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Training with Tenten.

A few hours after fucking Sakura

Naruto woke up to a pleasant suction on his cock. He opened one eye and saw Sakura's head bobbing up and down his huge length. Again he noticed that she could only cram about four inches into her mouth by herself. He slowly lifted his hand and placed it in the air above her head. He waited until she had only the tip in her mouth before rapidly bringing his hand down. This caused a very surprised Sakura to lower her head more than she meant. Naruto kept his hand on her head, ignoring her desperate gasps for breath.

"You finally managed to get my entire cock down your throat" Said a very happy Naruto. The added suction of her attempts to get air to her desperate lungs caused Naruto to cum directly into her throat. Naruto released Sakura's head and got more comfortable on the bed, expecting more sex from Sakura.

He was disappointed however when she got up and started putting on her slutty nurse's uniform. "Where are you going?" asked a very disappointed Naruto. "Sorry Naruto-kun, but I gotta go to the hospital and take care of the sick. Don't worry I'll come back for more of that delicious cock later."

After Sakura left Naruto put on his own clothes and headed to Ichiraku's to get some food.

When Naruto got there, he saw a very sad Tenten eating a bowl of ramen. He was also surprised to see Anko Mitarashi eating there too. He sat down next to Tenten and ordered a plate of ramen from Ayame.

"Why are you sad?" Naruto asked Tenten. "Neji broke up with me" sobbed a crying Tenten. "What a bitch!" yelled Anko.

"I know what will get your mind off of him," said a scheming Naruto "let's go spar."

"Fine," said Tenten "I can pretend you're Neji"

"Hey why don't you go spar in the Forest of Death," said Anko "no one will bother you there." Before they could even respond Anko gave them the key to the gate and left.

As they were walking there, Naruto used his Eye of the Mind Reader ability to see what Tenten was thinking. He was surprised to see that Tenten was thinking some very perverted things about him.

Tenten's thoughts

"Yes! My plan worked! While we're sparring I'll use some wire to tie him up and then give him the special injection that will make him want to fuck me like there's no tomorrow! Then I'll blackmail him with that so that he keeps fucking me."

Little did she know that Naruto had seen all her thoughts and was already making a plan of his own.

They were so distracted that they didn't notice Anko following them. She too was making a plan to get fucked by Naruto and maybe even score a threesome with Tenten.

30 minutes later. Forest of Death.

Naruto deflected Tenten's shuriken with his kunai. Then he gave her a kick which sent her flying back into a tree. His Eye ability was still activated so he saw that Tenten was about to start her plan.

"Naruto I'm tired. Let's take a break." Naruto warily walked over to where Tenten was sitting. When he saw Tenten's boobs through her sweat soaked top however he completely forgot about Tenten's plan and walked faster. His cock was fully erect by the time he got there. A few seconds later he felt a sting in his leg. He looked down and saw a syringe being driven through his pants and into his leg. He tried to move but found that he couldn't. Tenten took off her clothes showing her C-cup boobs and her big ass. Then she took off Naruto's clothes. Then she noticed that his huge cock was already erect. "Wait a minute. It's not supposed to kick in that soon. Oh crap. That means you were already horny. It's not meant for someone who already wants to fuck you!" said a very scared and horny Tenten.

Then she saw that his already big cock was growing. It looked about 15 inches long and much thicker. Tenten tried to run away from a more animalistic looking Naruto. (A.N: Picture him in his primary Jinchurikii mode) She only got a few feet away before he regained his motor functions and sprinted after her, catching her in a few seconds. He turned her around and put his huge cock to her lips. Tenten kept them tightly closed. But she opened them pretty quickly when he started pinching and twisting her nipples with his long sharp nails. As soon as she opened her mouth Naruto shoved his entire cock into her mouth in one go. He began to pump with a very rapid rhythm. This made Tenten struggle for breath around his massive length. After a few minutes she started to enjoy the rough sex and realized with a jolt that she was a masochist. Just this thought gave her a huge orgasm. Now thoroughly enjoying this she shoved 3 fingers into her very wet pussy. This caused her to have another 4 orgasms.

Meanwhile Naruto continued to facefuck her as fast as he could, almost breaking Tenten's jaw and nose with each movement. As he came he subconsciously activated his Eternal Orgasm ability and shot about a gallon of jizz into Tenten's abused throat.

Tenten was disappointed that he had already cummed . She was surprised when he roughly pulled out and went behind her. Then Naruto lifted her ass so that it was in the air.

"Please shove your huge cock in my pussy!" she yelled at him. She was horrified however when he felt his cock touch her anus. "No! Not there, I've never put anything in there before!" Her pleas fell on deaf ears however. Naruto shoved his entire cock into her virgin ass in one go. This pain caused Tenten to cum again. Naruto started a very rapid rhythm as he plowed into Tenten's warm, tight ass. Very soon the pain turned into mind-melting pleasure for the abused weapon's mistress.

Naruto continued his manic rhythm for another 10 minutes, giving Tenten another 5 orgasms, before shooting another gallon of cum into Tenten's rectum. Again Tenten expected Naruto to stop after this. And once again she was surprised. Tenten watched as some red chakra enveloped Naruto's cock and was very surprised when another cock appeared over Naruto's original cock. Just thinking about the possibilities made Tenten have another orgasm.

Naruto shoved one of his cocks into Tenten's ass and the other into her tight pussy. He was balls-deep in one powerful thrust. His cock being large enough to actually go through her cervix and directly into her womb. This caused Tenten to cum again. Tenten braced herself as Naruto began to rapidly thrust into her again. By the time Naruto came again, Tenten had cummed another 3 times. As Naruto pulled out his second cock disappeared and Naruto returned to normal.

"Well that was amazing sex Tenten, you're even better than Sakura-chan."

"What! You were conscious during all that and you had sex with Sakura!" yelled Tenten

"I only regained control right after I came in your ass. The 2 cocks were my idea. And yes I fucked Sakura earlier today." replied Naruto. As he was speaking he used healing hands on Tenten's ass, throat and pussy, healing any damage the rough sex may have caused.

Tenten however was very exhausted and fell asleep right where she was sitting. It was still pretty early so Naruto lay down right next to her and fell asleep as well.

"Well. I have never seen sex that good." said a very horny Anko "That got me so horny. I'm going to let them rest a little then I'm gonna go down there and then fuck like there's no tomorrow!"

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