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Hinata's jealousy.

The next day.

Naruto gave a very loud yawn and then stretched as he woke up. Or at least that is what he intended to do. Pretty hard to stretch when your arms are tied to a bed. " The fuck?" thought a very confused Naruto. He looked around. He was in a pretty dark room. He could however make out the Hyuuga crest on the wall. "Oh shit…" said Naruto as he suddenly realized two things. First: Hinata had confessed to him that she loved. He wasn't able to anything about it with the whole fourth Shinobi War and the Leaf Village no longer existing. Secondly: He had already fucked three of the hottest women in all of the Leaf. He had pretty much just shitted on Hinata's feelings. And Hyuuga women are very, very jealous and easy to anger.

That thought was confirmed when Hinata walked. However, she didn't have a fucking flaming kunai in her hands as Naruto had expected. She stopped in front of the bed and began untying him. Naruto quickly went as far away from her as he could while yelling "please don't kill me!" in a girly high pitched voice.

Hinata merely started chuckling. That sinister chuckle scared Naruto more than an army of undead Madara zombies. "Don't worry. I wont bite." said Hinata. "I just wanted to inform you that I really want to fuck you right now." Her only response was a pair of blinks from a very bewildered Naruto. " I saw what you did to Sakura, Tenten and Anko. I don't care who you fuck as long as I get some too." Naruto could literally see the lust in her eyes, thanks to his Demon Eye ability.

Before Naruto could even respond Hinata started undressing. Naruto almost suffered a heart attack when he saw her massive tits. He began licking his lips at the sight of her huge, soft breasts and her rock-hard nipples. When she took of her pants and exposed her big ass and moist pussy. Naruto's penis literally ripped through his boxers. Even the Nine-Tailed Fox had a major nosebleed. When Hinata saw Naruto's massive shaft, she almost fainted. Naruto removed the rest of his clothing and went over to her. Hinata grabbed the bottom part of his shaft with one hand. She began jacking him off. She placed the tip inside her mouth and started moving her tongue all around it. At the same time she started sucking. Her skilled tongue, combined with her hand and the suction made Naruto cum very quickly. Hinata swallowed the thick liquid. She really loved the flavor. She then continued sucking his cock. After a while she pulled him out of her mouth. She started licking every single part of his cock. She got as much saliva as possible on his cock. She then began jacking off his lubricated cock and began licking his balls. She put his mouth over his cock-head after a little while. She slowly inserted his cock farther and farther down her throat. She managed to get his entire cock in one try. She started licking all around his cock with her tongue. Then she added even more suction. Finally she started moving her head back and forth. She went back until only the tip remained and then went balls-deep again in one go. She continued doing this, building up speed every time she did this. Pretty soon she was going at manic pace.

Naruto could only take a few moments of this. " Ahhhh…" he gave a content sigh as he came. Then Naruto pulled out and put her on the bed. He grabbed one boob in each hand and put them around his cock. Hinata then grabbed them and held them pretty tightly. Naruto slipped a good three inches into her mouth and started thrusting. Her breasts felt so good. They were warm and soft. Her mouth was moist and she sucked the whole time. Naruto picked up speed. His balls made smacking sound every time they hit the smooth underside of her breasts. Naruto came inside Hinata's mouth. Then he pulled out and got on his knees with his face in front of her pussy.

Naruto started by gently massaging her thighs and legs. Then he rubbed against the lips of her pussy. As she started moaning he put his thumb on her clit and moved it in a circular motion. With his tongue he licked her moist snatch. Then he used his tongue on her clit instead and began pumping two fingers into her pussy. " Holy shit. You are flooding down here! And your pussy is just sucking my fingers in." He pulled out his wet fingers and thrust them into Hinata's open mouth. Tasting her own juices made Hinata have a powerful orgasm. So powerful that she started squirting her juices. A very surprised Naruto got a sudden shower. Hinata started nervously laughing.

Naruto stood up and turned Hinata around. He lifted her ass and told her to close her eyes. Hinata heard a poof of smoke. Then she felt something brush against her pussy. Almost immediately something also brushed against her anus. Then two somethings forced their way into her mouth. She opened her eyes and activated her Byakugan. There was a clone trying to cram two huge dicks won her throat. The original had succeeded in forcing a fat cock into her anus and her pussy. She barely registered this as she was currently experiencing the most powerful orgasm in her life. It sent shivers down her spine and sprayed Naruto's scrotum with her juices. "Damn Hinata! I haven't even started moving yet!"

Both Naruto's began moving back and forth as fast as they could. They activated their Infinite Orgasm ability and shot gallons of jizz into Hinata. Hinata couldn't even swallow any more. The cum just started overflowing from her mouth. To stop this Naruto used Healing Hands on her. However he forgot that this had the side effect of making her holes tighter. With a poof of smoke and flying jizz, the clone disappeared. Hinata fell forward and landed on the pillow. Naruto managed to pull out and didn't even have time to end his Jutsu before he too fell against the pillow.

Hanabi Hyuuga came for the fifth time. She had seen the whole thing. Her clothes lay discarded a few feet away. When she saw what was happening she had gotten really turned on. She rushed upstairs and quickly found her sister's set of dildos. While the horny couple had fucked a few feet away she had seen the whole thing. There was a puddle of her juices below her but she didn't care. She slowly and quietly opened the door and snuck inside the room….

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