A/N: I love The Sandlot, and I love Benny, so if I'm honest, this is my fantasy. In this story, the plot is the same except for the fact that there is an OC. There will be romance, sorry if you don't like that, but there will also be friendship and baseball, so enjoy! And yes, coincidentally, the girl owns the Dodgers. Just a random thought that occurred to me. It will come into play a lot. Just go with it.

Disclaimer: I do not own The Sandlot, but I wish that I did. The only thing I own is Kitty Reynolds.



Benny was…curious? Yeah, that was it. Curious and very, very interested. He was…"spying" on the family that was moving into the huge house three houses down from him when he spotted the girl. Not just any girl; a beautiful girl with lively green eyes and soft, brown hair and long, long tan legs. Benny would be lying if he said he didn't have a little crush on her already. He was excited to start school with her on Monday.

She was sitting lazily on top of a box she was supposed to be moving, absentmindedly tossing a baseball up and down. Coming from any other girl, this would have surprised him, but word on the street is that this girl's uncle owned a team in the MLB! Apparently, she moved from New York when he purchased the team. Not just any team either. No, he owned the Dodgers. So naturally Benny decided to scout her out. Y'know…just in case…

Chapter 1:

Normal POV

"Uncle Dan!" she screamed loudly.

"Yes, sweetheart?"

"Do I have to move these boxes in?" she questioned him, a sickly sweet tone to her voice.

There came a loud sigh from the house. "Yes, you do, because I am a little busy at the moment, hon." With work, she added to herself. She was sure. He was probably on some important call with one of the players on his team. "Just move the boxes in, Kitty!"

"But they're HEAVY!" complained Kitty, but she moved to do as she was told anyway. Just as she was getting started, she spotted 9 boys running down the street. They noticed the trouble she was having with one of the heavier boxes, and stopped.

"You alright?" asked one of the boys, clearly the leader. He looked Hispanic with dark skin and hair. He was handsome, for sure, but Kitty refused to think like that.

She debated whether or not to let them help her. "Umm…" she started, then dropped the box. "Shit," she muttered.

"I think that's a 'yes,'" the boy called back.

Kitty POV

I bent down to pick up the stuff I had dropped, my face burning, and the boys gathered around to help me. A chubby kid picked up a picture of me and my former baseball team and inspected it.

"That's you?" he asked, clearly confused.

"No," I said sarcastically. "That's Babe Ruth, of course."

The boys laughed, then started helping me move the boxes. Once the job was done, they smiled at me. "Hey, what's your name, anyways?" one of them asked.

"Kitty," I replied. "Kitty Reynolds."


"Yeah. What's it to ya?" I asked heatedly. I hated this part, when people questioned my name. I happen to LOVE my name.

"Nothing. It's a nice name." Hmph. Well we agree on something. "I'm Benny. This is Ham, Squints, Timmy, Tommy, Yeah-Yeah, Kenny, Bertram, and Smalls."

"Nice to meet ya," I told them, and they chorused a "hello." Benny turned back at me. "You any good at baseball?" he asked.

Any good, I thought. If only they knew. I grew up playing with major league players. Of course I'm good. But I didn't say any of that. Instead I said, "Why, Benny? You doubt it?"

"Well," spoke up Ham, "in general, girls aren't very good. But you're pretty so I'll give you a chance."

"Gee, thanks. But I bet I can whip your candyass any day of the week." I told him matter-of-factly. The boys whooped and shouted "Score one for the new girl!" and "She got you there, Ham!" I smiled to myself, but kept a cool personality on the outside. I was really good at masking my emotions. Had to be.

"Oh really?" asked Ham patronizingly. I just nodded, full of a quiet confidence that he couldn't take away. "Fine." He announced a challenge. "Tomorrow, at 9 AM, at the sandlot."

"Fine. Hope you're ready."

"I was born ready."

"Mmm-hmmm. Right."

The boys laughed and threw their gloves at Ham as they turned at walked away. "See you tomorrow," I called sweetly. Then I walked inside. I checked the air for any traces of alcohol, then, sensing none, ran to my room. Tomorrow would be an interesting day.

And I couldn't wait.

Benny POV

"I bet that Ham will win by more than 5 runs," announced Yeah-Yeah. Ham pumped his fist at the vote of confidence.

"Really?" I asked. "My money's on Kitty. I've seen pictures of her batting with Dodger players. I think that she'll win." Ham pouted.

"Fine then," said Ham. "I hope your wrong."

"I'm right, though," I grinned cockily. I always tell the boys I'm right.

"I'll bet on that," announced Yeah-Yeah. "Two dollars."

I thought about it for a while, weighing the pros and cons, then held out his hand for Yeah-Yeah to shake. "Alright," he said. "If Kitty wins, you pay me, and if Ham wins, I'll pay you." Yeah-Yeah shook his hand grinning from ear to ear.

"Hey, why are you so confident anyways?" asked Smalls. "It's not like you've ever seen her play."

Yeah-Yeah laughed. "That's exactly it. I've seen Ham play, and he's pretty good, but Benny here is making a blind bet."

"The best kind!" I declared.

"And he's betting on a girl. So I'm gong to win." I just shook my head. He could easily be wrong about that. Kitty was pretty badass from what I could tell. I honestly believed that she would win.

"Fine. Believe what you want," I told him. And so we went to the diner, and clinched the deal with milkshakes. Tomorrow would be so much fun. And I'd be two dollars richer!

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