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About 2 hours later.

Naruto opened his eyes. He was currently experiencing an awesome orgasm. His cock was encased in a very wet and warm hole. There was a tongue slithering back and forth his length. This coaxed some more semen from his balls. He slowly opened one eye. He expected to see Hinata's beautiful bluish hair on the head of the person currently trying to suck him dry. Instead he found a rather young looking Hyuuga girl.

"Who the fuck are you?" he asked rather groggily.

There was no response. He was about to ask again when the girl suddenly got more enthusiastic. She started to use her tongue. She moved it around his tip. Then she somehow made her cheeks vibrate around his cock. This almost instantly shut Naruto up. He started cumming again. The girl tried to swallow but couldn't. Then she pulled him out of her mouth. As she did this, Naruto realized that she had taken his ridiculously large cock down her throat. Of course he had no idea how long he had been K.O'd.

As Naruto fucked Hinata's brains out:

Hanabi was experiencing an orgasm. She was watching as her sister fucked Naruto. She had long ago stripped her clothes off and was masturbating. Her slender fingers went in and out of her pussy at a rapid pace. With her free hand, she was stroking her enlarged clitoris. She shuddered as she came again. She started pinching and rolling her clit between her fingers. She stuck her wet fingers out of her pussy and sucked on them. She had never done this before, but she saw that Hinata did this to Naruto's fingers after he finished fingering her. She found that she liked the taste of her own juices. She took her hand out of her mouth and started playing with her boobs. She had rather small breasts compared to her older sister but right now, Hanabi didn't give a shit. Then she saw as Naruto stuck his cock into Hinata's anus. Just looking at that made Hanabi cum. She stopped playing with her boobs and, after a few moments of hesitation shoved two fingers into her own anus. Hanabi almost screamed when her fingers went inside. She sat there in pain for a little while. But very soon the pain turned into mind-numbing pleasure. Hanabi slowly moved her fingers in and out of her anus. There was a brief sting of pain and then more pleasure. Hanabi started going faster. After a few thrusts, she accidentally brushed against her anal G-spot. She fell against the wall as a powerful orgasm shook her body. She gasped as Naruto did a jutsu and grew another cock. Not only that, but he also made a clone. The clone shoved his cocks down Hinata's mouth. The original stuffed her anus and vagina at the same time. Soon after both Hinata and Naruto fell on the bed. Hanabi waited about half an hour before she walked inside.

As she walked towards the bed she stuck her hand out of her soaked pussy. She looked at Naruto's naked body. His huge cock was still very straight and pretty hard. She had to stop herself from sticking her hand back into her pussy when she saw the huge size of his man-meat. She slowly and carefully got on the bed. Or so she tried. What actually happened was that she slipped on some of Hinata's juices, which covered the area. She gave a small yelp as she fell towards Naruto. Her open mouth landing perfectly on his cock. She almost choked on his massive meat. Lucky for her, he wasn't fully erect. Also lucky for her, both Hinata and Naruto were really tired and didn't wake up. She pushed herself off the bed and started coughing. After she calmed down she got back on the bed. She slowly grabbed Naruto's rapidly growing cock in her hands and started jacking him off. She slowly licked his cock as she stroked him. Very soon his length was coated in her saliva. She put his tip into her mouth. Savoring the taste of him, she started sucking just on his tip. This resulted in Naruto moaning in his sleep. Then Hanabi slowly started going down his cock. After every inch she would go back up until only the tip was in her mouth, and then she went down with more force. After a while, her lips met with his pelvis. These movements drove Naruto over the edge and he finally came inside her mouth. Hanabi's eyes widened when she felt the large amount of cum going down her throat. She tried to swallow it all but found that she couldn't. The cum just bubbled back up her mouth. The flood of cum finally stopped. She looked up with her eyes as she felt Naruto stir. He asked what her name was. She didn't respond. Instead she doubled her efforts. She swirled her tongue and sucked as hard as she could. She moved as fast as she could back and forth. She sent some chakra to her cheek muscles and made them vibrate. An ability only someone with amazing chakra control could do. This made Naruto cum again. Hanabi expected less cum to pour from Naruto's cock. Instead Naruto actually came more than the first time. Hanabi finally stopped trying to swallow and just let Naruto's jizz flow from her open mouth. She pulled him out of her mouth and started jacking him off.

"I'm Hyuuga Hanabi." she announced.

Naruto got off the bed. He grabbed Hanabi by the shoulders and moved her away from the bed. Then he put her on the ground and told her to put her legs on his shoulders. He started licking the inside of her thighs. Hanabi squirmed in pleasure. Then he gently put his finger into her pussy. He started licking her clit. He twisted his fingers inside of her pussy. He curled his fingers and slowly brought his fingers out. Brushing against her G-Spot the entire time. He put her down and turned her around. He lifted her hips up.

"You ready?" he asked.

"Yes…" she whispered.

"WHAT?" he asked. He was hoping that Hinata would wake up.

"YES!" Answered Hanabi.

Naruto went balls-deep into her pussy in one thrust. Hanabi's eyes crossed over. Her tongue drooped from her mouth. She was drooling like a baby. She shook and had a huge orgasm. This made her muscles tighten and made Naruto cum directly in her womb. He then started thrusting back and forth. He pulled out all but his tip then went balls-deep on one thrust. He did this as fast as he possibly could for a while. Then he made clone. The clone shoved his cock into Hanabi's mouth. He kept the same manic pace as his creator. Naruto made another cock and shoved into Hanabi's ass. This made her scream in pain/pleasure. Her throat vibrated and made the clone cum. The pain made Hanabi come back to the world of conscious thoughts. She sent chakra to all three of her holes. She made her ass muscles squeeze Naruto's cock as hard as she possibly could. She made her cheek and throat muscles vibrate and get warmer. Then she made the muscles of her pussy vibrate and roll. Naruto put all his energy into his unrelenting cum and shot gallons into her womb and intestines. The clone tried to do the same, but before he could he poofed out of existence. Hanabi shuddered as her final orgasm hit her. She fell forward unable to hold herself up. Naruto almost passed out as well. He managed to lift up Hanabi and put her on the bed. He landed in between the Hyuuga siblings. He slipped his cocks into Hanabi's holes. Fatigue finally overcame him and he passed out.

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