost their tenseness. Jumping back, Ichigo cupped his neck and stretched it, smirking lightly. "You don't suck as much today, hollow."

"Glad yer satisfied, King" Hichigo smirks as he rolls his shoulders back, preparing for a charge. He uses sonido and quickly closes the distance between them, their blades meeting once again. "Feel better?" Hichigo coos mockingly, pushing Ichigo into a building hard.

Ichigo flipped, bracing his hands against the building and kicking off. Swinging his blade, Ichigo sliced at the hollow, taking off a few strands of white hair and shunpo-ing behind him to hack as the Hollow jumped back swiftly.

"Tch, not too shabby. Wanna go Bankai?" Hichigo asks excitedly, smirking impossibly more and chuckling to himself. His fingers twitched on the hilt of his blade, aching for more fighting.

Ichigo shook his head, "Only you could make Bankai sound dirty." He slung Zangetsu on his back. "I only needed a workout, hollow. Thanks but I gotta go."

"Wha? But why?" Hollow Ichigo whines, his smirk turning into a frown and his shoulders sagging slightly.

"I have to study," Ichigo said. "Don't you remember that part?

"No offense...Well...Yes offense, but ya suck at studyin'" Hichigo says bluntly and he slings his own blade on his back. "After all, that stuff yer readin' is simple math; ya haven't even startedreadin' the chapter on trigonometric equations and the identities of functions. That's the important stuff...But, I guess I haveta let ya 'study' so ya can fail. See ya later, King" Hichigo says nonchalantly, shrugging his shoulders as he turns to walk away.

Ichigo blinked, hand flying out. "Wait, wait, wait, wait, waaaait a minute!" Ichigo blurted. "How the hell do you even know all of that?"

"It's not like I have anythin' else ta do in here but memorize yer borin' lectures and the stuff in yer books" Hichigo tells him, sounding slightly frustrated as he turns his head to look at Ichigo.

Ichigo hesitated, clearing his throat. So, his hollow was better at math than him. As if things weren't already fucked up in his life. "Can me?"

"...Huh?" Hichigo mutters in disbelief, thinking he was hearing things and turning completely around to stare at Ichigo.

"Can. You. Help. Me." Ichigo grit out.

"Oh! Oh, this is rich! Ya want me ta help you at a math test!" Hichigo says teasingly, doubling over with manic laughter and making Ichigo feel even worse.

Ichigo flushed horrendously, a red clashing furiously with his hair. "O-Oi! It's not funny! You better help me with my math, dammit!"

"Oh, I will...On one condition" Hichigo says as he holds up his index finger and smirks evilly at Ichigo.

Ichigo narrowed his eyes suspiciously, crossing over to his hollow. "What the hell do you want?"

"I want...A kiss" Hichigo says as he licks his lips, his smirk growing impossibly larger.

Ichigo's brown eyes flew open. "Ex-fucking-scuse me?"

"Oh, did ya go deaf? Then lemme say it louder so Zangetsu can wake the Hell up" Hichigo says playfully as he clears his throat for dramatic effect. "I WANT YA TO-" Hichigo yells before being interrupted by a hand slamming onto his mouth.

"IDIOT!" Ichigo hissed. "I heard you!"

"I thought so" Hichigo mumbles against his hand before his long blue tongue licks it slowly to get him to move it off.

Ichigo drew back quickly, coughing unhappily into his fist. He shifted on his feet and tried to look the hollow squarely in his face. But the hollow's gold smug eyes were making it all that much harder. "Are you gonna...or...or not?" Ichigo said lamely.

"So ya want ta make the deal?" Hichigo murmurs in surprise, his eyes widening slightly as he takes a step closer.

"Yes," Ichigo sighed. "It's a deal. Just get it over with al-"

Hichigo suddenly presses his lips against Ichigo's, his hands gripping his hips. The kiss was passionate but surprisingly gentle considering that it was an evil hollow doing it and it seemed desperate in a way. It was like Hichigo was wordlessly begging Ichigo not to leave him alone anymore, something that his pride would not let him voice aloud.

Ichigo stumbled, eyelids falling heavily as the hollow's hand rubbed circles on his back. Ichigo would never admit it, but the hollow was his first kiss. It was hard getting firsts when everyone thought he would be ripping them a new one. Ichigo sighed unknowingly and tilting into his hollow.

Hichigo moans quietly into the kiss and pulls him closer. The kiss deepens and Ichigo finds the Hollow's long, blue tongue suddenly in his mouth, toying with his own. The hand on his back slides under his shirt to caress the skin beneath and the other hand wraps around Ichigo's waist.

Ichigo froze, unsure of what to do. The hollow moved against him, and Ichigo stumbled again, feeling the tongue go deeper.

Hichigo notices Ichigo stiffen and he reluctantly pulls away, panting softly. "Too much?" Hichigo mutters in a quiet voice as his hands move back to the sides of his own body. He was clearly disappointed but he also felt almost sad that he would probably be left alone in Ichigo's mind again. His final chance was gone.

Ichigo nodded numbly, face heating up again. His hands had become tangled in the other's white shihaksho during their...experience. "Just a little," he croaked. The hollow looked at him blankly and Ichigo felt a rush heat up under his skin again. "Maybe you can help me with that, too..."He muttered, looking away to save pride.

Hichigo's eyes widen, wondering if he heard correctly before smirking a bit. "I'm the Horse, King; I'll do whatever ya want..." Hichigo purrs, his arms wrapping around Ichigo's waist once again and pulling him close. Perhaps, he wouldn't be stuck in exile again after all.