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Naruto's very lucky afternoon.

About an hour after Tenten got fucked. Forest of Death.

Naruto woke up to the rustling of nearby leaves. Being in the forest of death, he expected to find some ridiculously large animal about to attack him, what he didn't expect was Anko Mitarashi. And he really didn't expect to find her naked. "Anko? What are you doing here?" Asked a very surprised and horny Naruto, barely able to resist the urge to just jump her and fuck her. "Oh, I just came over to tell you and Tenten that I saw what you did and that I want some of that huge cock too." Said Anko. Her lust filled eyes looking at the naked Naruto's rapidly growing cock. "Well not even 2:00 yet and I already have been asked that question by 3 different girls. Who am I to say no?" As he was talking Naruto woke up Tenten. When she saw Anko she instantly deduced what must have happened and got up. "So I guess we're having a threesome?" asked Tenten. "You better believe it!" said Naruto.

Naruto sat down on the ground and motioned to Anko. Getting the hint she got down on her knees and started sucking Naruto's cock. First she swirled her tongue all around the head of Naruto's cock. Then she licked up and down the shaft. After that she put the head back in her mouth and jacked off the rest while she sucked on the tip. Noticing Naruto about to lose all self-control she put the first 6 inches in her mouth. Then she backed up an inch and went back down, this time getting to the 8 inch mark. She continued this until she felt the tip of her nose hit his pelvis. She went back to the tip and started over, but this time she went faster. Then she started sucking him off at an almost manic pace. Naruto could only last about a minute of this before he came. While Anko was doing this she lifted her ass in the air and started waving it back and forth. This quickly got Tenten's attention. She went over and started licking Anko's pussy. First she swirled her tongue around Anko's clit, then she shoved 2 slender fingers into Anko's moist pussy. Every few thrusts she would bend her fingers and scrape Anko's G-spot. Then she started sucking on Anko's clit and added a third finger. This caused Anko to cum all over Tenten's mouth. Deciding she liked the taste Tenten continued to finger-fuck Anko. With her free hand Tenten reached up and started playing around with Anko's tit. She pinched her nipple and then started gently twisting it. Suddenly she heard a poof. This made her stop what she was doing and look for the source of the noise. She saw that Naruto had made a clone. The clone went over to Tenten and inserted his huge cock into her ass. He slowly started moving back and forth, enjoying the tightness of Tenten's ass. All of a sudden he sped up. Getting a nice rhythm, he reached up and started playing with her boobs. Tenten couldn't stand the pleasure that she was getting from her stretched rectum and the pleasure that she got from him roughly playing with her boobs. She sprayed her juices all over his legs. This had the side effect of making her ass muscles tighten making the clone cum. The unexpected flood of jizz made her already above average orgasm turn into a mind-melting orgasm.

Right after he made the clone for Tenten, Naruto grabbed Anko's head and shoved it all the way down his shaft. Then he proceeded to cum down her stretched throat. Seeing as how his cock was almost in Anko's stomach, she didn't have to worry about swallowing, but even so this was way more cum than the first time. Naruto picked up Anko and placed her on her hands and knees. He placed her down right in front of Tenten. The 2 kunoichi started making out. Naruto started to lick Anko's pussy. First he licked the inside of her thighs. Then he shoved 3 fingers into Anko's tight, pink and very wet pussy. With his other hand he shoved 2 fingers into Anko's ass. Meanwhile Tenten was sucking Anko's big tits. She was nibbling on her right nipple while she twisted her left nipple. Anko came very quickly into Naruto's mouth. Naruto proceeded to stand up and thrust his cock into Anko's pussy. Anko moaned in pleasure as she felt this. Naruto started thrusting slowly at first then started building up speed, causing Anko to shudder in pleasure and have another huge orgasm. This tightened her pussy making Naruto load a gallon of jizz into Anko's womb. "Ohhh. Your cock is so big it's spreading my poor pussy so much! Naruto, go faster this is torture! I want you to fuck me hard!" Naruto very happily did as he was told. Putting a bit of chakra into his hips he started moving at superhuman speeds. After a few minutes they both came at about the same time. Readjusting himself he continued to pound Anko's tight pussy. Angling himself a bit differently he made sure to scrape against her G-spot at every thrust. Anko couldn't handle that much pleasure and screamed out another huge orgasm. Out of energy she fainted, landing on a surprised Tenten's face.

With Tenten after she stopped playing with Anko

The clone was doing a great job of fucking Tenten. His deep thrusts were all brushing by her anal G-spot. Tenten was loving every second of it. The clone pulled out of her ass and switched to her pussy. Thrusting fast and deep with his cock he started rubbing her tit with one hand and her clit with the other. This made her have the most powerful orgasm yet causing the clone to cum as well. Tenten was getting pretty tired by now. Apparently so was Anko because she gave an ear-splitting scream and passed out, landing on Tenten's face. Naruto quickly dragged her away to where their clothes were.

"Man! That's not fair. She just comes over here gets me all horny and then passes out before I've had all my fun!" complained a very irritated Naruto as he walked over to Tenten. Tenten quickly opened her mouth. Naruto inserted his cock in her mouth and shoved himself balls-deep in one go. He stayed there for a second and then started face-fucking her. He would pull out all but the tip and then he would slam balls-deep in one go. He made sure to pull out every time the clone went in and to go in every time the clone pulled out. Tenten was using her tongue and moving it all around his cock every time he was fully inside her. She started rubbing her clit with her left hand. All 3 of them had the a powerful orgasm at the same time. Both Naruto's depositing about a gallon of cum in her body each. Tenten passed out after that as well. The clone poofed out of existence. Naruto made 2 more clones. He picked up Anko, the first clone picked up Tenten and the second clone picked up their clothes. All 3 used the Flying Thunder God Jutsu to teleport to his room in the inn. The clones put the 2 passed out girls on the bed. Naruto laid down in between them and quickly fell asleep.

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