First of all Maria is 14 in this so she isn't as much of a little innocent girl and Robin is 16 he's a complete player as you will soon find out. I wanted to start from my favourite scene which for me I could sense something more for robin and maria. So enjoy! P.S It's all in Robin's POV.

I looked down at my hand where the merryweather girl had cut me. She was going to pay for that, and then I'd bring her to father where he will have her locked away until after the 5,000 moon has risen. Her family will be sorry for taking those pearls.

My thoughts were interrupted by the rustling of leaves and a sweet voice saying 'Who did this to you? Oh you poor thing'.

The merryweather girl!

I ran out from behind the bushes, while calling 'one trap two catches'.

'What do you want?' she asked which made me laugh.

'that's girls. Trap an animal; they can't resist coming to help.' By this time my gang had formed a circle around her.

'I know who you are. You're bandits and plunders!' us? Bandits? How amusing. This girl thinks she can insult us and get away with it? I wasn't the only one laughing. Her remark had caused a ripple of laughter throughout the group. Colin who was standing behind her grabbed her. Something about her little scream made me want to help her, and before I could stop myself I pulled her away from colin. Her weak hitting snapped me out of my protective mode and I realised my gang hadn't even noticed. She was putting so much effort into those little punches she almost fell over but caught her. That's when she noticed my hand.

'You!' she whispered and I was sure I was sure that I was the only one who heard it.

Yes me! I cant throw a proper punch because of your wretched sewing needle never mind the jeering I get. I've been trained to be able to fight off all kinds of weapons and this little girl gets me with her sewing needle! 'your coming with us now. My father is just dying to make your acquaintance' I mocked her city accent. That started another ripple of laughter. Just then one of fathers birds screeched and colin was jumped on my that demon dog belonging to the merryweathers! Damn it!

I heard Francis yell 'it's the demon dog! Robin, let's get out of here!' I was determined to stay I wasn't going to let her get away this time! I was going to prove to father that I am trustworthy, and not completely hopeless. But that dog barked again and something about the mixture of blood red eyes and razor sharp fangs made me leave. From up ahead I heard colin shout 'Robin, its your father!' Oh no. I ran faster and got there just as he slowed down. He took off his helmet and looked at me 'what did I do to deserve such a prize dolt for a son?' he said and rode off. Great I disappointed him again, and I was so close!

'damn that merryweather girl!' I shouted as I slammed the door of the castle. Just then a girl ran up to me 'hi robin!' she greeted me.

I started 'hey ….'

'Catherine. There is this thing going on in the market square and I was just wondering if you..'

'SORRY! Cant I'm…..hunting! Maybe some other time? 'I interrupted her.

'sure!' it was obvious that my remark although had meant nothing to me must have meant the world to her. oh well sorry um.. Christine? Yeah that sounded right . I headed up to my room and met a girl on the stairs she was hot so I talked with her awhile. Next thing,she's kissing me, I don't object. When she breaks away she says 'you're a great kisser'.

'so I've been told' that makes her laugh. Just then Annette comes up behind me. 'what do we have here?' I roll my eyes and apologize to the girl.

'what do you want?' I asked Annette.

'what do I want? Robin you're my boyfriend!' she replied.

'I don't remember that' it was true when it came to girls I didn't remember much of what they said, except when it came to the merrywheather girl. That girl made my blood boil or at least I think it was my blood boiling. It was a weird feeling I get in the pit of my stomach whenever I think of her, I just cast it off as hatred.

'Yesterday you said you wanted to be with me' she told me. Oops! Forgot about that, I really have to watch what I say.

'Well things change maybe I want to be with this girl now' I winked at the girl and she smiled gingerly back at me.

'Oh really whats her name?' Annette asked. Uh oh it was something like Catherine.

'Um…' maybe it was linette or beth.

'Its Elizabeth' the girl said.

'There you go, Elizabeth' I said to Annette and smirked at her.

'Your pathetic' she muttered as she pushed past me. Oh really?

'You didn't seem to think so yesterday' I called after her. I turned to Elizabeth 'So where were we?' I smiled at her. But she looked disgusted.

'Don't even think about it' she said and walked away.

Oh who cares. I've seen prettier anyway. That led me to think of the merryweather girl again. I thought of how I let her go and the disappointment on fathers face. That made me angry again and I stormed off to bed not having the stomach for dinner.