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First story will be Masamune's birthday, second – Christmas, third New Years, fourth – Valentine's Day! They will all be one, maybe two-shots, which will more than likely include a lemon!


PLEASE NOTE: This is early in the relationship, so Miko 'doesn't' know. Oh, and he doesn't know that she owns a lingerie store either.

Ritsu sighed when he began his walk home. His mangaka were struggling to finish. He wondered why it was suddenly harder to do their work in the winter. It's not like people go outside much when it's so cold anyways! He shook his head. Everyone had gone home relatively early besides him. Taka—Masamune had offered to stay with him, but he refused, saying that he could do his own work. In all reality, it was because he was panicking. Taka—Masamune's Birthday was in a few days!(He was having a hard time adjusting to calling him 'Masamune' instead because he'd only been calling him Masamune for about a week. Except when they were in the office.)

"We've only been 'officially' dating for a little bit… I don't know what to get him!...Damn him, making me confess like that…" He muttered as he was unlocking his door.

"Well, sorry." Said a sarcastic voice from behind him. He felt a pair of warm, strong arms wrap around him from behind.

"Ta—Masamune! Cut it out!"

"Mmm, nah."


"I heard you debating on what to get me, and you should already know the answer by now."

"W-what?" Ritsu asked. Curious.

"You." Masamune said, kissing him. RItsu blushed scarlet and kissed back a bit. He pulled back after a second, realizing that Masamune was distracting him.

"W-we're already t-together… I… I wanted to get you a gift for your Birthday—and Christmas." He added Christmas as an afterthought because Masamune's birthday was the 24th, and Christmas was the next day. Masamune huffed in annoyance at having the kiss be broken.

"You could always buy me a cake…" He teased.

"Oh yeah! Or I could—wait! I almost told you!"


"It would ruin the surprise!"


"Don't make that face! Wait, why are you laughing?" Masamune continued to laugh for a minute, ruffling his lover's hair.

"It's just that… you care so much. I'm really happy. My parents never really cared all that much, so I wasn't expecting you to care either…."

"Baka! Of course I do…" He blushed again and cut himself off, seeing Masamune grin.

"I'm really happy. But seriously, I don't care about any present except for you."

"Last year, you were all whiny and crap about me not getting you one!"

"Last year, I was still trying to make you fall for me. I wanted you to want to give me something. And you did. We went on that drive, and we did if in the car… We could always do that again."


"So, what's for dinner?"

"Can't you cook for yourself?"

"I can… but I want you to do it."

"Fine." Ritsu sighed. Masamune only smiled and followed his lover into his apartment.


The next day, Ritsu was still stressing out. It was the 23rd! Masamune's birthday was tomorrow! And to top it off, Ishikaru was mad at him. He'd pissed him off when Ritsu rejected his plans for Christmas. I didn't mean to make him mad… I-I..I just wanted to spend it w-with Masamune… And he didn't really know Ishikaru's friends well enough to go drinking with them. Not that Masamune would let him. He still hated Ishikaru for kissing Ritsu that one time, no matter how much Ritsu protests that it wasn't serious.

"Damn it!" His head jerked up to see Masamune angrily picking up his messenger bag. It was ripped down the side. "I've had this damn thing forever, and it decides to break now?" He growled.

"Takano-san, it probably broke because you've had it forever!" Kisa piped up. Masamune glared at him, adjusted his glasses, and walked back to his desk. Ritsu had an idea!

Everyone was excited to get off early! They got to have a nine day-long vacation because of Christmas and New Years!

"Oi, Onodera!"

"Y-yeah, Takano-san?" Ritsu asked. He had to call him by his last name at work.

"C'mon, let's go home together. I'll cook tonight."

"I-I can't. I, um, I have plans!"

"With who?" Masamune demanded. "Not Ishikaru." He stated firmly.

"Nobody! And I told you that he didn't mean it…."

"…I don't care. I still hate him."

"Fine. I'll see you later." He got up to leave. Masamune grabbed his hand.

"I'll come with you."

"N-no!" Masamune raised an eyebrow. "I-I'm a grown man! I can t-take care of myself!"

"…Mmm…Fine…." Masamune reluctantly watched him go. Before he disappeared completely, Ritsu called back,

"I'll be home in a little bit, so don't worry!"

Masamune smiled. Ritsu called it 'home', even though he was going to Masamune's place. He could get used to that, but he could ask him yet because they'd only been 'official' for a little while.

But he would someday.


Ritsu sighed in his sleep and turned over. He was met with a warm pair of lips on his forehead.

"Good morning." Masamune said happily.

"G-good morning." Ritsu fought the urge to scold Masamune for waking him up with a kiss. It was the man's birthday, after all. "Happy Birthday."

"Mmm… Thank you." Masamune said, kissing him on the lips this time. They looked at the clock. It was almost noon! They never slept in this late! Unless they'd had a whole week of sleeping at the office, but they'd gotten off early yesterday.

"Wha! It's almost noon!"


"I always feel so lazy after sleeping in so long!"

"Well, I woke up about an hour ago…"

"Why didn't you wake me up?" Ritsu demanded.

"Because I like watching you sleep." He wasn't going to add the part where Ritsu spoke in his sleep. It was a little fun-fact he decided to keep for himself, because if Ritsu found out, he'd try to stop. Masamune liked to hear him sleep-talk.

"B-baka." Ritsu blushed. "Let's get up now." He tried to sit up, but Masamune pulled him back down. Ritsu thought he was going to kiss him, but instead, he held him close, their faces just inched apart.

"I don't even get a birthday kiss?"

"W-we already k-kissed!"

"But I kissed you, so it doesn't count. You have to kiss me." Ritsu blushed. He wanted to protest, but he remembered Masamune saying that his parents never cared about his birthday. He felt bad about that, so he decided to give Masamune a great birthday! He leaned his face in and kissed Masamune on the lips. It was supposed to be a quick kiss, but Masamune ruined that. He was kissing back so passionately that Ritsu melted into it.

"Thank you." Masamune panted. So far, this had been a great birthday.

"Shut—yeah." Masamune was pleased that his lover was making an attempt to be nice.


It was about eight o'clock at night, and Ritsu and Masamune were at the bar. They were meeting a few co-workers there to celebrate Masamune's birthday. Now many of them were leaving.

"So, Ri-chan, what's your gift to Takano-san?" Kisa smirked when Ritsu blushed.

"It's at home."

"Ooh~ So it's that kind of gift!" Masamune was intrigued, wondering if it was indeed, one of 'those' gifts. Kisa was amused, seeing his co-worker's blush.

"N-no! D-don't be ridiculous!"

"Suuuuure it's not….."

"Argh!" Masamune suddenly found his pants being a bit tighter and decided to hurry and thank everyone for coming and drag Ritsu out the door.


Masamune was almost carrying Ritsu through his apartment. They were kissing passionately, and Ritsu was starting to moan into his mouth.

"Is… Is this the… gift you're giving me?" Masamune asked breathlessly. Suddenly Ritsu pulled away.

"Oh! I almost forgot! Thanks for reminding me!" Damn it! I wish I hadn't said anything! "I'll go get it!" He said, walking towards the door.

"No." Masamune said, pulling him back into another kiss.

"M-Masamune! I—"

"Tomorrow. You're not leaving."

"….I wasn't going to leave. It's in a bag, by the door…"


"Don't pout. I'll be right back."

"… I don't pout."

"Yes you do. Whenever I interrupt us when we're kissing, you pout."

"…Then don't."

"I'm getting your gift. Close your eyes, I didn't have time to wrap it…"

"Okay…" He waited a second, watching Ritsu's retreating form, admiring his ass. He sighed and closed his eyes. After a few moments,

"Y-you can open them now…" Ritsu breathed. Masamune opened his eyes and saw a brand-new messenger bag. He really liked it. It was black, sleek, soft, and had a few extra pockets that looked like folders. That could come in handy when he carried documents and manuscripts.

"Happy Birthday."

"How did you know?"

"I overheard you talking at the office. You said yours had ripped. I-if you don't like it, I can—Mmph!" Masamune kissed him.

"No, I like it. Thank you." He transferred all of his papers into that one, and Ritsu was going to throw his old brown one away, but Masamune stopped him.

"I thought you—"

"I am going to use my new one, but I want to keep this one, too."

"But this one's broken!" Ritsu's brow furrowed.

"Yeah, but this one has… sentimental value."

"Since when do you care about sentimental value?"

"Since it concerns you." Masamune said, continuing from where they left off.

He wouldn't tell Ritsu why he thought it had sentimental values because he knew Ritsu would want to throw it away. It was the same bag he used in highschool. In one on the pockets, there was a picture of Ritsu and him sitting in the library, reading together. He couldn't take it out because he's left it on the sun one day and the plastic that held it had melted a bit, sealing it firmly inside.

This has been the best Birthday ever

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