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Story takes place a week after the end of the Fourth Shinobi World War. Also let's say that Akatsuki was wiped out and Sasuke and Taka have joined the Leaf Village.

Naruto woke up from his restful sleep. Construction of the Leaf Village was almost done but Naruto's apartment still hadn't been rebuilt. He was living in an inn that had been built for the people whose homes hadn't yet been rebuilt. Naruto got up from his bed. Figuring he wasn't getting visitors this early, he remained in his boxers. He went over to the small kitchen and got some cereal. As soon as he finished eating he heard a knock on the door. Forgetting that he was only in his boxers he got up and went to open the door. He blinked in surprise when he saw Sakura.

"Sakura! What are you doing… here…" Naruto started to say before he noticed what Sakura was wearing. She was wearing a very er… revealing nurse outfit. The very tight white shirt showed an indecent amount of cleavage. He could also tell she wasn't wearing a bra. Her perky nipples were showing straight through the thin material. Her short white skirt was also showing her beautiful slender legs. To say the least Naruto was very excited in a very… visible place. Even more so because he was only wearing boxers. Before he could even speak Sakura pushed him into the room and locked the door behind her. Then she quickly moved over to where Naruto was and passionately started kissing him.

With Sakura about 10 minutes earlier

Sakura was walking towards the hospital. As she passed by the temporary inn where Naruto was staying she couldn't help but start thinking about him. He had really grown from being a noisy, loudmouth genin. Not only that but she had grown a bit of a crush on him over the years. She didn't dare say anything because she knew that Hinata would make her eat a bowl of kunai if she ever tried to do anything. Still she couldn't help but imagine Naruto fucking her while she ate out Tenten's pussy.(1,2) These fantasies got even more realistic after their last trip to the hot springs. After having Jiraiya teach her his Peeping no Jutsu, she started peeping on the male side. Just looking at Naruto's above average cock made her have a light orgasm. Needless to say that night Mr. Dildo got another nightly reunion with Mrs. Pussy. She continued on her way but was so lost in her perverted thoughts of Naruto and herself fucking like rabbits during mating season, that she ended up walking in circles. "I can't stand this! I'm going in there. I'll fucking rape him if I have to!" Sakura went into the inn and asked the nerdy guy behind the counter where Uzumaki Naruto was sleeping. In the elevator she took of her bra and panties.

After a few knocks she waited impatiently for Naruto to open the door. When he did finally open it she almost creamed herself when she saw him in only his boxers. Not only that but her very revealing outfit was making Naruto get a very large and very visible erection. "Sakura! What are you doing…here…" trailed off a very surprised Naruto. Before he was even done speaking Sakura pushed him. Her superhuman strength launching him clear across the room. She then went inside and locked the door behind her. She made a quick and seal less sound blocking barrier jutsu. Then she pounced on Naruto and started passionately making out with a confused and disoriented Naruto. Her tongue going into his open mouth. Enjoying his rock hard boner nestled against her moist pussy she started undressing. She managed to get her shirt off before Naruto regained his senses and pushed her off.

Naruto managed to push to push the very arousing Sakura off of himself. "What the fuck are you doing!" yelled Naruto, barely able to contain the lust in his voice. Sakura responds by saying to him in a very sexy voice " Naruto, I can't stand this. Please fuck me! I masturbate every night thinking about you! Please!" Naruto was about to respond when he suddenly found himself in Kurama's (A.N Kurama is the Kyuubi's name) room.

"Naruto! What the hell do you think you're doing! Why aren't you fucking that delicious looking girl in front of you? I know you want to fuck her brains out, so why aren't you doing it right now?" said a very confused Nine-Tails.

"Because she just came in here and pretty much rap…"

" Shut up! I swear, if you don't start fucking her this very instant I will haunt you with images of an old, shriveled up and naked version of Tsunade! Now get your cock in that girls pussy or else!'

With that remarkably scarring image in his mind, Naruto all but ripped off his boxers. Exposing his huge, fully erect 12 inch cock. Sakura almost came simply looking at it.

She quickly got on her knees and started stroking his huge member. Then she started licking the sides of it. Noticing the tortured expression on his face she ended the torture and started licking the tip, letting large amounts of saliva drip from her inexperienced mouth further lubricating his cock. She then started slowly jacking him off. She slowly started building up speed. After a few minutes of this she finally started putting more of his cock in her mouth. Sakura however, was inexperienced and barely managed to get 4 inches in her mouth. Naruto, now enjoying his morning, was not satisfied. He grabbed a hold of her head and shoved it down as far as it would go. A very surprised Sakura gasped around his cock and halfheartedly tried to stop him. After a few seconds she gave up and just settled back for the ride. Naruto kept pushing. He managed to cram another 2 inches before backing out and repeating the process. He managed to cram 10 inches into Sakura's stretched mouth. He started to face-fuck Sakura, thrusting in and out of warm, wet mouth. Sakura started moving her tongue around his cock, adding to the pleasure. Naruto couldn't take more and unloaded a few powerful shots of jizz down her throat. Naruto looked down and expected to find a very pissed off Sakura looking back at him. Instead he saw Sakura looking back up with her mouth open signaling for more. She was rapidly fingering her pussy with her right hand. Noticing this Naruto quickly picked her up and moved her from the living room into the bedroom. There he put Sakura on the bed. He then got on his knees and started licking Sakura's clit. He swirled his tongue around it. Then he thrust his finger into her wet pussy. He curled his fingers every other thrust, touching her G-Spot. Sakura rapidly released her juices. Naruto then stood up and rubbed his cock on her clit. " Do you want me to shove it in?"

" Yes! Yes! A million times yes!" yelled Sakura. Naruto gave one powerful thrust. He was balls deep with little resistance. He expected Sakura to bleed or be in more pain but none of this happened. Sakura did however gave a loud moan of pleasure. That single thrust had made her have another powerful orgasm.

"I ripped my hymen while training with Tsunade-sama." She said in between moans of pleasure.

Naruto grunted in response. He then started jack-hammering into her pussy. He leaned over and started making out with Sakura. After a few minutes Sakura had another orgasm. Naruto climbed on the bed. He turned Sakura onto her stomach. Her back was shining with sweat. He lifter her ass a little bit and started pounding her pussy in the doggy position. Liking this position he continued pounding her. Sakura was no longer in the realm of comprehensible thought anymore. The only thing on her mind was "Goooooooooood." Naruto released a tsunami of cum into Sakura's womb. Sakura moaned and came as well. After a quick little breather the horny couple continued fucking.

A few hours later

Naruto grunted as he came for the tenth time in Sakura's pussy. This caused Sakura to cum and then faint from exhaustion. As Naruto pulled out he too fell onto the bed. He suddenly found himself back in Kurama's room.

"Well. I am surprised she lasted that long."

"Oh shit!"

" What?"

"I just realized that I came in Sakura's pussy what if she gets pregnant?"

"No shit, Sherlock. Let me explain something to you. Being a Jinchurikii you get special abilities from me. First you have amazing stamina and chakra. That is what makes you an unrelenting force. (3) That applies to any situation but now I'm going to focus on the abilities you will most likely only use during sex because I have a feeling you're going to continue fucking that pinkie and many other girls. First you can generate an infinite amount of cum. By using chakra you can shoot one continuous orgasm instead of bursts like you did now. This uses a lot of chakra but adds more pleasure. Secondly by putting chakra into your eyes you can read a girls mind and see any fetishes and fantasies that she may have. I like to call this Demon Eye. Third you can heal any bruising your sexual fun may have on the girls. This has the added advantage of making their pussies as tight as the first time. I like to call this Healing Hands. Now going back to your pregnancy scare, because you have me inside you get to decide when you're actually shooting sperm in your cum for now you're basically shooting blanks. Also you have the ability to make any girl a cum-hungry slut."

"Whew. What a relief being a dad is not high in my priority list right now. Thanks Kurama."

"Hang on a sec kid. This shit ain't free. You gotta do me a couple favors."

" Fine! What?"

"First off, I want a new environment. Give it a hellish look. Secondly. Because I'm inside you every time you get horny, I get horny as well. So make me some demon girls. I'm not picky but I do like Daedra. (4) Give me a nice little female Dremora."

Naruto did as he was told. Then he left Kurama's room. Then he lay down next to her. It was still pretty early so he decided to go back to sleep.


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