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Kitty POV

The King Kong movie is amazing. A little frightening, maybe, but still a pretty good film. Benny keeps his arm around my waist throughout the entire movie and, I admit; when it got scary, I may or may not have hid my face in his shoulder. Don't look at me like that. Even the "tough" boys shield their faces when it got scary. Phillips included.

Speaking of Phillips, that vile and disgusting creature…well, he sat in the seat right in front of me. True to his word, Phillips reached back constantly to hold my hand, winking at me. And every time either Benny, or I, or Ham would slap his hand away. Ham and Benny were sitting on either side of me. My very own "protective detail," as they called it. And we were sitting in the exact middle of the whole team.

About half way through, Ham started whispering to me. I guess he got bored of the movie. I admit, there isn't much action right now. It's more like the calm before the storm.

"So?" he asked, stealing a handful of Benny's and my popcorn.

I narrow my eyes at him. "So what?"

"So what's with you and Benny? You two have been awfully close since we left the pool." I close my eyes and purse my lips. I should have known this conversation would happen sooner or later. I sneak a glance at Benny, as my way of asking permission, and he nods nearly imperceptibly, glancing at me and smiling. None of this goes unnoticed by Ham, who smirks and raises an eyebrow at me. Turning back to him, I mentally brace myself for the torture and interrogation that is inevitably going to come from Ham and the rest of the guys.

"If you must know, Benny asked me out."

"FINALLY! Wait, what did you say?"

"What the hell do you think I said? I said yes. God, Ham. The Lord gave you a brain. Use it!"

Beside me, Benny is smiling slightly, but his eyes are still glued to the movie screen. Shoulda known he was listenin in on our conversation.

Ham glares at me. "How was I supposed to know you said yes?"

"Well, apparently, Benny and I have been 'awfully close since we left the pool.'"

He smiles sheepishly, taking more popcorn. "Oh. Right."

"Yeah. Right."

We turn back towards the movie, but unfortunately, it turns out Phillips has been listenin in also. "Well, well. That's why you let him touch you. Oh, well. This will just make revenge that much sweeter."

Ham goes wide-eyed and Benny goes wide-eyed. So I decide I'll go wide-eyed as well. Suddenly, I'm worried for my health. And safety. And sanity.

Phillips. Will. Die.

The rest of the movie, the three of us watch on in silence. Except for Ham singing under his breath every couple minutes or so. "Benny and Kitty sittin in a tree! K-I-S-S-I-N-G…"

That boy better be glad he made it outta the theatre alive.

When the movie ends, it's only 5-ish, so it's still kinda light outside. All the boys "nonchalantly" form a circle around me, effectively trapping me and Benny, who still has an arm around my waist, inside. We spot Phillips coming towards us between Timmy and Tommy. It seems to be 12 to about 4-ish, and Phillips easily breaks through. He smirks at me, walking closer and closer.

"Now. We can do this the easy way…or we can do this my way."

Wow, I thought. That's original. I've never heard that one before. (Note the sarcasm.)

Smalls, DeNunez, and Benny grab me and start dragging me towards the exit, and Ham holds Phillips back. "RUN!" they're all screaming, while all the other boys join in on the fight. Problem is, I'm still wearing a cover-up dress and flip-flops from our day at the pool, and I just can't run properly. Meanwhile, Phillips has broken free from the fray and is running after all of us. I'm running behind all the boys, except Smalls. I'm dead where I stand. Or…run, rather.

And then it happens. I trip and fall.

Ugh. My life has turned into a friggin soap opera ever since Benjamin Rodriguez pranced on into my life. See what he does? Don't let Rodriguez walk into your life, kids.

Anyways, Smalls screams for Benny and DeNunez and tries to help me up, but it's pretty much already over. Phillips catches up, along with half his team. I can see that the other half is holding back the rest of the sandlot boys. Smalls is easy to hold back, and DeNunez is eventually restrained.

Luckily, Benny is still up and fighting.

Phillips is still standing in front of me, smiling, and pinning me down with a foot on my stomach. I can't even breathe and my chest gets tight and, fuck, I'm gonna cry for sure. I feel tears coming to my eyes. It's the first time in a long time I've felt completely and utterly helpless. Even when my uncle beat me, I knew I could do something. Right now, I'm just frozen.

There's one guy holding Smalls, and two really big guys on Kenny. The other 4 have finally managed to keep Benny away. And I'm still frozen.

Phillips drags me to an alley. And I guess this is it.

He's whispering harsh, things in my ears, and nasty ones, too. He's getting closer and closer and he's playing with my hair near my ear. He keeps one hand clamped over my mouth to keep me from screaming. He's so close now; I'm nearly shutting down. Suddenly, his hand is running down my face, down my neck, and lower…that's not wear he should be keeping his hands! In a moment of pure rage and frustration, I bite down on his hand as hard as I can and scream. The tears are freely running down my face, and Phillips is swearing under his breath, looking at his now bleeding hand.

Suddenly, Phillips is on the ground, completely unconscious. I look up and I see Benny, fists clenched and eyes ablaze. And I can't help it.

I launch myself at him and it's the first time I've let anyone see me cry since I was 9 years old.

And that scares me.

No one is allowed to see how I feel. Not even Benny. So I do the first thing I think of. I stop crying and put on my mask. I disguise myself, and disguise my emotions. I pull my face back from Benny's neck and smile cautiously. I know it doesn't reach my eyes, but it's close enough.

No one's gotten me to stop pretending before. I'm not gonna start letting people see me fall apart now. No one's allowed to know how fucked up my life really is.

Benny POV

I'm gonna kill Phillips so fucking hard. And he will die.

It took 4 of Phillips 'followers' to restrain me; two on my arms and two on my legs. Suddenly, there's a scream from where the other boys are still fighting and I look up to see Ham charging at this one guy who was the only guy between him and me.

Now, if you've never experienced Ham running at you full force and screaming like a mad man with his face all red from anger/fighting/exhaustion and blood running down his face from a gash on his cheek…well, you've never experienced true terror.

So the guy makes the right choice. He dives out of the way, and Ham turns towards me. He charges again, bowling over two of the guys. I manage to kick one of the other ones with my now-free foot, and I wrench my arm away from the last one, letting Ham take care of him.

"Where'd Phillips take her?" Ham demands.

I wrack my brain, trying to think, but I can't. "I don't know! I can't remember."

"Then you go that way, and I'll go this way. Bring her to the diner if you find her," Ham tells me. But before we could move, we hear a scream so desperate I nearly doubt its Kitty. Kitty's never desperate. But Ham and I exchange a look and sprint towards where the scream came from.

I spot an alley that looks just like where Phillips would take her, and she's still screaming. Phillips seems to be examining his hand, but he still has a hand on her chest. Big mistake, buddy.

I run into the alley and without thinking, I bring my fist up and punch him I the side of his head. He falls down, unconscious. Well done, Rodriguez, I congratulate myself for a second, before turning towards Kitty.

Before I can even ask if she's okay, she throws herself at me. Literally. I feel her arms around my neck and her legs around my waist, and her small frame is shaking in my arms. Then I feel something wet on my neck. Tears, I realize. Kitty was crying. And that shocked me almost as much as when she stopped.

No warning, no time. She just stopped crying. She pulled her face back, and her eyes were red and wet, but besides that, she acted like nothing was wrong. Her smile looked confident, joyful, and she was chuckling quietly like she was enjoying the fact that I was carrying her. But I knew better.

The smile didn't quite reach her eyes. She had been scared out of her mind. I knew from the moment I heard that scream.

Ham jogs up, panting. "She okay?" he asks.

No, I think. She's definitely not okay. But I look at her, and I tell Ham, honestly, "She will be."

He nods, and turns to her, "Dammit Kitty, that scared us more than the movie."

I roll my eyes, and Kitty deadpans, "Glad I could entertain you." Suddenly, I realized that Phillips was still unconscious at my feet, and that I was still carrying Kitty. Thinking it would be best, I try to lower Kitty down, but she whimpers and buries her head in my shoulder.

Ham stifles a laugh. None of us are used to seeing Kitty like this, but it's not exactly what I would call "funny." I glare at him, while Kitty whispers, "Please don't put me down…"

I shift around, so her hands are still around my neck, but I'm carrying her bridal style. This way I can walk easier.

"Okay," I tell her, and Ham's expression softens.

"C'mon," he tells Kitty and I. "The rest of the guys are waiting for us at the diner. We're having dinner there."

Kitty keeps her head buried in my neck all the way to the diner, and as we all pile into the booth, she glances around. All of a sudden, her eyes go wide. I follow her line of sight, and my throat gets all tight. Today is bad luck for Kitty, apparently.

The Dodgers won their game.

Kitty POV

I run outta that diner like the devil was after me. Oh God, I think. Oh God oh God oh God oh God!

I bolt to my house sprintin' faster than I've ever run before. Uncle Dan was probably already drunk by now, which means inevitable trouble. I shiver. Uncle's friends are probably all there too.

A word about my Uncle's friends: they're jerks. They live for money and drinks, which just so happen to be two of the things my Uncle likes to give away. They're all married to young, blonde go-go girls and drive down to Las Vegas every other day to gamble their problems away. All in all, they're not the kind of people you want to run into when there's alcohol involved.

I fumble with the key when I reach my front door, slamming it open. I barely make it three steps into the house before I hear Mike's voice call out, slurring, "Hey, look at this pretty little thing!" I try to ignore him staggering after me 'til he yelled to me again. "I got more than just my wallet in these pockets, you know!" He wiggles his eyebrows at me and smirks.

I involuntarily gag, whether at his red face, terrible pick-up line, or the mere thought of this guy being…attracted to me, I don't know. It smells like cigarettes and beer bottles in my living room, and I run for the stairs. Unfortunately, I get caught.

Jack grabs me, laughing. Next thing I know, he tears at my shirt, nearly ripping it in half. I scream and scream, hoping to trigger some sort of memory or emotion in my uncle's drunk-ass mind. But he's just watching me, a nearly sadistic smile on his face, like I'm just a sitcom or some shit. Like I'm some sort of make-believe character that doesn't have feelings.

Jack throws me to the ground, leering at my now nearly half-naked form.

He sits on my hips and offers me a cruel smile, to which I just scream louder. I stare into my uncle's eyes, but there's nothing. There's no sympathy, or remorse, or even regret at watchin the only family he has left be tortured by the miserable men he calls his friends.

Jack lays down on top of me, trying to shove his tongue down my throat, but I keep my mouth clamped shut. He lifts his head a couple of inches and growls at me. "C'mon bitch," he taunts. "Don't be like this."

He tries to shift himself around, and I don't even know what he's planning on doing, but I use my opportunity and kick him between the legs. He howls in pain, and I'm up and running even before he has the chance to scream profanities after me.

Why'd I even come back? I thought. This has got to be the worst mistake I've ever made. I knew Uncle would be drunk. I knew his jerky friends would be over to make my life hell. Most of all, I knew that I could have just borrowed a sleeping bag or something from Benny.

I shake my head. Thinkin about what I could have done isn't going to get me out of this mess. I glance back at the front door, wondering if maybe I could just run out now.

No such luck.

Mike is still standing by the door; ready to grab me and do whatever it is he wants in that sick, twisted mind of his. I turn to the stairs, and sprint up. I hear Jack climbin' up the stairs after me, until I hear something that sounds suspiciously like someone falling back down the stairs. I might've even laughed, if I wasn't so terrified.

I look around my room and grab whatever I might need for the night and the morning; toothbrush, pajamas, and yes, even some concealer. Don't judge. I snatch up a couple other things and stuffed them into the bag I have my sleeping bag in.

I haven't heard anymore footsteps, so I assume they're waiting for me at the bottom of the stairs. I run for all I'm worth. Jack is still dazed from our fun little…encounter and doesn't see me until I'm past him. Unluckily, my uncle doesn't have the same disadvantage.

He rams into me, still in my torn shirt, and presses me up against the wall. I drop my stuff and raise my hands, but they hardly protect me from the blows that follow. I'm seeing stars and I slump down. The only thing that keeps me from keeling over onto the floor is Uncle's strong arms pushing me harder and harder against this cold, concrete barrier that keeps me from running away to safety.

I resist the urge to just black out. Who knows what they'd do to me if I passed out? Ugh. I shiver, and command myself not to think about it. I glance desperately at the door, only to find Mike on the ground with a bottle in his hand. That idiot drank himself to sleep!

A tiny sliver of hope ignites within me. If I could just make it outta my Uncle's hands…

As I'm watchin the door, a new form of hope appears as the face of the one and only Benjamin Rodriguez runs up, his face falling as he assesses the situation. He looks at me, horrified, and his eyes say it all.

What didn't you tell me?

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