Ichigo exhaled slowly, jotting down his name on his test. He let his eyes scan over the test and smirked lightly, some of what the hollow had taught him was working out after all. He let his eyes roll down further and groaned inwardly. But then again, they hadn't gone too far in the book before the hollow had decided that the only studying they should have is between their mouths and hands and not his math book.

"Yer thinkin' some very interestin' thoughts, king..." Hichigo's voice echoes through his mind playfully. Ichigo had given him quite a bit more freedom now and he could actually see the world through Ichigo's eyes for once instead of just imagine it and listen to his thoughts.

Ichigo clicked his tongue in annoyance, and set back to glaring at his paper. "Not now, hollow. I have finals! If you're not gonna help me..."

"Now, Now~ who said that? I made a promise, king, and I intend to keep my promise" Hichigo says to him, taking a look at the questions.

Ichigo sighed quietly in relief, penciling in the equations and the answers along the way. He nodded quietly to himself as his hollow whispered, as unnecessary as whispering was, to him. A flush started to rise up his neck as the hollow's whispering became an echo, and a strange caress went through his mind.

"And yer done" Hichigo echoes, watching as his king filled in the final answer. "Now ya have an entire half an hour ta entertain me~" Hichigo sing-songs. Ichigo could hear the smirk in his tone and he bit back a frustrated groan.

Ichigo felt reluctant, but knew a deal was a deal. He rose, handed in his test and quietly left. Wandering, albeit a little on the tipsy side, as the hollow started muttering something dirty to him, Ichigo scowled. "Can't you wait?"

"Nope, I can't and it's yer fault. Ya didn't want ta have a quickie this mornin'" Hichigo laments, sounding like a kicked puppy as he starts trying to tug Ichigo's mind into his inner world.

"I was going to be late for school," Ichigo hissed. "And it's not exactly something I want my sisters, let alone my father finding me..." He flushed harder and stuttered awkwardly and headed to the bathroom at the other end of the school. The one supposedly "haunted" that kept the students away.

"Aww...Is my king shy? That's so cute~" Hichigo taunts, the sound of laughter filling Ichigo's mind as his inner hollow becomes more and more restless.

Ichigo rounded into the old bathroom, and locked himself into an old stall. Closing his eyes as he sat back, head on the wall, he exhaled. "Let's just get this over with."

"Ya know ya want me" Hichigo purrs, pulling Ichigo almost violently into his inner world and all but tackling him in a hug. "I missed you~" Hichigo coos, licking Ichigo's cheek.

Ichigo ducked his head into his hollow's neck and shuddered. His strong hands closed around the other's white shihaksho. He scowled without anger and bared his teeth. "Sh...Shut up!'

"Don't be mean ta me, king" Hichigo whispers into Ichigo's ear as he wraps his arms around his neck, his body pressing against the other's muscled torso.

Ichigo ran his teeth lightly across his hollow's neck and pressed his face closer into it. "You're infuriating...sometimes..."

"Hmm...It's not my fault. I get a little...Antsy. Waitin' for ya" Hichigo moans quietly, his arms tightening a little around his king's neck as he presses his lips lightly against his cheek. He was going to savor this moment as long as he possibly could.

Ichigo pushed him down, forcing him to lie against the sideways building, and slipped his hand under the other's robes, fingernails scraping, but not breaking skin. Ichigo's teeth became harder in strength, nipping hotly against his white counterpart's neck.

Hichigo arches his back and moans louder, baring his neck and staring into Ichigo's impassioned brown eyes for a moment to take in their beauty. His own hands pull off Ichigo's black robes to expose the skin underneath, he breaks eye contact and starts making a trail of love bites down his neck to his chest as his nails dig into Ichigo's back slightly but do not draw blood.

Ichigo growled, burying deeper against the other, and digging his nails in harder. Pressing against him, he muttered something, and tugged at his hollow's robes as well.

Hichigo shrugs off his robes, left with only his hakama on as his long, blue tongue finds one of Ichigo's pink nubs and starts toying with it as his hands tug at his hakama.

Ichigo groaned, hissing as he wriggled, hakama receding down his hips. "H-Hollow, make it q-quick. I don't want my friends running here because they felt my reiatsu spike..."

"Ah, screw 'em...No, on second thought, screw me" Hichigo pants, smirking mischievously at Ichigo as he ever so slowly starts pulling down his own hakama.

Ichigo flushed, regardless, silently cursing himself for his embarrassment. They had done it before when they were...studying. But it was still a tender issue. Technically, by all means, he was a virgin, perhaps not "mentally" in any case. He let the hollow push him on his back and watched with shy eyes as the hollow completely pulled down his hakama as well.

"When do ya think you'll get used ta bein' gay, king?" Hichigo teases as his tongue traces over a very private spot and his nails slowly drag over Ichigo's firm chest.

Ichigo shuddered as his mouth fell open in a silent moan. He flushed with embarrassment and mild anger. "When I can stop having sex...with myself," he teased back with a smirk

Hichigo chuckles before his mouth wraps around the head of Ichigo's erection, giving him a hard suck to shut him up. It still pissed him off a bit to be considered a piece of someone and not an individual.

Ichigo bucked into his mouth, hands flying to dig into his eyes. "F-Fuck!"

Hichigo chokes down a laugh for fear of hurting Ichigo by accident and starts sucking him in earnest, completely focused on making Ichigo scream his name.

Ichigo arched off the building, head flying back as his member crept a little deeper down his hollow's throat. "Shit, yes! F-Fuck, hollow!"

Hichigo swallows around him, bringing him in deeper as he hums softly with approval at Ichigo's pleasured screams. He continues to service Ichigo as his own hardness aches with desire but he was the horse and the king always came first.

Ichigo looked over at him blearily, toes curling as he watched the hollow running tongue along his length. "Fuck that's hot," Ichigo moaned.

Hichigo's golden eyes shift to look into Ichigo's brown ones as he bobs his head quickly on Ichigo's length, knowing that he was close.

Ichigo's breath hitched as his head flung back and his vision whited out. He screamed, feeling the hot mouth of his hollow still moving on him.

Hichigo takes him in deep and swallows hard around him, loving every sound that came out of his king's mouth.

Ichigo came back down to earth, chest heaving, and wet with sweat. He cracked his eyes open, catching the pearly white smile of his hollow. "We switching?" he slurred.

"We better be" Hichigo says teasingly, licking his lips as he lays back to expose his reddened and leaking hardness. "I don't think I can wait much longer, king" The hollow whines, wantonly spreading his legs.

Ichigo crawled up to his hollow, lidding his eyes at the appendage. He shyly bent down and took a tentative, experimental lick to the side.

Hichigo shudders and moans softly, wiggling impatiently. "No teasin'...Meanie."

Letting his tongue run along the length, Ichigo took the member into his mouth, hands tightening on white thighs. He looked at this hollow's lidded gold eyes. his tongue moved against the member, feeling a jolt his cheek.

"Ah...King, more..." Hichigo moans, his head tossing from side to side and his hands clenching on the floor below.

Ichigo dove down and up again and again, feeling the other thrusting into his mouth. He groaned around the member, tongue moving across it in his mouth.

"S-So close, king...Please don't stop" Hichigo begs, his hips bucking beyond his control and soft cries of pleasure slipping from his mouth as his hands tangle themselves in Ichigo's short orange hair.

Ichigo dipped deeper, his large hand coming to aid him as he squeezed and gripped his hollow's length. He let his teeth skim the length gently.

Hichigo shudders and screams Ichigo's name, unable to hold back his sudden release. Lights dance before his eyes as his hands clench onto Ichigo's hair and his head tosses back against the floor.

Ichigo hastily swallowed, not knowing what else to do. Sitting back on his behind, Ichigo wiped his mouth clean quickly, looking at his hollow sprawled out on the building, laughing to himself, blue tongue licking his lips.

"That...Was fun" Hichigo says breathlessly, still laughing a little as he catches his breath for the grand finale. He clears his throat and flips over to lie on his stomach, his ass in the air. "Ya ready to ride yer horse, king?" Hichigo purrs lustfully, smirking back at Ichigo.

Ichigo flushed, stuttering something stupid, he was sure. So far, the hollow had done "the riding", and he had only been faintly aware of what to do. "I..." He started off lamely.

"Did ya forget how ta do this already? C'mon! Lube, remember?" Hichigo reminds him, rolling his eyes a bit and shaking his head as he digs through his black shihaksho to take out a small tube of lubricant and tossing it to Ichigo.

Ichigo looked at him dumbly and spread it in his hands. He slicked up his member slowly, flushing. "Uhm..."

"Yer doin' it right" Hichigo says absentmindedly, mesmerized by the sight of Ichigo's hand moving over his length.

Ichigo crossed over to his hollow, waiting for the other to make a move, passing him the tube.

"Thank ya, Ichi" Hichigo says, grabbing the lube before spreading it on three fingers and pushing them inside him, stretching himself. He moans quietly and pushes his fingers in deeper, rubbing his sweet spot and coaxing out a cry of pleasure.

Ichigo felt himself harden, and his mouth fall open, watching his hollow's hand intently. He resisted letting his hand wander to his member.

Hichigo moans Ichigo's name, eyes closing as he continues to prepare himself as his own length hardens.

Ichigo's hands find his hollow's hips as he leans expectantly, anxiously. "Hurry the fuck up," he hisses without anger. "You're taking too long."

Hichigo opens one eye and chuckles, pulling out his fingers and pushing his ass back against Ichigo's crotch. "I'm all yours" Hichigo purrs, almost trembling with excitement.

Ichigo eases in, head coming to rest against his hollow's back. He snapped his hips and groaned happily. "Fuck yes," he whispered.

"Aah...Damn, move yer ass..." Hichigo groans, whimpering and shifting a bit at the blissful feeling of fullness.

Ichigo thrusted harder, picking up rhythm and speed as his hollow egged him on happily. Ichigo grabbed his hollow's legs roughly, and pulled them closer to him.

"I-Ichigo! God Dammit! So...So fucking good..." Hichigo moans, eyes closed tightly as his nails dig into the floor below. He moves with Ichigo, bucking back against him with every thrust and feeling nothing but sheer ecstasy.

Ichigo drove in once, twice, and groaned against his hollow, hand tightening on his thighs.

Hichigo starts to stroke himself quickly, eyes closing tighter as his release quickly approaches. His cries increase in pitch and frequency and the occasional scream of Ichigo's name leaves his lips as they make love.

Ichigo pressed deeper into him, rocking with finality and screamed. "Fuck, fuck, hollow!"

"Aah! God, yes! Ichigo!" Hichigo screams as he finally orgasms, his hips bucking a couple of times. His arms tremble slightly before he collapses onto his stomach bonelessly, panting like he ran around the world twice.

Ichigo didn't move atop him, and just tried to remember how to breathe. Pressing kisses along his hollows shoulders and neck, and finally his face, Ichigo pulled out and sat back, smiling faintly. "Was I good, fucking hollow?" he teased.

"Fuck yes, stupid human" Hichigo teases back, smiling at Ichigo and pressing his lips against Ichigo's gently for a few moments before pulling away.

Ichigo grunted, and looked at the sky of his inner world. "I gotta go, hollow," he said reluctantly. "We'll have more time when I get home later."

"...Don't leave..." Hichigo says in a quiet voice, his smile slipping off his face as the concept of his eventual loneliness hits him and as proud as he was, he knew that nothing terrified him more.

Ichigo planted a kiss to his hollow's forehead. "I won't be gone long," he said. "Besides, you never like keeping quiet either."

Hichigo sighs and snuggles close to Ichigo's warm body, not wanting to waste what little time they had. "It sucks ta be stuck here alone. I wish I had my own body" Hichigo says softly, running his fingers over Ichigo's bare chest.

"You and me both," Ichigo joked, kissing him one last time. "You should try harassing Zangetsu while I'm gone. There's no way he couldn't have heard us these past two days."

"That's probably why he's avoidin' me like the plague" Hichigo jokes, licking his lips and swallowing down his sorrow. "You and I got a date tonight, don't forget" Hichigo purrs, nuzzling his neck.

Ichigo smirked, "Wouldn't dream of it."


Ichigo came to and found pairs of feet on the other side of his stall door. Hushed voices whispered frantically to each other. Ichigo's first thought was to angrily question who was out there, but the bulge in his pants made him rethink otherwise. He instantly recognized the voices, and all color drained from his face. He was so fucked.