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Right after the monster screeched at me, Jason warned me not to leave the house. I waved him off, while diving from another fireball. The smell of singed hair filled my nose, when I noticed smoke rising from my hair. I turned to face the creature; I still didn't know what it was. I ran up the front stairs, narrowly missing yet another blast of flames. The fire engulfed the stairs, and made its way up towards the banister. I ran into my room, and locked the door behind me.

I heard a large crash, and I assumed it was the banister and stairs collapsing. I cracked my door to check, and ash filled my eyes. Through smoke, I saw that they had indeed collapsed, leaving me with only one way out of this house: my windows. The windows were ceiling to floor, and only one opened. They all looked over the beach, but there was a heavily bushed area filled with thorny wildflowers, in which I'm almost positive some sort of woodland creatures nest there. However, there was no other exit, and I was out of options. Just as I picked up a chair to smash through the window, the monster burst through the door. I screamed, and then smashed my window.

Falling from a window was a terrifying experience. Landing? well that was a whole 'nother world of pain and terror. The thorns scratched and stabbed my sides leaving gashes and bruises across my body. I took my backpack with my bow and arrow out, and began hacking away at the bushes. I prayed to... someone that I could get out of the field of kindling before fire-breath got out here.


Well SHIT. I finally cut through the last of the flowers and stumbled onto the beach. I scrambled to stand. I spun around wildly, and what I saw, made my hearts shrivel and drop into my stomach. The beach was totally empty, extinguishing my plan of getting assistance. When I turned to look at my house, I feel to my knees.

"No, not again," I whispered.

The house was totally engulfed with flames. The inferno had spread to my favorite coconut tree i used to climb. Then I saw my mother's garden she had started to grow before she went off her rocker. Anyways, that set my off. I shakily rose to my feet, and searched for the creature. My heart was beating erratically, and the smoke was stinging my eyes. When my eyes found it, I smirked and picked up an arrow.


The monster picked up its head and narrowed its glowing eyes my way. When it jumped out of my house, I felt an earthquake as it landed. Smirking, I backed away as it crept it's way towards me. We began to circle each other as if we were in those old western movies. I put the arrow into the bow and pulled the string back. When I shot the arrow, I totally missed. What a fail. On the bright side, it distracted it long enough for me to notice that Jason and his friends had shown up... On a flying horse. I turned towards them and waved them over. Only it was too late that I turned around, and saw a fiery ball hit the entire left side of my body, just barely missing my head. I blacked out.

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